Monster High Costume Wigs

Finish Your Monster High Costume Off With a Monster High Wig

Monster High Costume WigsThere are lots of children every where who would love to dress up as their favorite Monster High character and you can choose to buy or make them the appropriate costume, but when it comes to the hair you really do need to get a Monster High wig. So much of the Monster High characters ‘looks’ comes from their wigs that you really can’t leave it out.

Frankie Stein loves black and white stripes for instance and that really comes out with her hair whereas Lagoona Blue’s hair makes her seem like a mermaid with the interwoven ocean blue color in it. Whether you’re complimenting your own home made Monster High costume of you’re adding to a brought costume let’s finish it off in style with one of these official Monster High wigs.

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Go Straight to Your Favorite Monster High Character

Abbey Bominable | Catty NoirClawdeen Wolf | Cleo De Nile | Draculaura | ElissabatFrankie Stein | Ghoulia Yelps | Haunted River Styxx | Honey SwampHowleen Wolf | Jingafire Long | Lagoona Blue | NeferaOperetta | Rochelle GoyleSkelita Calaveras | Twyla | Viperine

Abbey Bominable Wig – An Official Monster High Wig

The Finishing Touch to an Abbey Costume

 Monster High Abbey Bominable Child’s Wig

If you’re dressing up as Abbey Bominable you want to make sure you add lots of fur and the other thing you’re going to need is a wig. This is an official Monster High Abbey Bominable wig which is fashioned on Abbey’s cool hair.

The wig hair is white with streaks of blue, pink and purple in it and an attached white faux fur headband which is far, far from abominable!

Combine this with an outfit that has a lot of faux fur on it and some Abbey Bominable style make up and you’ll have created a costume that everyone will be jealous of.

Creating Abbey’s face means you need a white foundation with a hint of blue combined with pink and purple eyeshadow. Add pink lips with tiny white fangs and lots of glitter to the face – Abbey is an Ice Princess after all! If you want further information on creating a cool Abbey look then check out this video –

How to Apply Abbey Bominable Make Up

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Wig

Complete Your Perfect Clawdeen Wolf Costume in Style!

 Monster High Child’s Clawdeen Costume Wig

Clawdeen Wolf’s wig is long and brown in color with contrasting red streaks in it (quite wolf like in fact!). Her hair is long, wavy and volumous – it’s basically the type of hair that makes girls everywhere jealous. This wig isn’t just about the hair though as it also has Clawdeen’s ears attached to it and those ears are accented with gold hoop ear-rings (gold is her favorite color after all).

With this wig on her head your little princess can walk and act with the confidence that Clawdeen Wolf herself was born with. As a self-confessed ‘fierce fashionista’ you could hardly expect Clawdeen to own only one outfit. With this in mind let your daughter wear something that she thinks Clawdeen would wear, throw on the wig and you have nearly completed your perfect Clawdeen Wolf costume.

Cleo De Nile Wig

An Official Monster High Wig

 Monster High Child’s Cleo de Nile Costume Wig

If your daughter wants to look like this Egyptian princess then you’ll need to get her this Cleopatra inspired wig. The wig is black in a long bob style with a full fringe and metallic gold foil streaks running through it. The wig also has an attached gold headband with blue stones attached.

This wig is the ultimate touch to help your child act arrogant and bossy like her ‘idol’ Cleo De Nile.

This wig really looks best with the official Monster High costume, but provided you add lots of gold you could create your own Cleo outfit and just use this wig to top it off. Next of course you’ll need to know how to achieve the look with some cool make up and I have (of course) a link for you to view a cute YouTube video tutorial –

Cleo De Nile Make Up Tutorial

Monster High Draculaura Wig

Looking Hot in Pink!

 Monster High Child’s Draculaura Costume Wig

If your little girl has decided that she needs to dress up as Draculaura then she’s going to need her freaky fantastic wig.

The nearly 1600 year old daughter of Dracula has black hair with pink streaks through it.   Her hair is straight and worn in pigtails with bangs.

Draculaura loves to add a little pink to black when it comes to her wardrobe so if you’re trying to put together a costume for this Monster High student bear that in mind, add this wig and put together her make up and you’re done.

Frankie Stein Wig

Another Freaky Awesome Monster High Wig

 Monster High Child’s Frankie Stein Costume Wig

If your child wants to dress up as Frankie Stein then this Monster High wig is an absolute must have accessory. The wig captures Frankie’s long black and white hair do to perfection – I especially like how the stripes in her hair are highlighted by having her bangs tied back like in this wig. Now all you need to do is buy a plaid dress (Frankie loves plaid), pop on some make up and you have the perfect Frankie costume!

Now as far as the make up goes you need to remember that Frankie was created out of body parts by her father Frankenstein so her skin is green!   This doesn’t have to be hard to emulate though and there are a number of tutorials available online to help you out.   I’m including a link below of a cool tutorial (except for putting on the lipstick, but I’m sure you know how to do that!!)

How to Apply Frankie Stein Make Up Tutorial

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Wig

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Child’s Wig

Ghoulia’s hair is certainly one that you notice! This officially licensed Monster High wig has her long blue hair with blue streaks in it made to perfection and also includes her favorite green headband. What could be better for any little fan of Ghoulia Yelps than her very own Ghoulia wig?

Monster High Howleen Wolf Wig

Monster High Howleen Child Wig

Complete any Howleen costume with the cute pink wig that captures the look of Clawdeen’s youngest and extraverted sister.

This is a perfect addition to the official Howleen costume or any ‘were-punk’ style of outfit that you’ve made to emulate this fun little Monster High ghoul.

Official Jinafire Long Wig

Monster High Jinafire Long Wig

A Chinese dragon this fiery Monster High School student is instantly recognizable when you add her wig (and a tail) to any outfit whether it’s her usual attire or not. Her long black and green hair is arranged in an ancient Chinese style called a Fa Ji (basically hair worn in a bun or coil).

This wig would look great with the official costume which depicts Jinafire’s own take on modernizing a traditional Hanfu style dress or with a homemade outfit in her favorite fashion colors of royal red and jade green.

Official Lagoona Blue Wig

A Great Monster High Wig That Also Looks Good as a Mermaid’s Wig

 Monster High Child’s Lagoona Blue Costume Wig

Lagoona Blue’s wig is one that a mermaid would be envious of – long, platinum blonde and curly as though she had been spending her days sunning on a rock by the sea!

Her blonde tresses have streaks of aqua blue through them which look gorgeous and also compliment the blue fins that can be found in her wig.

There’s also a pink floral accent in the wig which off sets the blonde and aqua combination really well. This official Monster High wig is essential to pull off a really cool Lagoona Blue costume.

Once you have Lagoona’s wig you just need to assemble a costume that the ocean princess would approve of (try to add a little ocean blue into it as that’s her favorite color) and then work on her make up.

How to Get A Cool Lagoona Blue Face – The Make-Up Tutorial!

Monster High Operetta Wig

An Officially Licensed Wig

Monster High Operetta Child Wig

This gorgeous wig is the bright red of Operetta’s hair and one of the things that makes her really stand out in a crowd. I love the way her hairstyle evokes the 1940s with the use of victory rolls, when you combine this hair with her sense of style however it brings it right into this millennium.

Skelita Calaveras Child Wig

A Monster High Costume Wig

Girls Monster High Skelita Calaveras Wig

This wig perfectly captures the black and orange (sorry I should say marigold!) colors in Skelita’s hair. No one can doubt who you are if you wear this wig and have skeleton tights and gloves on and sugar skull inspired make up on your face.

Now Skelita’s actual hair is a lot longer than this wig, but I think this wig is still a perfect way to complete the look of this fun loving Monster High student.

Spectra Vondergeist Wig

 Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Child’s Wig

As you can see Spectra’s wig is long straight and very purple – the color of royalty no less! Her dark purple hair has highlights in a lighter purple and this mane of hair really makes Spectra stand out – something she’s very happy about!

When it comes to creating a Spectra Vondergeist costume you have to make sure that it’s made from light material for floating around in, but add some metal as she likes to be able to rattle (she does come from a family of ghosts after all!) around.

If your daughter has a fairy, ballerina or princess costume preferably with a handkerchief hemline then you might be able to turn that into a Spectra costume by adding a few chains and then adding some inexpensive grey plastic shower ring hoops to a black belt to give the illusion of a metal belt.

Now you need to add the make up and instead of buying a Monster High make up set you can use what you’ve got, just check out how to get this ghostly girls ‘face’ on the tutorial video below –

How to Achieve the Spectra Vondergeist ‘Face’ Make-Up Tutorial

Twyla Costume Wig

A Gorgeous Monster High Wig

Monster High Twyla Wig

Twyla’s gorgeous hair is a pale green with blue and purple stripes that cascades down her back and around her shoulders just like this wig does. It’s hard to imagine that someone with hair as beautiful as this can be shy, but luckily Twyla has Howleen Wolf as one of her best friends and she makes sure that Twyla doesn’t miss out on any fun.

This wig would be perfect to finish off the officially licensed Twyla costume or even for you to wear over your own Twyla outfit. Simply don a pair of pale grey/silver or white tights and wear it over a dress in dark blue or black with accents in the pastel green of her hair. Like many of her fellow students at Monster High she really suits a tutu style skirt, but as long as it’s feminine she’ll love it as she does look quite the ‘little lady’ most of the time.

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Completing the Monster High Costumes

While wigs are an important part of the Monster High costumes, there are also things such as the costumes themselves that are important. Check out some of my Monster High costume links –

Monster High School costume wigs - fun for dress ups and Halloween!

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Monster High Costumes for Girls

Cool Monster High Costumes

Monster High Costume ideas for girlsLooking for some cool Monster High costumes? You’ve come to the right place as we have some fangtastic costume ideas based on your favorite high school ghouls.

Whether your favorite Monster High character is Frankie Stein or Lagoona Blue we have all of the costume ideas right here waiting for you.

If you haven’t heard of Monster High then you don’t have any young girls in your life! Monster High started life as fashion dolls from Mattel, but they’ve evolved into so much more since then. There are Monster High books, television shows and they even have their own website! Basically Monster High Rules!

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Monster High Abbey Bominable Costume

A Very Cool Monster High Costume Idea

The sixteen year old daughter of the Yeti this is a cool costume idea – I especially love the blue in the costume, after all Abbey’s favorite color is ice blue!

Being the daughter of the Yeti it’s hardly surprising that Abbey’s costume should have fur on it as it’s all part of her personal style – it also helps to keep her warm when she’s showing off her snow boarding skills!

Abbey Bominable Costume for GirlsAbbey Bominable Costume for Girls


This official Monster High Abbey Bominable costume includes the kaleidoscope dress in black, pink, white and , of course, blue as well as the furry arm and leg warmers.

Wig, make-up and shoes are not included with this costume, but you can buy them seperately.

White tights are a great idea to wear with this costume and you can team them with any white shoes that you like because the attention is going to be on the white fur leg warmers when it comes to Abbey’s legs!

You can actually purchase officially licensed Monster High make up kits including Abbey’s make-up along with her other classmates.

I have to say that I saw this costume on not one, but three different young girls when I was at a Halloween event last year and it looked great!   Two out of the three wore white tights while the other one had bare legs and I really think the white tights adds something to the whole look.

Clawdeen Wolf Costume

A Stylish Monster High Costume

Clawdeen Wolf is the 15 year old daughter of a werewolf who knows she’s gorgeous and dresses with confidence.

Clawdeen Wolf Costume for GirlsClawdeen Wolf Costume for Girls


Included in this costume are the jacket, shirt, skirt, studded belt, studded choker and boot tops. Note – the wig, ears and make-up are not included.

You can purchase an official Clawdeen Wolf wig which includes ears as well as Clawdeen’s official Monster High make-up.

Let’s look at what is included in this costume though – first I love, love, love the purple and black boot tops.   The great thing about getting boot tops is that your daughter can wear a comfy pair of black shoes of her own and just pop these on so that it looks like she’s wearing a fashionable pair of Clawdeen’s boots.

The matching studded belt and choker is something that I can see your daughter adopting into her own wardrobe as part of a ‘rocking it with confidence’ look!

Clawdeen’s black jacket has purple trim to match her cool purple skirt and you’ve got to love the black petticoat detailing around the bottom of the skirt – it’s enough to make you want to growl in delight!

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Monster High Cleo De Nile Costume

Walk Like an Egyptian in This Cool Girls Costume

Daughter of a Mummy Cleo De Nile is the leader of the fearleading squad and a true Egyptian princess!

Cleo De Nile Girls CostumeCleo De Nile Girls Costume


Cleo loves gold as you can see in her costume, in fact it’s about the only thing that her and Clawdeen can agree on!   She does rock bright blue though as evidenced with this costume that includes a sheer blue overshirt.

Included in this Cleo De Nile costume is a shirt, leggings, belt and glovette in a matching gold ‘mummy-style’ material along with a gold arm band (very Egyptian).   The blue overshirt is apparently attached to the gold shirt and really completes the outfit.

Not included is the wig, make up shoes and jewelry that Cleo is also pictured wearing here.   I would definitely let your daughter wear some gold bangles if she has any as it is just so Cleo De Nile!

As I’ve stated previously you can purchase official Monster High make up for all of the students along with their individual wigs.

Draculaura Costume

A Pretty in Pink Monster High Costume

It’s no surprise that Draculaura is Dracula’s daughter who loves to brighten up her life (and her wardrobe) with pink as you can see in her costume.

Monster High Draculaura CostumeMonster High Draculaura Costume


Included in this costume are –

  • Pink velour vest with attached collar and sleeves
  • Dickey style band collar with lace trim
  • Mesh sleeves with lace wrist trim
  • White satin skirt with attached tulle petticoat
  • Separate mesh tights match sleeves

Note – the wig and make up is not included.

This whole costume really is fangtastic as Draculaura would say and if you wanted to add something extra to the outfit then find a black and pink frilly umbrella (or just a pink one).   Draculaura often carries a frilly umbrella with her so that she can take an occasional walk in the sun.

If you want more costume ideas for Draculaura then be sure to check out the page below which includes her fear squad costume, dot dead gorgeous dress and her sweet 1600 outfit as well as other ideas on creating your own costume based on your favorite Monster High vampire.

Check out more costume ideas for Draculaura or just a range of different things for a cool Draculaura dress up box at this site –

Monster High Draculaura Costume Ideas

Frankie Stein Monster High Costume

A Frightfully Cool MH Girl’s Costume Idea

The daughter of Frankenstein Frankie Stein is the envy of her friends with the absolute best body for fashion! Her love of black and white stripes is nicely demonstrated with her monsterley stylish hair.

Frankie Stein Monster High CostumeFrankie Stein Monster High Costume


Unfortunately the wig is one of the things not included in this costume along with the shoes and jewelry, what is included however is the dress, tie, belt and leggings.

The pretty plaid dress matches Frankie’s green skin really well and it has and attached stitch sleeve and polka dot tie with the Monster High logo on it.

The leggings has the same stitch pattern as her sleeves and really ‘make’ the outfit as one of Frankie’s pet peeves is that her stitches sometimes come loose and limbs go flying though the air!   The stitch detail helps this Frankie Stein costume keep that illusion.

Also included in this costume is a cool studded belt which just adds a rebel look to Frankie’s attire which a lot of young girls will also enjoy.

Check out even more cool Frankie costume ideas below –

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Ghoulia Yelps Costume

Cute Monster High Costume

The daughter of Zombies Ghoulia loves her nerd style glasses as in her words, ‘they absolutely go with everything.’

Girl's Monster High Ghoulia Yelps CostumeGirl’s Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Costume


Her costume leaves you in no doubt that her favorite color is red as it really does dominate this outfit!

The white cat eye style of ‘nerd’ glasses is included in this Ghoulia Yelps costume along with her top, belt and pants.

Note – Wig, make-up, necklace and sneakers are not included.   I must admit I think it’s a shame that the sneakers aren’t included as they’re really cool.

Let’s look at the costume in more detail – the pants are in Ghoulia’s favorite color of red with black dots over them which adds a cool dimension to her outfit.   The belt is Ghoulia’s signature piano belt that you have to include with any of her outfits.

The top is really cool giving the illusion that it’s a top over a top and you’ve got to love those fishnet/mesh style sleeves.

Monster High Howleen Wolf Costume

Howleen is the baby sister of the Wolf family, but she certainly knows how to stand out from the crowd as you can see with her costume here.

Monster High Howleen Wolf Child CostumeMonster High Howleen Wolf Child Costume


Having a popular big sister like Clawdeen and a big brother like Clawd it’s hardly surprising that Howleen wants to make her own mark in the world as I’m sure all younger siblings can sympathize with.

This officially licensed Monster High costume is based on Howleen’s outfit from the 13 wishes line and includes the very 80s inspired dress with attached jacket along with the belt, single glove and bright pink tights.

All you need to do to complete the costume is to get a pair of black boots and Howleen’s wig.

Howleen drives Clawdeen crazy when she raids her wardrobe without asking her, but I think this outfit is much better on her than her sister’s clothes as it adds a youthful, punk inspired edge which suits her really well.

Jinafire Long Costume

An Eastern Inspired Monster High Costume Idea

Jinafire is a dragon from Shanghai and is very fiery in temperment as you’d expect a dragon to be, she’s also very fashion conscious which is why she gets on so well with Skelita and Clawdeen.

Jinafire Long Costume

Jinafire Long Costume


This costume certainly has a lot of far Eastern flair to it and it’s put together in a very fun way which is part of it’s appeal.

The costume consists of the dress, tail (well she is a dragon so she has to have a tail) and belt.

Unfortunately her amazing wig isn’t included, but can be brought separately and is available on my Monster High Wigs page.

Lagoona Blue Costume

An Official Monster High Costume

Daughter of a sea monster Lagoona Blue is really comfortable relaxing in baggies, tank top and floppies although with her looks she can rock a cute dress any day of the week..

Lagoona Blue Monster High CostumeLagoona Blue Monster High Costume


Lagoona’s favorite color is ocean blue which is hardly a surprise as she loves the water as you can see from her costume which rather reminds me of a mermaid!

I must admit I absolutely love Lagoona Blue’s costume, first let’s look at her top which is pink with black that looks like fish scales.   The top has a a jacket that’s attached to it along with fins ……. well she is a daughter of the ocean!

She is wearing a black skirt that has some cool leggings attached and I think these leggings really help to make the costume.   They are a beautiful blue and are really sheer …… they also have fins attached.

The wig, shoes and make up are not included with this costume, but the look of a Swim Team Captain at Monster High is definitely included!!

Monster High Operetta Costume

Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera Operetta loves all music not just opera, but especially Elvis Presley. A perfectionist who loves her music Operetta certainly has plenty of her own style about her as you can see with her gorgeous costume.

Rubies Girls Monster High Operetta CostumeRubies Girls Monster High Operetta Costume


This licensed costume includes her jacket with attached shirt, pants, belt and her amazing eye mask which I am just a little in love with!

Her jacket has spiderwebs over the shoulders which I think is to play homage to her pet, Memphis “Daddy O” Longlegs, who as the name would suggest is a spider!   The belt has music notes over it as well as a spiderweb which all seems to be perfect for this diva of a ghoul.

Her gorgeous red hair is fashioned in 1940s inspired victory rolls and unfortunately the wig isn’t included in the costume, nor are the shoes and socks although I’m sure you’d have suitable shoes and socks in your wardrobe to complete this relatively casual looking outfit.

Skelita Calaveras Costume

Hailing from Hexico Skelita is what’s known as a calaca (a skeleton used to celebrate the Day of the Dead), her whole family is made up of skeletons and her face is always made up to look like a sugar skull.

Monster High Skelita Calaveras Costume for GirlsMonster High Skelita Calaveras Costume for Girls


This costume consists of gloves and tights with bones on them to imitate her skeletal figure along with a dress and belt.  Her gorgeous black and marigold hair can be captured in the wig shown her, but unfortunately it isn’t included in the costume.  It can be purchased separately if you like and I would personally recommend it as I think the wig is beautiful.

Create the cool sugar skull detailing on Skelita’s face with the help of this video tutorial.

Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Costume

Spectra rocks the hot pink and black in a way that my daughter loves – no guesses as to who she’d want to dress up as at a Monster High party!

The daughter of ghosts Spectra loves to wear layers of silk with a touch of metal (like the belt this costume includes), that way she can float around like a very graceful ghost and make a little rattle just so that people know she’s there!

Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Costume - GirlsMonster High Spectra Vondergeist Costume – Girls


One thing that disappoints me with this costume is that the shoes and ball and chain are not included.   I loved the look of them in the image so was upset to see that I’d have to try and create them myself.

What is included in this Spectra costume is the top, skirt, belt and cuff which, luckily, are the things my daughter loves!

The top is made up of faux leather and pink velveteen and has three silver chains on the front as a nice form of embellishment.   The skirt is a matching one with a handkerchief hemline that girls love the look of.

The belt and cuff both match and are important accessories to Spectra Vondergeist’s costume.

Monster High Twyla Costume

Daughter of the Boogey Man Twyla is very shy and often misunderstood, I would call her an introvert in nature.  Her blue-grey skin is topped off with an amazing looking pastel colored hair that reaches down to her hips.   Her cascading locks are a pastel green in color with both blue and purple stripes running through it which makes her really stand out from the crowd.

Her wardrobe includes a lot of pastel green, blue and black as these are the colors she loves to wear that also look great with her hair and skin tone.

Monster High Twyla CostumeMonster High Twyla Costume


The official Monster High Twyla costume featured her includes both the dress and the tights – I would add a pair of silver gloves and the matching wig to really make the outfit ‘pop’.

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Great selection of Monster High costumes for girls

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Monster High Draculaura Costume Ideas

Cool Girls Costume Idea – Draculaura from Monster High School!

draculaura costumeWhether your little girl wants to play dress ups or whether it’s Halloween there’s never a bad time to wear a Draculaura costume is there?   Draculaura is one of the cool students from Monster High and has a huge following among fans.

The daughter of Dracula she may be, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look as good as any high school girl does.   She loves to brighten up her wardrobe with pink and we’ve managed to find a few of her costumes available for your little girl to wear too.

Let’s have a look at some of Draculaura’s cool costume ideas, although a word of warning if you don’t like pink you may not enjoy this page!

I’ve found a number of ready to wear costumes for sale which are perfect for playing dress up, attending a fancy dress party or just to dress up as your favorite vegetarian vampire this Halloween.   If you’d prefer to make your own Draculaura costume then you’ll find some great ideas here as well.

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – more information below

The first officially released Draculaura costume that was made available was the one I’ve featured in the introduction.  All you need to add to it is your very own Monster High Draculaura wig, add a little make up including her heart shaped birthmark and you’ll look fantastic!

MH Draculaura Costume

Included in this costume is the shirt with attached vest and mesh sleeves along with the skirt and attached leggings.

As I said you will have to buy the wig separately and the costume also doesn’t include the boots which is a shame as I think they look awesome.


Draculaura’s Fear Squad Costume

Draculaura is a member of Monster High’s Fear Squad along with the captain Cleo and other friends including Frankie, Lagoona and Ghoulia.

Monster High Fear Squad Costume – Draculaura

If you don’t know much about Monster High School yourself the Fear Squad is their version of a Cheer Squad and Draculaura’s outfit is black with her favorite pink highlighting it (Frankie’s costume actually has a paler pink than Draculauras).

This outfit also comes complete with pom poms which look like they’re pink and black in the photos, but (I haven’t actually seen this outfit for myself) it’s been reported that they are actually red and white instead.

Draculaura Turns 1600

Is it Time for a Party?

With friends like Draculaura has the answer is a resounding yes!   Draculaura’s Sweet 1600 didn’t quite go according to plan, but it ended up being a great party with her friends and she even got to share it with best bud Frankie Stein who was celebrating her Sweet 16 – days that is!

Just because it’s Draculaura’s special birthday she got to wear a pretty dress and even had a pink tiara all of which you can get in costume form for any young Draculaura fan you may know.

This officially licensed Monster High costume also comes with the wig which makes it an ideal buy if you’re only looking for one Monster High costume to purchase as a lot of them are sold independently of the wigs.

Monster High Sweet 1600 Draculaura Costume

The gorgeous dress is a replica of the one the doll wears and it has a zipper in the back instead of velcro, which I personally prefer. It also comes with a lace capelet which to be honest I wasn’t so impressed with, but I think the dress can be worn without it very easily.

The wig with the pink tiara really helps to add to the whole costume, now you just have to paint on a small pink heart under her left eye to replicate her birthmark and you’re ready to party like a vampire!

More Draculaura Costumes to Buy

There are a few other Draculaura costumes available on the market including a lovely dot dead gorgeous one, but for now I can only find this Scaris costume for you ….

Monster High Halloween Costume Draculaura Scaris

Halloween 2013 saw the Scaris City of Frights! range of Monster High dolls released and you can get the costume based on Draculaura’s doll right here!

The costume is basically a skirt and top in Draculaura’s trademark pink and black, simply add a pair of black pumps, a Draculaura wig and a pink Monster High purse and you’ll look great.


 Monster High Fright Camera Action Draculaura Costume Monster High Draculaura Child Costume, Small Monster High Haunted Draculaura Costume Monster High Exchange Draculaura Child Costume



Make Your Own Draculaura Costume

DIY Monster High Halloween Costume

If you want to dress up as Monster High’s own vegan/vegetarian vampire and you don’t want to buy any of the costumes above then you can choose to make your own costume from scratch or compile a few cool items to create your very own costume.

I’m not much of a sewer myself so I love the ‘compiling a costume’ idea, but I’ve found a great video for those of you who want to make your own outfit and I’m sure you’ll love it –

How to Compile Your Own Draculaura Costume

A Home Made Monster High Costume Idea

If you’ve decided to make your own costume then you need to think about who Draculaura is – firstly she’s 1600 years old and a vampire which means she does like some classic Gothic inspired things, although she does not like Victorian dresses despite her father buying them for her to wear to school!

Think of black with her trademark flashes of pink to add fun to this dark color, add a few classic touches like buttoned down blouses with ruffles or lace details. She does love lace, but one way in which she has modernized the ‘romantic’ fashion era is by injecting her own sense of fun and wearing lacy tutu/petti style skirts with fishnet tights.

Tall lace up boots are often a part of her costumes, these can be hard to find, but I do have instructions to make your own.

Draculaura’s Tutu Inspired Skirts

This are cute and gorgeous and are great to build your own costume around, simply add some black tights, white shirt and hot pink tank. Don’t forget her boots …… don’t worry I’m going to give you hints on creating these for yourself further down the page.

Monster High Draculaura Dot Petti SkirtMonster High Draculaura Valentines PettiMonster High Pink Ruffle Skull Draculaura Pettiskirt Skirt

Another alternative if you have a plain white or black shirt or even t-shirt would be okay is to wear this shrug over the top of it.

Monster High Pink Draculaura Shrug
Wear this over a flared pink, white or black skirt and fishnet stockings ……. or one of the tutu inspired skirts above would be perfect……. and you’ll have a lovely Draculaura costume idea.

Draculaura Boots

Now I haven’t found a pair of her boots that you can buy, but I do think that these would be cool and could work. I would change the laces over to black and I think it could work really well. If you’re not convinced then you’ll have to make your own boots instead which should be a lot of fun.

West Blvd Women’s Tall Canvas Lace Up Knee High Sneakers

How to Make Your Own Draculaura Boots – A simple step by step guide (including photos) for making a pair of boots to help complete your Draculaura costume.

Make Up, Accessories & the Finishing Touches

The great thing about applying make up to look like Draculaura is that her make up is often smudged or doesn’t look that great because she doesn’t have a reflection when she looks in a mirror – always a relief when you’re trying to look like her!!

One thing you want to get right is her little pink heart shaped birthmark which is what I would always add last.   I would use a lip pencil to draw on the heart and then fill in with either face paint or even lipstick – the lip pencil will just prevent any ‘bleeding’ from the heart.

When it comes to the actual make up you have to remember that she’s a vampire who can’t be in the sun and is also a vegetarian (sometimes even vegan) and this means that she has very pale skin.   I’ve found a great make-up tutorial that is aimed at adults, but can easily be adapted for a child –

When it comes to jewelry I think the best thing you can do (if you have pierced ears that is) is to get two large safety pins and glue them shut.   Next put a stud ear-ring through the hole on the safety pin and put the stud in your ear.   This will create Draculaura’s favorite ear ring look without having to actually put safety pins through your ears.

Another thing that you should think about adding to your costume is an umbrella to keep the sun off of you and an extra little thing would be a small bat to masquerade as Draculaura’s pet, Count Fabulous.

Monster High Fangtastic Fashion Set

Add Finishing Touches to Your Draculaura Costume!

Monster High Draculaura Fangtastic Fashion Set

But wait there’s more! This fashion set would make a great gift for any little girl who loves Monster High and also provides lots of little extra touches for a costume. This set is obviously not absolutely needed for a costume, but it does add a certain freakishly fabulous touch that I know lots of young girls would adore.

Want More Monster High Costume Ideas?

If you’re after even more Monster High Costume ideas then why not check out Monster High Costumes for Girls which has lots of cool costumes for you.

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Costumes Beginning with F

Fancy Dress Outfits Starting with the Letter F

Fred Flintstone - a cool costume idea beginning with FIf you’re looking for costumes beginning with F for a themed party then I’ve compiled a great list for you from Fred Flintstone to a French Maid.

I’ve compiled this page with a range of others as I used to attend alphabet parties in my 20s and they were so much fun. I read a few years ago that they were making a comeback so for those of you who draw a blank when you have to come up with ideas for costume party here’s your resource list

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Cool Costumes Beginning with F

  • Fairy – a classic little girls costume, but there’s also costumes for grown ups as well – I especially think men can dress up as the tooth fairy after the Rock’s performance!
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Fame character – go back to the 80s with leg warmers, leotards and off the shoulder shirts
  • Fat B**stard – A character from Austin Powers, I seem to know a lot of people who enjoy talking like the Fat B**stard so I’m sure they’d love to dress up as him as well.
  • Father Christmas
  • Father Time – Wear long robes for this costume, some people depict him in white robes while others show him in black robes, what all costumes show is a big timepiece hanging around his neck.
  • FBI officer – wear the standard issue black suit and look like a fed or wear regular clothes and just flash your badge if you want to be an undercover agent, just don’t forget to talk into your watch and wear an ear piece.
  • Fester Addams aka Uncle Fester – Uncle Fester, the Addams Family hasn’t been on air for years and yet they’re all instantly recognizable.
  • Fiona (Shrek)
  • Fireman
  • Fisherman – you can dress up in yellow wet weather gear as though you’re a trawler fisherman or else you can wear waders and carry a bag with a few feathers on hooks on it (along with a fishing rod that is) and say you’re a trout fisherman.
  • Flamenco Dancer
  • Flamingo
  • Flapper – there are lots of different Flapper outfits to choose from as well as loads of fun accessories from headbands to long beads, boas or cigarette holders. I love the fashions of the 1920s which is why I love all of the flapper outfits. Check out a whole selection on this page – 1920s Style Flapper Halloween Costumes.

DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest The Flash

  • Flash (The) – This superhero has probably gained an even bigger success thanks to the small screen success of the Big Bang Theory where he’s one of Sheldon’s favorite fancy dress outfits.
  • Flight attendant
  • Florence Nightingale – a British nurse from the time of the Crimea war Florence Nightingale is seen as the founder of modern nursing. The outfit you need for this is very much like that of a Victorian scullery maid, including the cap, although rather than the white cotton caps worn by maids, Florence Nightingale’s one was more of a white lace cap. She was known as the lady of the lamp as she would check on her patients at night so getting a lamp to carry would be a great prop for this costume.
  • Flower – A flower is a great costume for if you want a DIY project. Simply wear green for the stem, add face paint the color you want the middle of the flower head to be and then attach the petals around your face (I would use a piece of elastic to run under your chin and over your head. The petals could be made from tissue paper to cardboard or even fabric.
  • Flower Pot Men – Bill and Ben from the old British cartoon.
  • Flower Power Hippie – embrace your inner 60s child with a ‘peace man’ attitude and flowers in your hair! A little outside of the box thinking again for a cool costume idea.
  • Fly
  • Flying Monkey from Wizard of Oz
  • Football – I’ve actually seen costumes for sale for both an NFL football and a soccer ball, both of which do look like a bit of fun.
  • Footballer – American footballer from your favourite team or a soccer player the choice is yours.
  • Fork – I have seen a fork costume which I think is just priceless

Fortune Teller CostumeFortune Teller Costume


  • Fortune Teller
  • Fox
  • Fox Hunter
  • Foxxy Cleopatra (Austin Powers)
  • Frank n Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  • Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein’s Bride
  • Frankie Stein – a Monster High costume idea, Frankie Stein was one of the original characters from the range.
  • Fred (from Scooby Doo) – Although Fred wasn’t my favourite Scooby character he is still from a cartoon that I loved growing up. It really seems to have struck a chord across generations as my father loved it, I loved it and my daughter loved it!
  • Fred Astaire
  • Fred Flintstone – The main character from the lovable Hanna-Barbera cartoon, The Flintstones.
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Freddy Krueger
  • French Maid
  • Frenchie (from Grease)
  • Friar Tuck
  • Frodo Baggins – a hobbit from Lord of the Rings
  • Frog
  • Fruit – there’s lots of different fruit costumes from apples to limes and more so you can just dress up as your favourite and if anyone says that oranges start with O, you can simply tell them you’re Fruit which starts with F …….. and then start planning an O party so you can re-use your costume!
  • Fuzzy Dice

If you’re after a costume that begins with another letter of the alphabet then I’ve got you covered with that too, simply check out my a-z of costumes page.

Back to the letter F and which costume idea is your favorite?

Great selection of costumes that begin with F from fairies to Freddy Krueger!

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Costumes Beginning with D

Fancy Dress Outfits Starting with the Letter D

Lots of Halloween Costume ideas that begin with the letter D

If you’re looking for costume ideas that start with the letter D then you’ve come to the right place as I have selected some great costumes for you to choose from. Star Wars fans will love to see that Darth Vader is available while Scooby fans can enjoy dressing up as Daphne, but there are many other costumes to choose from besides those.

I compiled this page along with a number of others as resource pages for anyone who’s been invited to an alphabet party. I used to get invited to a lot of alphabet parties when I was in my 20s and I think it’s high time they caught on again! In a nutshell you have to dress up as something beginning with a particular letter and if you’re on this webpage then the letter chosen is the letter D! I have other webpages available that cover the rest of the letters of the alphabet, but let’s look at costumes beginning with D right now.

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Cool Costumes Beginning with D

  • Dad’s Army – costumes based on this old British television comedy about the Home Guard during the war would be good and you could use this as a group costume idea as well.
  • Daenerys Targaryen – the Mother of Dragons is a great costume idea.
  • Daffy Duck
  • Dairymaid
  • Daisy Duke
  • Dalai Lama
  • Dalek – having grown up with the Classic Dr Who, I love the idea of going around saying ‘Exterminate, Exterminate’ all night!
  • Dallas Cowboy or even a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
  • Dalmation
  • Dame Edna Everage
  • Dancers – A great costume idea that starts with D is a dancer and this is where you can have a lot of fun because there are so many interpretations of dancers from ballerinas to a hip-hop dancers and more. There really are lots of different ideas that you can use for this brief from Morris dancers to dancers from Greece, Tibet or more in traditional costume.


 Women’s Spanish Dancer Costume Women’s Black Swan Ballet Dancer Costume Women’s Belly Dancer Costume


  • Dancing Queen – your chance to dress up as your favourite member of Abba, check out some Abba costume ideas here.
  • Danger Mouse
  • Danny – from the cult hit musical Grease
  • Daphne – from everyone’s favorite….Scooby Doo
  • Daria
  • Dark Knight
  • Dark Menace
  • Dart Board – there is a ready-made dart board costume available to buy, but this one is pretty easy to make yourself by getting some cardboard and cutting out two circles to stick on your t-shirt or jumper – one on the front with the Dart Board marked out and one on the back that you can keep plain black as the back of the board.
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Vader – I love the idea of dressing up as Darth Vader just so that I can put on his voice with the only phrase I can ever remember of his – Luke, I am your father!
  • David Bowie – there are so many different costumes you can do for David Bowie from Ziggy Stardust to his Just Dance era or Labyrinth to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and many more.
  • Davy Crockett
  • Day of the Dead costumes.
  • Dead Costumes – Now I know what you’re thinking – dead isn’t a costume! It is, however a cool idea, especially with the continued popularity of shows such as The Walking Dead. You dress up as a Dead Bride, Dead Groom, Dead Cheerleader, Dead Cowboy, you get the idea. A cool idea is to take the costume you wore last time you had a fancy dress event and basically ‘trash it’, roll around on the grass, smudge it with dirt and maybe rip it a little until it looks like it could’ve been dug up and say you’re a dead fill in the blank..Alternatively, you can just buy a ready-made costume like the ones below or check out some of the ideas on other posts such as zombie costumes for men, zombie costumes for women, zombie costumes for boys or zombie costumes for girls.


 Man’s Zombie Doctor Costume Zombie Nun Costume Zombie Nurse Costume


  • Deadpool
  • Deadshot – A member of the supervillains known as the Suicide Squad.
  • Dealer – I originally thought of a card dealer, but you could also dress up as a used car dealer!
  • Death Eater
  • Death Tarot Card
  • Debutante
  • Deck of Cards
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Dentist
  • Detective – just wear your own clothes and carry a badge, you could say you’re undercover. Alternatively, dress up as one of the famous detectives from Poirot to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Devil
  • Dexter
  • (Princess) Diana
  • Diana Ross
  • Dick Dastardly
  • Dictator
  • Dinosaur
  • Disco – Dancers or Ball. There are lots of disco dancer costumes available to buy or you may be able to raid your grandparents (or parents) wardrobes for some cool clothes to put together an outfit. Another idea is to just go as a disco ball.
  • Dipsy – One of the teletubbies.
  • Disney Costumes – You could dress up as a Disney Princess, Disney Fairy or just about any Disney character actually and then when people say something like why are you dressed as Lilo or Ollie the Pig you can look at them with a withering stare and say actually I’m dressed as a Disney character!


 Death Card – Tarot Card Costume Diana Ross Sexy Black Costume Men’s Dinosaur Plush Costume


  • Diver
  • Doc – one of the Seven Dwarfs
  • Doctor – From wearing a white coat and being a doctor to the likes of Doctor Who or Doctor Evil there are lots of different costume ideas.
  • Dog
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • Doll – again there are lots of different ideas here from rag dolls to china dolls and more. There are also some great doll face tutorials on youtube and/or Pinterest which you could use and then pop on a party dress and be a little china doll.
  • Dollar Bill
  • Dolly Parton
  • Dolphin
  • Dominatrix
  • Domino – I haven’t actually seen a domino costume, but I think it would be a really easy one to make, simply wear a black dress with a white belt and stick some white dots on the front – too easy!
  • Donkey
  • Donnatello – one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we all love.
  • Dopey – or in fact any Dwarf would be a D wouldn’t it?
  • Donut
  • Dora the Explorer – or even her cousin Diego
  • Dorothy – from The Wizard of Oz or even Dorothy the Dinosaur from The Wiggles.
  • Dracula
  • Draculaura – one of the original Monster High dolls, you can check out some of her costume ideas on the Draculaura Costume Ideas post
  • Drag Queen
  • Dragon – from some of the cartoon dragon costumes to some sexy dragon costumes I personally like the idea of dressing up as a Chinese dragon.
  • Driver – Nascar driver to chauffeur, it’s your choice.
  • Druid
  • Drummer – just carry drum sticks if you’ve run out of time to get a costume made, alternatively dress up as a famous drummer.
  • Drum Majorette
  • Drunk – A drunk could be a very fun costume idea and great as a last-minute outfit. Basically, you can wear anything, but carry an empty glass or bottle and bump into lots of things slurring your words at the same time.
  • Duff Beer
  • Dumbledore
  • Dummy – from a crash test dummy to a shop mannequin
  • Dunce – all you need to do is wear a school uniform and make yourself a hat with a D on it.
  • Dynamite

For more cool costume ideas that start with a particular letter of the alphabet be sure to check out my A-Z of Costume Ideas.

Costumes beginning with D

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