1920s Style Flapper Costumes

Experience the roaring 20s by dressing up as a flapper this Halloween

1920s Silver FlapperThe 1920’s was an iconic time in America. The introduction of the 1920’s flapper was a turning point in the era of free speech and was a time of true expression for women. These women have been remembered throughout the following decades and we still have a soft place in our hearts for them today. You too can have the feeling of their freedom by becoming one…even if it’s only for one night…Halloween.

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Below you will find some of the most popular and the newest 1920’s flapper Halloween costumes on the market. They are as diverse as the personalities of the women who originally wore them. So take your pick and have a Happy Halloween.

Flapper Costume Ideas – Pictures of Flappers

Flapper Costumes

Photo Credits from top right moving clockwise – chickydanger | ChairWomanMay | vivevans | Chip York Photography

Don’t the people in these photos look like they’re having fun? Whenever I see images of the roaring 20s I always imagine that it would be fun (of course only for people with a little money, but in my imagination that’s me!) – I would love to drive fast in a convertible, drink champagne out of champagne saucers (forget about flutes) and wear some of the gorgeous flapper dresses – with beads of course!

I don’t have a time machine to go back and see if it really is fun, but I do have the resources on this page for us all to dress up as flappers and then the onus of having fun is all on you!

1920s Flapper Costumes in Black

Flappers wore lots of different colors from silver to black, red to white and much more so let’s look at some of the black Flapper costumes that you can buy –

Fabulous Flapper Women’s Premier Costume

This is an absolutely gorgeous Flapper costume that includes a fabulous roaring twenties inspired dress and a black feather headband that features a red stone in the center.

You can see just by looking at the picture how gorgeous this dress looks, but when you’re doing the Charleston…….well the lower part of the dress is basically long, black tassels and the way they move as you’re dancing the night away emphasizes the word sexy!

I would definitely invest in a black boa and some long beads to wear with this dress and a long cigarette holder would look great as you’re sipping on Champagne cocktails between dancing the night away!

If that costume didn’t take your fancy then check out these other black Flapper dresses

Roaring 20’s Flapper Costume

This flapper dress is not only black, but it’s sequined which means that the dress will actually appear to shimmer as you dance and the tasseled skirt of the dress will flare out beautifully – definitely a flattering look.

If this isn’t the flapper dress for you then we have an even more sophisticated black flapper dress to choose from below.



Glamour Flapper Costume – X-Small – Dress Size 0-2

This black flapper dress seems even more sophisticated than many of the other dresses available.

It makes me think that the person who wore it would be a high society gal who was rebelling against her family and trying to be a ‘ragtime girl’, hanging out with all of the wrong people – smoking way too much and sipping Champagne cocktails like they were going out of fashion!

This costume has the look of someone on a mission and I think the look of it makes quite a statement with the long, diagonal skirt of the dress hinting at gorgeous legs as opposed to some of the shorter styles available.

flapper girls

Flappers were the name given to young ladies during the 20s who decided to buck their parent’s ideas of tradition and bob their hair, wear shorter skirts and basically have what they would have referred to as a ‘gay old time’. In other words they partied – they drank and smoked and generally lived life as carefree as they could be.

They also flouted the social norms of the time regarding sex which is probably why flapper costumes are often seen as a sexy Halloween costume to wear 🙂

Silver Flapper Dress Costumes

These sizzling silver flapper dresses are awesome and I think silver goes really well with the Champagne cocktails and topless sports cars that we think of when we think of the roaring 20s.

These flappers certainly do look like they know how to enjoy themselves and I think it would be very easy to dance the night away in these outfits whether you’ve learned to do the Charleston to really look the part or whether it’s just ‘regular’ dancing.

These silver flapper costumes will shimmer away as you move to the beat and you’ll find yourself the center of attention!

Adult Dazzling Flapper Costume1920s Sequin & Tassel Gatsby DressSilver Sequin Flapper Adult Costume

Racy Red 20s Flapper Costumes

You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd wearing a red flapper dress and there is a large selection of red 1920s flapper costumes available to purchase. Here’s just a few that I’ve selected for you to enjoy.

Women’s Broadway Flapper Costume1920s Dazzling Flapper CostumeLindy and Lace Costume, Red1920S Glam Party Dress in RedRoaring 20s Four Tier Flapper Dress1920s Beaded Fringe Floral Flapper Costume

20s Costumes Can Also Be Worn as a Couples Outfit

1920s couple costume

A flapper and a 20s gangster – a lovely Jazz Age costume idea that’s brought to you by Jax House

Flapper Hair Styles

Bobs & Finger Waves

Flappers were known to kick tradition and cut their hair into what were considered to be boyish hair styles such as the bob and Eton crop. There were differences in the bob styles though from the sleek, graduated bob to a curly bob. The finger wave was also a popular way of styling your hair.

If you want to style your hair in a 1920s manner there are lots of videos on YouTube which show how to do a finger wave or else you could buy a 1920s wig. There are lots of different styles of wigs available and I think they really complete the costume.

Flapper Style 1920 Wigs

These wigs are available in different hair colors as well as the ones featured, but I’ve selected three styles which look really great and I’ve chosen a different hair color for each style.

Jazz Baby Flapper Wig in BlondeRubie’s Costume Flapper Wig, BrunetteWomen’s Flapper Wig, Black

Flapper Costume Accessories Check List

Do you have all of the accessories to complete your gorgeous flapper costume? Let’s have a quick look.

  1. Cigarette Holder – flappers were seen as girls who wore excessive makeup, partied too hard and smoked, but who wants to stain their fingers by holding a cigarette when you can use a cigarette holder? There are some gorgeous cigarette holders available and holding one really adds to your costume and helps transform us right back to the roaring 20s in style!
  2. Headband – feathered, jeweled or sequined headbands (or all of these things on one hair piece!) are a very important part of the flapper costume. A number of the dresses actually do come with a headband, but if yours doesn’t you really should consider adding one. There is an exception and that’s if you have a hat instead, preferably a cloche style.
  3. String of Beads or a Boa – whenever I think of flappers I always think of a long sting of beads, although a feather boa would work fine as well. I’m not sure what it is about these accessories, but the outfit never seems complete without them!