The Best Outdoor Halloween Ghost Decorations

Best outdoor halloween ghost decorationsCreate the spookiest house on the block with some of these outdoor Halloween ghost decorations and let’s see if your friends, family and neighbors can still say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” after this Halloween at your house!  Sorry I couldn’t resist a Ghostbusters reference!

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There are lots of ways of creating a ghost’s paradise at your home this Halloween, you just have to decide if you want cute ghosts or scary ghosts or even a mixture of ghosts.  I like the idea of not letting people know what to expect before entering your yard, but if you want to give them the chance to bypass ‘ghost town’ then you could have this warning out the front –


Boo Ghost SignBoo Ghost Sign



If people choose to enter your yard after that warning then let their senses go crazy with ghosts galore! Besides deciding if you want your ghosts to look cute or terrifying you also have to decide if they’re going to be gathering on the ground or if you’re going to have hanging ghost decorations. Next it’s a case of buying or making, so what are we waiting for? Let’s look at some of the best outdoor Halloween ghost decorations available for this year.

First up we have a ghost gathering – nothing scary about a gang of ghosts is there?   These are quite cute ghosts too…..

Set of three outdoor ghost halloween decorations

Set of three cute lawn ghost decorations via

Now you could buy a set of 3 or more than one set and they would look great on your lawn, but did you know that they are really easy to make?

How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations for Your Lawn

To make a version of the ghosts featured above check out – DIY Lawn Ghosts

If you want to make a similar idea, but on a smaller scale (for on your porch, inside or even perched on a tree) you might like to check out this Floating Ghost tutorial 

Another idea (and one I’m eager to try this year) is what they call a Tomato Cage Ghost which as you can imagine uses a tomato cage to create the ghost’s form.   There are lots of different tutorials for these online, but this is the one I liked the best – How to Make a Tomato Cage Ghost


Hanging Ghost Halloween Decorations

There’s something even more spooky about a hanging ghost halloween decoration, I think it’s because the ghost isn’t touching the ground. You always think of ghostly apparitions floating towards you when you think of a haunted building don’t you?
Large Hanging Ghost DecorationLarge Hanging Ghost Decoration

Again when it comes to hanging ghosts there are the cute looking ones like the one to my right as well as some pretty scary looking ones.
The simple hanging ghosts can also be made at home, in fact these cheesecloth small hanging ghosts are said to be a perfect Halloween craft for kids – DIY Hanging Ghosts Tutorial
You can also make your own floating heads hanging ghosts which look a lot more creepy to me than the cute guy to my right – Floating Head Hanging Ghost Tutorial



There are more complicated ways of creating a hanging ghost too, the How to Make a Packing Tape & Trash Bag Ghost Tutorial is much more in depth, but the end result looks worth it…….I’m just not convinced I could pull that one off!

When it comes to buying a hanging ghost decoration for Halloween you can get a number of animated ones like the one in this video –

You can purchase this hanging, rotating and moaning ghost by clicking right here to go straight to it on

It does use 3AA batteries to help it light up, moan and rotate so be sure to stock up for the haunting season as I’d hate for them to run out on you!

Here are a few more animated hanging ghosts to haunt any visitors to your home…


Hanging GhostHanging GhostFlying GhostFlying GhostFaceless SpectreFaceless Spectre


Of course some people don’t see whole forms of a ghost after all the spirits show themselves in some strange ways at times – like faces that appear in the mirror behind you and vanish when you turn around. Then there’s that feeling you get when you feel their presence and yet you don’t see anything.

Create a ghostly atmosphere with the help of a fog machine (they love appearing on foggy nights after all) and add a few concealed fans for the breeze and cold that you sometimes feel as they brush past you.

There are lots of non-ghost props that you can use to enhance the feeling of spirits around you such as a couple of gravestones in the back yard that they can congregate around (not a whole cemetery just one or two).

You could also leave an ouiji board on a table near some ghostly apparitions or a crystal ball for that mystical feel.

I like the idea of the place having an old unused feel around it, almost like the ghosts have taken over – cobwebs in corners with spiders, what looks like a broken window or two and boarded up doors etc.   Of course for a bit of comic relief you could leave some ball and chain on the ground and run around looking for your ghost that got away!

I’m going to round up with a Halloween prop that is not for the faint of heart and has been released this year (so your friends won’t have seen it yet) – the ghostly lightshow –


Outdoor Ghostly LightshowOutdoor Ghostly Lightshow


Of course now the only question is should you dress up as a ghost or a Ghostbuster for a happy haunting Halloween!

Lots of outdoor Halloween ghost decorations to add some 'boo' factor to your Halloween activities

Inflatable Halloween Coolers – A Practical Halloween Decoration

Inflatable Halloween CoolersKeep your drinks cool in spooky style this Halloween with a cool inflatable Halloween cooler. There are lots of great inflatable coolers available which do a great job of keeping drinks cool, but these coolers also double up as Halloween decorations.

Coffins and skeletons are particularly popular Halloween decorations and so I think either of these coffin coolers would be fantastic. Personally I always like to use a cauldron or two at Halloween, usually with punch over dry ice for an eerie effect, but I think a cauldron cooler might be a good idea as well. I particularly like the cauldron cooler with the flame garland – very nice!

 Purple Inflatable Skeleton Cooler Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler Skeleton in Coffin Inflatable Cooler Inflatable Cauldron Coolerwith Flames 3′ Inflatable Witch Cauldron Cooler Inflatable Cauldron Halloween Cooler

You don’t have to use an inflatable cooler of course, but they are very practical and best of all once your Halloween celebrations are over they can be deflated and packed away for another year – a lot easier than some other coolers.

I also like the idea of using an ice bowl inside of a pumpkin (I’ve seen that in lots of places online), but it seems a lot of work and I’m not sure it would actually end up looking quite as cool as some of these coolers.

Now there’s only one question for me to ask myself – which cooler would I like.   What about you, have you found a cool inflatable cooler for your Halloween celebrations yet?

One final word – don’t forget to add a few ‘surprises’ in the ice when you fill up your cooler.  Plastic spiders or eyeballs are always a fun find when you’re grabbing a bottle or can out of the cooler and adds to the ambiance very nicely!


Halloween Trees

What Are Halloween Trees?

2 Foot Black Artificial Pine Tree

Halloween trees are a great way to decorate your house for Halloween. Have you ever been in a wood or forest at night? It can be a pretty spooky place, some trees look really scary at night and it’s easy to think of them harboring evil spirits.

It’s because of this that people started to use gnarly looking trees as decor for their Halloween parties and before you knew it a new industry had been developed – the Halloween tree industry!

There are so many different types of Halloween trees to choose from including black trees (which can double up as a Christmas tree), small tabletop trees, large trees, very sparse looking trees …… I’ve even heard of people getting funky looking branches from nearby wooded areas and popping them in a pot and decorating them.

There are two types of Halloween tree – the table top type that just comes out at Halloween to add some Halloween decor to the room and the full size ones. The full size ones double as a Halloween tree and also as a gothic or anti-Christmas tree in December. I have a selection of both types of Halloween trees here for you to look at and I hope you find one that you like.

Table Top Halloween Trees

Spooky Halloween Decor

Try putting on of these spooky trees on your table to set the mood for Halloween………can you feel that? It’s the temperature falling at just the thought of one of these Halloween trees being in the room!


 Tabletop Halloween Tree Tabletop Tree w/Led Lights (Standard) Spooky Spider Trees, Set of 2 Halloween Orange Twinkle Bright Tree Department 56 Lit Halloween Trees Halloween Copper Glitter Bare Branch Tree


HALLOWEEN SKULL and Black Goose Feather Ornament Tree 20″

This gorgeous Gothic looking tabletop tree is new for this Halloween and looks great with a skull for a base – add some ornaments and you have a perfect little Halloween tree or, alternatively, a Gothic themed Christmas tree!

More Halloween Tabletop Trees

There’s more great trees here including some that come with their very own ornaments!


 Halloween Pumpkin Tree with Ornaments – Decorative Accessories Accessory, Decorative Metal Halloween Tree w/Ornaments Hallmark Direct Imports 2014 DIR6140 Halloween Broom Ornament Tree 42 Patch Magic 7-Feet Christmas Tree, 41 by 41 by 84-Inch, Black Kurt Adler Black Spooky Halloween Tree [OE21 HW0522]

 Pictures of Halloween Trees

halloween trees picture


Photo Credits
From top right in a clockwise direction – Halloween Tree | Skull and Tree-bones | Pumpkin Tree | Gathering at the Halloween Tree


Larger Halloween Trees

Spooky Halloween Decor

We’re now getting into the realm of my kind of Halloween tree which can also double as a gothic Christmas tree…….something my tween daughter thinks would be really cool to have!

These are great as they are, but also look good decorated with Halloween lights and Halloween ornaments….

 4.5′ Pre-Lit Flocked Black Artificial Halloween Tree – Orange G25 LED Lights 7′ Red and Black Glitter Metallic Artificial Halloween Display Tree


How to Create Your Own Halloween Graveyard

Graveyards are a great theme for a Halloween party as they’re really spooky especially at night.   There are zombies and skeletons breaking out of the ground, ravens circling and so many tombstones……..and I haven’t even mentioned the ghosts yet!

If you want a really good Halloween theme then this is a great one to choose (you can even reuse the Halloween tombstones for a Gothic party if you have an Goth teens due a birthday celebration).

Halloween Tombstones

The Key to a Halloween Graveyard

What is a graveyard without tombstones marking the dead?   You can purchase some great tombstones to add to your decor or even make them yourself which is a lot of fun.

I think that if you’re looking at buying props though you should really consider the grim reaper himself –


The Grim Reaper & Tombstone


He’s standing guard over the gravestone to make sure that his work is done and no one will be rising again, however if you have a grave behind him a zombie could still be pulling him/herself out of their grave!

There are lots of different Halloween tombstones you can get including these –

 Set of 2 Asst. Halloween Tombstones, Props, Decorations and Accessories Fake Tombstones – Halloween Yard Decoration – Set/6, 21.3 22in Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone (Standard) The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue 22in Mossy Bat Tombstone (Standard) Balkan Vampire Blood Cross Statue

 If you would prefer to make your own tombstones then this next page is really handy –

How to Build Your Own Halloween Graveyard

Get step by step instructions for building your own tombstones as well as lots of other tips to creating the best Halloween Graveyard in your neighborhood.

People Rising From The Dead

Halloween Ground Breaker Props

When it comes to Halloween a graveyard isn’t always a very safe place to be as bodies decide to rise again and break out of the ground like this poor soul below –


Ground Breaker Torso Halloween Prop

He’s not all you have to worry about …….


 Forum Novelties Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes, 2-Pieces Headless Zombie (Standard) Lunging Graveyard Baby

You can have so much fun with this theme and go as far as you like with adding a fence around your graveyard, adding ghosts, ravens, skeletons there really is no limit because after all it is Halloween!

Here’s a few more graveyard props to ensure you create the best Halloween cemetery of horrors that you can think up!

 Creepy Fence Border Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg) Glowing Scary Graveyard Crossroad Sign Black Feathered Small Halloween Crows – 3 Pc Black Birds Animated Gaseous Zombie Fog Halloween Prop LUNGING ZOMBIE REAPER Animated Animatronic Scary Jumping Halloween Prop MR-124236 Crawling Creature Zombie Prop EVIL ENTITY LIFESIZE Haunted House 70in Halloween Prop Animated Ghost Zombie MR-124198 Phantom Rising Animated Halloween Prop Scary Haunted House Yard Scary Decor SPOOKY HANGING GHOUL GHOST LATEX 12′ YARD DECOR Halloween Animated Scary Props SS83310

 And don’t forget that you’ll want a fog machine to create even more of a spooky atmosphere than you’ve managed already!

Use a Fog Machine for the Ultimate Halloween Atmosphere

There’s just something about a foggy night which says spooky and what night should be spookier than all the others? Halloween of course! Whether you’ve chosen to go with a graveyard theme or a zombie decor or something completely different for Halloween this year I’m betting you can make it even better with a fog machine.

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine

This fog machine is the best selling one on Amazon and seems to do a great job for party use, I like to use it outside as opposed to inside because most fog machines tend to get a little hot when used inside. The key to getting a great effect is to use the right liquid aka fog juice as it’s called.

When you buy this particular fog machine it comes with a bottle of fog juice that you can use, unfortunately this can cause the machine to get a little plugged up.   This can be fixed by running water through the machine after use, but I’d recommend getting a different fog juice.

In the States I’ve been told that Froggy’s Swamp Juice works beautifully in this machine so I’d try that out and see what a difference it makes.   Getting the right ‘juice’ really is the key to making the right fog for you so experiment before the actual day so that it’s perfect if you’re holding a Halloween party.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering about making your own fog juice and you’ve seen that it has to be water based so you’re about to start searching the net in an attempt to save money for your Halloween event – am I right?   Don’t do it!   There are lots of problems with making your own fog juice that far outweigh any of the economic savings that you may make.

One way to ensure that your party is remembered for all of the wrong reasons is by poisoning your guests with formaldehide (a colorless, toxic gas that can be released if you get your chemistry wrong when making up your fog juice).   Save any mad scientist urge for your Halloween decor and not for mixing your own ‘juice’ and you’ll have a great party with plenty of atmosphere!