Lady Gaga Costume Wigs

Pop megastar Lady Gaga is well known for her outrageous costumes which includes the regular use of wigs. I’ve compiled a number of Lady Gaga costume wigs for you to choose from if you want to copy her Gagalicious look for a night out or even a fancy dress event.

Some of Lady Gaga’s wigs have become quite iconic within pop culture history – who can forget the hair bow or the soda can hair for example? Other Lady Gaga wigs just helped her to create a particular look when worn with her different outfits.

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Lady Gaga’s Long Blonde Wig with Bangs

Lady Gaga Blonde Wigs

Lady Gaga Straight Hair Wig With Bangs,Blonde,One Size

Lady Gaga’s first hit was Just Dance and her costumes for this single’s videos weren’t nearly as outrageous as what were to come……..she had, however, begun wearing a wig.
Lady Gaga’s long, straight blonde hair with bangs was courtesy of a wig like the one on offer here that is part of her official costume range.
She often accompanied this wig with a blue lightning bolt on her face and when she performed the song live she was often seen with a Lady Gaga style hood over the hair.

She also seemed to like wearing her long blonde wig in conjunction with a more famous hair piece of hers……the hair bow!

Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow

Lady Gaga Wig Bow Clip,Blonde,One Size

The next hair variation that Lady Gaga was seen sporting came about around the same time and is the hair bow. Now there are various ways of achieving this – the wig, the bow itself or even creating the look with your own hair (if you have long hair that is).
I think buying the hair bow is the easiest solution and you can then attach it to the long straight blonde wig with bangs that we featured first or with a short blonde bob.
Now most people are aware of Lady Gaga’s hair bow as being part of her long, blonde look as she used it several times (especially in her various origami prom dresses). However she has been photographed in a short blonde bob wig with the hair bow as well.

Did You Know Lady Gaga Sings To Her Wigs?

Lady Gaga’s Purple Wigs

Many of Lady Gaga’s best looks come when she does photo shoots and I loved the image of her as a lilac bunny that appeared on the cover of Spanish magazine Neo2, unfortunately I can’t find a copyright free image to show you here so if you want to see the look she created you’ll have to click on – Lady Gaga’s Lilac Bunny Look.
In the same year (2009) she also treated her British fans to the first peep at her long purple wig.

This was around the same time that she started carrying a china tea cup around with her – gotta love her whimsy!

Deluxe Lilac Purple Sassy WigFame Monster Wig, Purple, One Size

lady gaga wigs hats

Lady Gaga’s Official Wigs

Lady Gaga Soda Can Wig

After the success of her Telephone video Lady Gaga released some official costumes along with some wigs – two of which had already been featured in her Telephone Video like this one here.
How to create the soda can hair do was posted to Youtube in record time after the Telephone video was released!

This is one of the fun things about Lady Gaga’s ‘look’ people are very quick to work out how to emulate the Mother Monster and share their thoughts with other fans.

Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig,Blonde,One Size

This next wig from the Telephone video wasn’t as easy to emulate however.
This two tone wig was worn with her USA outfit and quickly became one of the fastest selling Halloween wigs for that year.

This was probably because people liked the idea that the costume made Lady Gaga seem almost like a superhero – Lady USA, very patriotic.

Lady Gaga Curly Hair Wig With Pink Streak,Blonde,One Size

The next official Lady Gaga wig was based on one that she wore to the VMAs, most memorable for being covered in blood she was sporting this cute wig as well!
I must admit I do like the curls and the pink streak in this wig, it creates a much softer look for the Mother Monster.

Long White & Aqua Wig

Lady Gaga’s 2010 VMA Wig

Do you remember Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress? Well it’s hard to remember how she wore her hair as all the focus was on the meat at the 2010 VMA awards, but she actually introduced a white wig to us at the same time.-

Lady Gaga 2010 Video Music Awards Adult Wig

This is the wig in question, minus the meat headdress that Lady Gaga donned on the night she introduced this style to us.

The patches of aqua (or turquoise blue) on the long white wig gives a whimsical touch to Mother Monster’s hair.

Why does Lady Gaga have so many wigs

More Lady Gaga Costume Wigs

Including Lady Gaga Ponytail Wig

Lady Gaga has certainly donned her share of wigs and we’ve barely scratched the surface so far. She has also played with the two toned wig idea in other ways, sported a side ponytail, a bandana and has even gone green!

I’m including a few more wigs here for you to help complete a gorgeous Lady Gaga costume for yourself whether it’s for one of her concerts, a fancy dress event or Halloween – enjoy!

Lady Gaga Side Ponytail Wig, Multicolored, One SizeLady Gaga Two-Tone Wig, Black/Blonde, One SizeLady Gaga Judas Video Wig and Bandana, Blonde, One SizeLady Gaga Adult Wig, Turquoise, AdultLady Gaga Long Straight Snow White WigLady Gaga Born This Way Steel and Slate Wig

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Monster High Costume Wigs

Finish Your Monster High Costume Off With a Monster High Wig

Monster High Costume WigsThere are lots of children every where who would love to dress up as their favorite Monster High character and you can choose to buy or make them the appropriate costume, but when it comes to the hair you really do need to get a Monster High wig. So much of the Monster High characters ‘looks’ comes from their wigs that you really can’t leave it out.

Frankie Stein loves black and white stripes for instance and that really comes out with her hair whereas Lagoona Blue’s hair makes her seem like a mermaid with the interwoven ocean blue color in it. Whether you’re complimenting your own home made Monster High costume of you’re adding to a brought costume let’s finish it off in style with one of these official Monster High wigs.

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Go Straight to Your Favorite Monster High Character

Abbey Bominable | Catty NoirClawdeen Wolf | Cleo De Nile | Draculaura | ElissabatFrankie Stein | Ghoulia Yelps | Haunted River Styxx | Honey SwampHowleen Wolf | Jingafire Long | Lagoona Blue | NeferaOperetta | Rochelle GoyleSkelita Calaveras | Twyla | Viperine

Abbey Bominable Wig – An Official Monster High Wig

The Finishing Touch to an Abbey Costume

 Monster High Abbey Bominable Child’s Wig

If you’re dressing up as Abbey Bominable you want to make sure you add lots of fur and the other thing you’re going to need is a wig. This is an official Monster High Abbey Bominable wig which is fashioned on Abbey’s cool hair.

The wig hair is white with streaks of blue, pink and purple in it and an attached white faux fur headband which is far, far from abominable!

Combine this with an outfit that has a lot of faux fur on it and some Abbey Bominable style make up and you’ll have created a costume that everyone will be jealous of.

Creating Abbey’s face means you need a white foundation with a hint of blue combined with pink and purple eyeshadow. Add pink lips with tiny white fangs and lots of glitter to the face – Abbey is an Ice Princess after all! If you want further information on creating a cool Abbey look then check out this video –

How to Apply Abbey Bominable Make Up

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Wig

Complete Your Perfect Clawdeen Wolf Costume in Style!

 Monster High Child’s Clawdeen Costume Wig

Clawdeen Wolf’s wig is long and brown in color with contrasting red streaks in it (quite wolf like in fact!). Her hair is long, wavy and volumous – it’s basically the type of hair that makes girls everywhere jealous. This wig isn’t just about the hair though as it also has Clawdeen’s ears attached to it and those ears are accented with gold hoop ear-rings (gold is her favorite color after all).

With this wig on her head your little princess can walk and act with the confidence that Clawdeen Wolf herself was born with. As a self-confessed ‘fierce fashionista’ you could hardly expect Clawdeen to own only one outfit. With this in mind let your daughter wear something that she thinks Clawdeen would wear, throw on the wig and you have nearly completed your perfect Clawdeen Wolf costume.

Cleo De Nile Wig

An Official Monster High Wig

 Monster High Child’s Cleo de Nile Costume Wig

If your daughter wants to look like this Egyptian princess then you’ll need to get her this Cleopatra inspired wig. The wig is black in a long bob style with a full fringe and metallic gold foil streaks running through it. The wig also has an attached gold headband with blue stones attached.

This wig is the ultimate touch to help your child act arrogant and bossy like her ‘idol’ Cleo De Nile.

This wig really looks best with the official Monster High costume, but provided you add lots of gold you could create your own Cleo outfit and just use this wig to top it off. Next of course you’ll need to know how to achieve the look with some cool make up and I have (of course) a link for you to view a cute YouTube video tutorial –

Cleo De Nile Make Up Tutorial

Monster High Draculaura Wig

Looking Hot in Pink!

 Monster High Child’s Draculaura Costume Wig

If your little girl has decided that she needs to dress up as Draculaura then she’s going to need her freaky fantastic wig.

The nearly 1600 year old daughter of Dracula has black hair with pink streaks through it.   Her hair is straight and worn in pigtails with bangs.

Draculaura loves to add a little pink to black when it comes to her wardrobe so if you’re trying to put together a costume for this Monster High student bear that in mind, add this wig and put together her make up and you’re done.

Frankie Stein Wig

Another Freaky Awesome Monster High Wig

 Monster High Child’s Frankie Stein Costume Wig

If your child wants to dress up as Frankie Stein then this Monster High wig is an absolute must have accessory. The wig captures Frankie’s long black and white hair do to perfection – I especially like how the stripes in her hair are highlighted by having her bangs tied back like in this wig. Now all you need to do is buy a plaid dress (Frankie loves plaid), pop on some make up and you have the perfect Frankie costume!

Now as far as the make up goes you need to remember that Frankie was created out of body parts by her father Frankenstein so her skin is green!   This doesn’t have to be hard to emulate though and there are a number of tutorials available online to help you out.   I’m including a link below of a cool tutorial (except for putting on the lipstick, but I’m sure you know how to do that!!)

How to Apply Frankie Stein Make Up Tutorial

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Wig

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Child’s Wig

Ghoulia’s hair is certainly one that you notice! This officially licensed Monster High wig has her long blue hair with blue streaks in it made to perfection and also includes her favorite green headband. What could be better for any little fan of Ghoulia Yelps than her very own Ghoulia wig?

Monster High Howleen Wolf Wig

Monster High Howleen Child Wig

Complete any Howleen costume with the cute pink wig that captures the look of Clawdeen’s youngest and extraverted sister.

This is a perfect addition to the official Howleen costume or any ‘were-punk’ style of outfit that you’ve made to emulate this fun little Monster High ghoul.

Official Jinafire Long Wig

Monster High Jinafire Long Wig

A Chinese dragon this fiery Monster High School student is instantly recognizable when you add her wig (and a tail) to any outfit whether it’s her usual attire or not. Her long black and green hair is arranged in an ancient Chinese style called a Fa Ji (basically hair worn in a bun or coil).

This wig would look great with the official costume which depicts Jinafire’s own take on modernizing a traditional Hanfu style dress or with a homemade outfit in her favorite fashion colors of royal red and jade green.

Official Lagoona Blue Wig

A Great Monster High Wig That Also Looks Good as a Mermaid’s Wig

 Monster High Child’s Lagoona Blue Costume Wig

Lagoona Blue’s wig is one that a mermaid would be envious of – long, platinum blonde and curly as though she had been spending her days sunning on a rock by the sea!

Her blonde tresses have streaks of aqua blue through them which look gorgeous and also compliment the blue fins that can be found in her wig.

There’s also a pink floral accent in the wig which off sets the blonde and aqua combination really well. This official Monster High wig is essential to pull off a really cool Lagoona Blue costume.

Once you have Lagoona’s wig you just need to assemble a costume that the ocean princess would approve of (try to add a little ocean blue into it as that’s her favorite color) and then work on her make up.

How to Get A Cool Lagoona Blue Face – The Make-Up Tutorial!

Monster High Operetta Wig

An Officially Licensed Wig

Monster High Operetta Child Wig

This gorgeous wig is the bright red of Operetta’s hair and one of the things that makes her really stand out in a crowd. I love the way her hairstyle evokes the 1940s with the use of victory rolls, when you combine this hair with her sense of style however it brings it right into this millennium.

Skelita Calaveras Child Wig

A Monster High Costume Wig

Girls Monster High Skelita Calaveras Wig

This wig perfectly captures the black and orange (sorry I should say marigold!) colors in Skelita’s hair. No one can doubt who you are if you wear this wig and have skeleton tights and gloves on and sugar skull inspired make up on your face.

Now Skelita’s actual hair is a lot longer than this wig, but I think this wig is still a perfect way to complete the look of this fun loving Monster High student.

Spectra Vondergeist Wig

 Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Child’s Wig

As you can see Spectra’s wig is long straight and very purple – the color of royalty no less! Her dark purple hair has highlights in a lighter purple and this mane of hair really makes Spectra stand out – something she’s very happy about!

When it comes to creating a Spectra Vondergeist costume you have to make sure that it’s made from light material for floating around in, but add some metal as she likes to be able to rattle (she does come from a family of ghosts after all!) around.

If your daughter has a fairy, ballerina or princess costume preferably with a handkerchief hemline then you might be able to turn that into a Spectra costume by adding a few chains and then adding some inexpensive grey plastic shower ring hoops to a black belt to give the illusion of a metal belt.

Now you need to add the make up and instead of buying a Monster High make up set you can use what you’ve got, just check out how to get this ghostly girls ‘face’ on the tutorial video below –

How to Achieve the Spectra Vondergeist ‘Face’ Make-Up Tutorial

Twyla Costume Wig

A Gorgeous Monster High Wig

Monster High Twyla Wig

Twyla’s gorgeous hair is a pale green with blue and purple stripes that cascades down her back and around her shoulders just like this wig does. It’s hard to imagine that someone with hair as beautiful as this can be shy, but luckily Twyla has Howleen Wolf as one of her best friends and she makes sure that Twyla doesn’t miss out on any fun.

This wig would be perfect to finish off the officially licensed Twyla costume or even for you to wear over your own Twyla outfit. Simply don a pair of pale grey/silver or white tights and wear it over a dress in dark blue or black with accents in the pastel green of her hair. Like many of her fellow students at Monster High she really suits a tutu style skirt, but as long as it’s feminine she’ll love it as she does look quite the ‘little lady’ most of the time.

More Monster High Wigs

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Completing the Monster High Costumes

While wigs are an important part of the Monster High costumes, there are also things such as the costumes themselves that are important. Check out some of my Monster High costume links –

Monster High School costume wigs - fun for dress ups and Halloween!

Hi I’m Louanne from Everything Halloween, welcome to my blog! I just wanted to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the online world this is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is a very common way that bloggers make their money, if you want to find out more then check out this post to find out what is affiliate marketing and how we make money on this site,  If you want to see my full affiliate disclosure and the other ‘legal stuff’ then click here.