Halloween Drinking Glasses

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Halloween Drinking GlassesWhen you’re hosting a Halloween party there’s lots of things to consider including what Halloween drinking glasses you have.   Now you can get away with plain glassware and dress it up with different accessories, but there are some awesome Halloween glasses available if you want to go all out.

There are so many cool glasses available from Halloween wine goblets through to plastic tumblers for the children and my favorite – Halloween cocktail glasses.   I love mixing up some great Halloween cocktails which is why it’s important for me to have some good Halloween barware including glasses!

One of my favorite companies for Halloween stemware has to be Lolita, they have a fantastic selection and the quality is fantastic – all of the glasses are hand painted and they come in a round box that cushions the glass.   My recommendation is to keep the box to put them in for the rest of year and keep them safe.

Let’s have a look at a few of the Lolita wine glasses……

Halloween Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Lolita Stemware for the Witching Season!

 Enesco Lolita Wine Glass Fright Night Wine_Glass Lolita Pumpkin Patch Halloween Wine Glass Lolita Drinking With My Witches Wine Glass Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Halloween Party Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Ghost Party Lolita Halloween 2011, Mummy Wine Glass



Aren’t they cool? I must admit I have a soft spot for Lolita glassware as they do such a fantastic job of coming up with great creations for every season over and over again. If you want to see a cool collection of Halloween drinking glasses from martini glasses to pilsner glasses then you’ll love this link – Halloween Glasses.

Sometimes though it can be nice to just use plain glasses and decorate them yourselves with bloody rims or spooky ice cubes there are lots of different ways to really make your Halloween drinks give everyone a fright!   You can check out some cool ideas on the Halloween Drinks Decor page.

Halloween Drinking Glasses

Costumes Beginning with B

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Costumes beginning with BIf you’re looking for some costumes beginning with B then you’re in the right place!   If you saw my post a couple of weeks ago you’ll know we looked at costumes beginning with A which is why I thought it would be a great idea to do costumes beginning with B today and boy are there a lot to choose from.

We have all different types of fancy dress ideas from  Bees, Bananas, Ballerinas and so much more to choose from.  Let’s check them all out.

List of Costumes Beginning with B

  • Baby – all you need is to make what looks like an over-sized diaper and a large baby bottle and you’re good to go. Alternatively you can actually buy baby costumes which consists of a large stretch and go (much warmer for winter parties or Halloween.
  • Baby Doll – Baby Doll is one of the stars of the cult movie Sucker Punch and when I saw the movie I just knew that these costumes would be a hit! Baby Doll isn’t the only character that begins with B, there’s also Blondie as well and you can check them both out on my Sucker Punch Costumes post.
  • Baby Spice – The Spice Girls may no longer be together, but they were a force to be reckoned with and their costumes are still instantly recognizable. You can check out the Baby Spice costume on my Spice Girls Costumes post.
  • Ballet Dancer – a leotard, tutu and ballet slippers is all you need for this costume to work.
  • Ballroom Dancer – if you’re going to the event as a couple you can dress up as ballroom dancing partners, one in a suit, the other a ballgown and make sure that you have numbers on your back for the judges to score you.
  • Banana – the banana costumes that are available to buy are a really fun costume that draw everyone’s attention, although I have been known to ask people wearing such costumes if they can turn into a banana daiquiri for me……..I’m probably not the first person to ask that which could become tiresome!
  • Bandido
  • Bank Robber
  • Barbarella
  • Barbie
  • Barney – everone’s favorite purple dinosaur, make sure you know a few of Barney’s songs if you choose this outfit!
  • Barney Rubble – Who doesn’t love the Flintstones? I know most people think of Fred and Wilma when the Flintstones are first mentioned, but I do have a soft spot for Barney myself!I feel I should add a warning with this costume….a friend of ours attended a fancy dress party about 20 years ago dressed as Barney Rubble and is still called Barney by just about our entire circle of friends! I’m sure that’s an isolated case though
  • Barney Stinson – If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother you’ll know that the star of the show (in my opinion anyway) is Barney Stinson and it just so happens to start with the letter B!Barney Stinson coined the phrase ‘suit up’ and all you need to dress up as Barney is to dress in a suit and tie and memorize a few Barneyisms to sprinkle though your conversations throughout the night………oh and you’ll need short, tidy hair!
  • Barrister – black robes and a wig will make you look quite distinguished, but I’d make sure to add a big law book and a pair of glasses to really pull off this costume idea.
  • Bart Simpson – an absolute classic costume
  • Bass Head Trophy – when I first came across this costume online I absolutely fell in love with it and think it’s one of the best B costumes around, check it out below.
  • Bat
  • Bat Girl
  • Batman


 Costume Accessory: Trophy Head Bass Mask Women’s Dc Comics Superhero Batgirl Bodysuit Batman The Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume



  • Baywatch – you can get official Baywatch costumes for both male and female lifeguards, both are equally recognizable to any fan of the show.
  • Bear
  • Beast – from Beauty and the Beast fame, you could come on your own or with a partner dressed as Belle for the ultimate ‘B’ list couple!
  • (The) Beatles – There’s a number of different costumes available of the Beatles from their tidy haircuts and suits days to the Sgt Pepper days, a great group costume idea.
  • Bee
  • Beefeater – did you know that the Beefeaters were first formed in Tudor times and that their costumes haven’t really changed in all of that time?  My Tudor costume page actually features one for you.
  • Beer – always a favorite amongst my hubby’s friends, but there’s actually quite a few different beer options available to choose from.


 Rasta Imposta Beer Pint Costume, Gold, One Size Rasta Imposta Lightweight Beer Bottle Costume FunWorld Men’s Beer Keg Costume, Silver, One Size



  • Beetlejuice – a classic 80s character, if you dressed up in this suit anyone who’s seen the movie would instantly know who you were and what a fun costume it is too!
  • Bellboy
  • Belle – If Belle is your favorite Disney princess then this is the excuse you need to dress up as her, alternatively this could be a great couples costume with the Beast.
  • Belly Dancer – This is a lovely costume for a female with a great figure OR a man who’s up for a laugh……imagine one of the guys you know wearing this it would be the talk of the party, but you’d need a confident person to carry it off.
  • Ben Hur
  • Benedictine Monk
  • Betty Rubble – Barney’s lovely wife Betty is a lovely costume and if you’re going to a party as a couple then you could go as Barney and Betty Rubble.
  • Beyonce
  • Big Bad Wolf – Fancy being the bad guy at the party? The big bad wolf is the biggest bad guy in the fairy tale books, ‘my how big your teeth are Grandma….’This costume idea (from Little Red Riding Hood) is awesome although you may end up saying ‘all the better to eat you’ all night, but that could be fun as it’s certainly an ice breaker!
  • Big Game Hunter
  • Biker
  • Bishop
  • Black Swan – a dramatic ballerina costume idea based on the movie of the same name, if you want to use this costume idea then be sure to check out YouTube for make up tutorials as Natalie Portman’s make-up in the movie really pulled the look together.
  • Bloody Costume Section – There are lots of different ideas for this from the Bloody Bride, Bloody Doctor, Bloody Surgeon or more. You could even just wear an old outfit of your own with fake blood over it and call yourself a bloody car crash victim.
  • Blues Brothers
  • Bluto – if you’re stuck on an idea and you’re running out of time then grab a sheet and wear it like a toga, just like Bluto in the movie Animal House.
  • Bo Peep


 Bollywood Princess Costume Medium Red & White Men’s Bishop Costume Brave Forest Princess Adult Costume



  • Bob the Builder
  • Bollywood Star
  • Bonnie Parker – of Bonnie and Clyde fame, dress up in 1930s fashion and carry a handgun (a pretend one, it is a party you’re going to after all).
  • (A) Box – the easiest of all costumes, just pop yourself in a box!
  • Boxer
  • Boy George – a classic 80s costume idea, you can find a ready made Boy George costume on my 80s Costumes Ideas for Men, alternatively you just need dreadlocks, make up and a long duster coat!
  • Brave
  • Braveheart
  • Bride – you can go as a classic bride, an undead bride, Bride of Chucky or Bride of Frankenstein
  • Britannia – I don’t think that there’s an actual Britannia costume so you could wear a Union Jack dress and call yourself Britannia or you could wear a long robe with a Roman style helmet, trident and Union Jack shield as a cross between the British warrior queen, Boadicea and a goddess of war with a little nod to Britain with the Union Jack. If you can’t get a Union Jack shield then just use a plain shield, but have the Union Jack like a cape essentially a British superhero!
  • Britney Spears
  • Buccaneer – a buccaneer is essentially another name for a pirate so if you need more inspiration then check out my pirate costume page.
  • Buddha
  • Buddy Holly
  • Buddy the Elf
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Bumblebee
  • Bunny
  • Bunny Girl – this is a very easy costume to pull off in fact my father managed to pull this off for a party when I was a teenager, I remember because I had to help him paint his nails red! Simply wear a leotard with bunny ears and a white cottontail on your bottom. Wear high heels and walk with a wiggle!
  • Burglar – as a last minute costume this is a good one, dark clothes and a ski mask is all you’ll need.
  • Burlesque Babe
  • Butler
  • Butterfly
  • Buzz Lightyear

I hope you’ve found some great ideas here for costumes beginning with B, if you’re after costume ideas for different letters then you need to visit my A-Z of costumes page.

Costumes beginning with B

Steampunk Costumes for Women

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Steampunk Costumes for womenSteampunk costumes for women are becoming very popular.   Explaining what steampunk is though is a little harder.   Generally when it comes to steampunk costumes you take a little of the Victorian (the ‘steam’ aspect) and shake it up (the ‘punk aspect’).

What this means is that there’s lots of options when it comes to steampunk fashions. Many people who are intrigued by Steampunk like to create their own costumes and part of the fun can be finding all the different elements and then pulling together the perfect Steampunk outfit.

On this page I’m just going to showcase a couple of ready to wear Steampunk outfits for women who are in a hurry.

Long Skirted Ladies Steampunk Costume

The first one I want to feature is this one –


Burvogue Women's Steampunk Costume (X-Large, Picture 8)Burvogue Women’s Steampunk Costume (X-Large, Picture 8)


The skirt on this steampunk costume makes me think of more of an Edwardian silhouette than a Victorian one, but I really love the corset detailing and the look of the material definitely embraces the Victorian era.

The corset style top which embraces the punk element of steampunk beautifully is simply gorgeous the brocade style of fabric used also gives a nod to the Victorian era.

Another Ready to Wear Steampunk Costume for Women

The next steampunk costume for woman that I want to showcase is this one –

California Costumes Women's Steampunk Girl Adult, Burgundy/Brown, X-LargeCalifornia Costumes Women’s Steampunk Girl Adult, Burgundy/Brown


I think of this costume as a take on sexy steampunk! As well as the dress, which is definitely too short for any self respecting Victorian lady, this costume includes the fun hat. This hat is a lovely accessory for any steampunker. The costume also includes the glovettes that the model is wearing.

A word of warning before you delve into a steampunk costume however, many people become addicted to steampunk which means you could end up creating your very own costume from scratch next time! There are some lovely elements that go towards the perfect steampunk costume as well as a hoard of different accessories that will breathe life into it. If you’re interested in taking a step down the rabbit hole so to speak then check out this Steampunk Costume page.

Ready to wear Steampunk costumes for women


Do You Have a Spooky Halloween Tree?

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Halloween TreesMost people put up a Christmas tree at Christmas, but what about having a Halloween tree at Halloween?

There are some really cool Halloween trees available and if you’ve ever been in a wooded area at night you know just how spooky trees can seem (especially when they have no leaves left on them!), which is what makes them ideal for your Halloween decor.

You can drape spiderwebs over the Halloween tree or even get some Halloween tree ornaments, but sometimes it can just be cool to leave them like they are for that desolate tree look!

If you don’t know what sort of Halloween tree you’d like to have why don’t you check out some of the alternatives that are available and work out how to fit a Halloween tree into your Halloween decor – you will not be disappointed.   Here’s a link for you – Halloween Trees.   This has a range of really cool Halloween trees for you to browse and decide on the type that will suit you best.

Let me know if you already use a Halloween tree and if you do is it a big Halloween tree or a table top one.

My Favorite Halloween Tree……..at the moment anyways!

I like the look of the Halloween tree featured below, it’s a bigger one (table top trees aren’t my favorite, I like a taller one) and it’s sound activated emitting wailing and an evil laugh, it also moves. I think it sounds fantastic, although my poor dog would probably NOT appreciate it!

 5 Ft Tall Animated Spooky Halloween Tree with Evil Laugh & Wailing Sounds


These next few show you a small selection of the Halloween trees available –

Spooky & Creepy Halloween Trees for Your Home

Kurt Adler Twig Tree, 32-Inch, BlackDepartment 56 Halloween TreeDepartment 56 Spooky Spider Trees, Set of 2

Decorating Your Halloween Tree

The other fun thing about having a Halloween tree is the decorating of it.   Now some of them are fine just as they are, but other trees are fun to decorate and there are lots of different ways to do this.

Add some cobweb style netting over your tree, hang a few plastic spiders as well for a lovely Halloween inspired touch.

You can even get Halloween string lights which work like Christmas fairy lights on your tree from pumpkins to spiders, mummies to skeletons there are lots of choose from.   I also like the idea of getting a large Halloween tree or a black Christmas tree which will do double duty at both Halloween & Christmas.   With a larger tree you can add some Halloween Tree ornaments and there are lots of these to choose from.

Spooky Halloween Trees


Costumes Beginning with A

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

If you’re looking for costumes beginning with A it can sometimes be hard to know where to start.   I’ve compiled a great selection of costume ideas for you to browse and I’m sure just looking at some of these you’ll come up with your own ideas that I’ve missed!

I was inspired to write this list as I used to attend a lot of alphabet parties when I was younger and they were so much fun!   A few years ago I read about them making a come back and I was cheering to myself!

If you’ve been invited to an alphabet party then I have you covered with all of the letters of the alphabet starting with this post.

  • Abba – this is a great idea for a group costume that begins with A and it’s also popular for 70s or 80s themed parties too.
  • Abominable Snowman – yet another name for a Yeti, a perfect winter costume under all that fur!
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Acrobat
  • Action Hero – An action hero could leave this wide open for costume ideas from your favorite superhero to a movie hero like John McClane from the Die Hard Movies.   Personally I think the super heros will be the most popular at the moment as they seem to overtake most themed parties these days.


 Batman Costume Supergirl Costume Captain America Costume



  • Action Man
  • Adam – wear a nude bodysuit with a strategically placed fig leaf!
  • Adam Ant – The biggest thing that I think of when I think of Adam Ant is the white stripe across his nose!   You can actually get Adam Ant costumes and other cool costume ideas on my 80s Costumes for Men post.
  • Addams Family – another group costume idea that is sure to be popular, especially among the kooky!
  • Air Force Officer
  • Air Hostess
  • Airline Pilot
  • Al Capone
  • Aladdin
  • Albert Einstein – everyone’s favorite scientist, just be sure to know a few formulas to sprinkle into conversation with this costume. You can purchase ‘instant disguise’ kits which feature his moustache and a wig, the two recognizable bits of any Einstein costume.
  • Ali G – Ali G is a character made famous by Sasha Baron Cohen and is a fancy dress outfit that will make everyone sit up and take notice…..the bonus is that if you can fake the accent you could get away with saying all manner of things!
  • Alice in Wonderland – there are a few different options for this costume – the traditional Alice costume, the movie themed costume or a ‘sexy Alice’ costume
  • Alien – this is a fun costume because it allows you a lot of latitude, after all no one really knows what aliens look like so you can let your imagination run wild or just draw on some of your favorite movie alien forms.
  • American Footballer
  • Amidala
  • Amigo
  • Amy Winehouse – Everyone will know you’re Amy Winehouse as her over the top beehive hair is instantly recognizable, even by people who don’t listen to her music!
  • Anakin Skywalker – Now I grew up with the movie – Luke I am your father – so it’s kind of hard to give him another name other than Darth Vader, but before he was Darth Vader his name was Anakin Skywalker.
  • Android
  • Angel – Angels are a nice easy costume to wear, a flowing white dress and a halo and you’re a classic angel! You can purchase your own angel costume here or you can fashion florist wire or a coat hanger into a halo and wrap tinsel or white fur around it. Of course you don’t have to stick to a ‘classic angel’ costume, there’s also the angel of death, a fallen angel, a dark angel etc


 Fallen Angel Costume Guardian Angel Costume Dark Angel Costume



  • Angry Birds – there are a few different Angry Birds that you can dress up as which means you can come on your own in one of the costumes or as a group of Angry Birds.   Here’s a page with a range of these costumes on it – Angry Birds Costumes
  • Anne Boleyn – Henry VIII’s second wife and mother of Queen Elizabeth I Anne Boleyn is certainly one of the more famous of Tudor women!
  • Annie Oakley
  • Apache Indian
  • Aphrodite – The Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite can be a great fancy dress outfit beginning with the letter A. I must admit the funniest Aphrodite costume I ever saw was worn by a man (he lost a bet) and he got so much attention all night.
  • Apple – When you first learn your ABCs you learn that A is for Apple so it’s hardly surprising that when you’re trying to think of a costume beginning with A then an apple springs to mind.   I’ve found two cool, unisex apple costumes for you to choose from –

 Apple with Worm Adult Costume Get Real Apple Costume




  • Arab
  • Aragorn
  • Archer
  • Ariel
  • Army Officer
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Arwen
  • Astronaut – If you’ve ever wanted to go into space you can ‘pretend’ in this costume! Most boys men seem to like dressing up as an Astronaut so this costume if very popular!
  • Athena
  • Audrey Hepburn – Audrey Hepburns most iconic image is this one where she played Holly Golightly in the classic movie Breakfast at Tiffanys. Add a cigarette holder and a wig and you’ve got an awesome costume here that everyone will instantly recognise.
  • Austin Powers
  • Avatar
  • Avengers – Check out some of the Avengers costume ideas here – The Avengers Costumes

If you’re interested in checking out costumes beginning with another letter of the alphabet the quickest way is to pop over to my A-Z of costumes page, you won’t regret it.

Costume ideas beginning with A