Freddy Krueger Halloween Costumes

This Halloween I’m Going to Be……Freddy Krueger!

Freddy Krueger CostumeTo me Halloween is all about scary costumes and things that go bump in the night and the scariest movie character that I can think of is Freddy Krueger.   And so, let me introduce you to some Freddy Krueger Halloween Costumes.….

I’m not sure why I’m so scared of the Nightmare on Elm Street villain, maybe because I watched Freddy Krueger on screen at an impressionable age!

To be honest I think I can trace a caffeine addiction straight back to this movie (even with the few people I know there’s probably enough of us addicted to caffeine to launch a class action suit thinking about it!) as I drank cup after cup of coffee to try and stop myself sleeping for weeks. Somehow I still fell asleep and yet, thankfully, I also woke up!

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Freddy Krueger’s Gloves

The most distinctive part of the Freddy Krueger costume is the glove…..a glove that features metal blades in order to slash his victims….

A Nightmare on Elm Street Deluxe Freddy Glove

Where Did Freddy Krueger Come From?

Freddy Krueger made his debut onto movie screens in 1984 straight from the mind of Wes Craven. Freddy Krueger was a child murderer who was killed by vigilantes and finds a way to come back………through dreams.

He is there to exact revenge by killing the children of the mob that caused his death. Someone being killed while they sleep? You can imagine why after watching this millions of people worldwide had problems dozing off at night!

Adult Freddy Krueger Costume

Adult Freddy Krueger Costume

Freddy Krueger was recognisable by his burnt face (he was killed in a fire), his glove, his fedora hat and his red and green striped sweater.

The costume opposite contains the sweater and mask which means all you need to add is his glove, fedora and a pair of black trousers and shoes and you’re ready to be the 80s infamous bogeyman.

If you already have a fedora hat in your wardrobe then feel free to use it, otherwise you could get the costume hat featured below. This hat is brown, but to be perfectly honest if I saw someone with a black fedora then I wouldn’t realize that the color wasn’t the same as in the movie – would you?

Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger’s Fedora Hat

Female Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume

Mrs Freddy Krueger?!

Miss Krueger Costume

Now you can also get a Freddy Krueger costume for women which they’ve tried to make a sexy Freddy Krueger costume, but personally I can’t think of the words ‘sexy Halloween costume’ and ‘Freddy Krueger costume’ in the same sentence – if you can though then you might like the costume opposite.

The costume includes the dress (based on the infamous sweater), fedora hat and the glove, all you need to add is a pair of leggings or fishnet tights (depending on the look you prefer) and a pair of shoes.

You could choose to don a Freddy Krueger mask if you wanted to as well.

Freddy Krueger Child’s Costume

You can even buy Freddy Krueger in a child’s costume although personally I wouldn’t be telling my daughter about Freddy Krueger. I was much older than she was when he first terrified the life out of me (not literally, but you know what I mean).

Child’s Freddy Krueger Shirt

Now I’ve included this costume as it’s the only one I can find for a child at this time. I used to have one that included a mask, but this one only includes the shirt so you’ll need to purchase a mask, glove and hat separately. To be honest I would probably not bother and just buy a striped jumper for your child yourself (at least it will keep him warm). The review of this costume isn’t very flattering and I haven’t been able to see it (in real life) so certainly NOT a recommendation!

Personally, if I were going to encourage a child to dress up as Freddy, I would also have a look on ebay and see if you could find a more ‘complete’ costume rather than having to buy individual bits, although not having the glove might be a great idea depending on your child!

Freddy Krueger Pet Costume

I was blown away when I saw you can even get a Freddy costume for your pet, I really love this idea and think my American Staffy would look awesome as Freddy!

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Pet CostumeNightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Pet Costume


Check out some great Freddy Krueger costume ideas that are sure to add the 'boo' into your Halloween costume!

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80s Costume Ideas for Men

80s Costume Ideas for Men80s Costumes are Cool Dude!

If you’re looking for a cool costume idea for a man this year then why not check out the eighties for inspiration?

There are so many cool 80s costume ideas for men that are absolute classics from Ghostbusters to his holy purpleness Prince, Billy Idol, MC Hammer and so many more.

If you’ve never been to a toga party in your life then you may not have grown up in the 80s under the influence of movies such as Animal House and been introduced to Bluto, a very simple costume idea in itself.

Let’s take a walk back in time to the 80s and catch up with the likes of Marty McFly, Adam Ant and ALF and get some truly bodacious costume ideas for you to try out this Halloween ……. in fact you might get so many ideas you decide to start throwing 80s parties and they’re never a bad idea!

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The Big List of 80s Costumes for Men

Awesome Costume Ideas for Eighties Dudes!

There really are lots of ideas for and 80s costume that will suit a guy so if you really can’t think of one then just check out this list for ideas. I’ll discuss actual costume ideas further down the page and I’ll also be linking to costume ideas on this list to make it easier for you if you see the perfect idea for you.

  • 80s Goth
  • 80s Hip Hop
  • 80s Jock
  • 80s Preppy
  • 80s Punk
  • 80s Yuppie
  • Adam Ant
  • ALF
  • Beetlejuice
  • Billy Idol
  • Blues Brothers
  • Bluto
  • Boy George 
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • ET
  • Flock of Seagulls singer
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Freddy Mercury
  • George Michael (Wham! days)
  • Ghostbusters
  • He-Man
  • Karate Kid
  • Magnum PI
  • Marty McFly
  • MC Hammer
  • Miami Vice
  • Michael Jackson
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Mr T
  • Old School Rapper
  • Pac Man
  • Pee Wee Herman
  • Prince
  • Rambo
  • Robert Smith (from The Cure)
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Rubiks Cube
  • Scarface
  • Smurfs (any of them)
  • Superman
  • Teen Wolf
  • Top Gun

Our Favorite 80s Aliens Make Great Costume Ideas

During the 80s there are two lovable aliens who instantly spring to my mind, the first was a regular to our television screens brought to us from the planet Melmac where his real name is Gordon Shumway. I’m talking, of course, about the big furry wiseguy who we called ALF (alien life form).

The second is an alien that caused my best friend to cry when we watched him on the big screen and made us all want to phone home. This lovable alien also made a star out of a very young Drew Barrymore and is of course known to us all as ET.

Either of these aliens would make a cool unisex costume. If you’re a single guy you should know that millions of girls around the world thought this guys really were ‘out of this world’ cute!

ALF Costume

This ALF costume looks so cute I wouldn’t want to unleash it without first making sure that any cats are hidden away!

Alf Costume (Standard)

I absolutely loved ALF and watched it religiously every Thursday night with the rest of the family, it was the night when we all watched tv and ate junk food for dinner – ALF, Sledgehammer (my father loved to say, ‘trust me, I know what I’m doing) and LA Law.

This bodysuit certainly looks like it would be a warm costume which would make it ideal if you have to dress up in the winter. It looks very realistic, except the height of it and just seeing the image makes me feel very nostalgic indeed.

ET Costume

Now I know a lot of people thought ET was cute, but look at his face, I’m sorry but he was pretty ugly!

Elliott & E.T. Costume

There was something utterly endearing about him though and as far as iconic characters of the 80s go he was right up there which makes him a perfect costume choice.

I can’t find an ‘actual’ E.T. costume available at the moment, but this one is a costume of Elliott with E.T. in his bike basket which is pretty cool.

The costume includes a red zip-up style hoodie, the ‘bike basket’ with handlebars (this is actually made of cardboard), a cardboard E.T. bust with pointing finger that fits inside the basket and a white blanket to cover the bust.

80s Fashions for Men

How do you encapsulate 10 years of diverse fashion into a few paragraphs to sum up what men were wearing? I can’t think of a more diverse time in men’s fashion that the 80s – the hair cuts alone varied enormously depending on your ‘clique’ as well as what year it was.

We had the mullet, the perm, the rats tail, the rocker look, the assymmetrical look, the preppy look and so much more – why we even had a white guy wearing dreads in the shape of Boy George which was absolutely unheard of until the 80s hit.

As far as clothing went you had acid wash jeans which was often worn with an acid wash denim jacket although as the decade progressed brown or grey leather jackets were worn with your jeans instead. Suits were big along with pastel colors – fathers around the world were disgusted to see their boys wearing ‘sissy pink’, it was so rebellious! Of course if you’re wearing pastel colors then that also meant combining the suit with boat shoes and (gasp) no socks!

Thin, black leather ties were added to shirts and some people even owned piano key ties which were pretty cool! Sharks tooth pendants (I don’t think they were all sharks teeth as they were mainly brought at dodgy market stalls, but….) pendants were an important accessory to wear.

I haven’t even touched on half of the fashions, but I hope it’s given you a few ideas on the diversity of men’s clothing during this tumultuous decade.

Fun 80s Costume Ideas for Men

Cool Threads Man!

Here’s a few ready made costume ideas for guys that you might like to look at getting, or just get inspiration from if you’re planning on making your own outfits.

 Men’s 80s Fashion Tracksuit Old School Rapper Costume Men’s Top Gun Costume

Men's 80s Costumes

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Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

Ghostbusters Costume IdeasSince the 1984 hit comedy hit the big screen Ghostbusters costume ideas have been very popular around Halloween.   Let’s face it with all the ghosts and ghouls that come out on All Hallows Eve who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!

The Ghostbusters costume has been updated with the new female cast of Ghostbusters in 2016.   It remains easily recognized as it’s an iconic outfit.   So whether you’re dressing up as a solo Ghostbuster or going with friends as a group costume let’s look at the costumes we have for you.

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Ghostbuster Halloween Costumes

The Paranormal Investigators & Eliminators in Overalls!

The iconic Ghostbuster Halloween costume is basically a pair of overalls, usually with some form of backpack and attached proton wand to capture all of those ghosts with.


Ghostbusters Deluxe Jumpsuit, Beige, One Size CostumeGhostbusters Deluxe Jumpsuit, Beige, One Size Costume


The costume above was based on the original 1984 Ghostbuster costume.  Fans of the female cast that were vanquishing ghosts in 2016 may prefer this next Ghostbuster Halloween costume.

Female Ghostbusters CostumeFemale Ghostbusters Costume


In the 2016 movie the female ghostbusters had orange stripes on their overalls. Whichever overalls you use though everyone will know who to call when they see any pesky spirits of the paranormal variety.

More Ghostbuster Halloween Costumes

If you are after a group costume and there’s more of you than four you can add a few more favorites from the Ghostbusters movies such as Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and if you don’t have four humans to dress up as Ghostbusters you can even dress your dog up as a paranormal investigator too!

Check out these fun Ghostbuster costume ideas –



Which is your favorite costume idea from here? I like the classic Ghostbuster overalls, although I’d probably go with the 2016 style as I do like the stripes on the overalls!

Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes

Hi I’m Louanne from Everything Halloween, welcome to my blog! I just wanted to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the online world this is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is a very common way that bloggers make their money, if you want to find out more then check out this post to find out what is affiliate marketing and how we make money on this site,  If you want to see my full affiliate disclosure and the other ‘legal stuff’ then click here.

Halloween Costume Ideas – Costumes Beginning with J

Fancy Dress Ideas That Begin with the Letter J

Have you ever been to an alphabet party? When I was in my early 20s they were all the rage, somehow everytime I was invited to one it was always a P party which meant dressing up as something beginning with the letter P. You can choose any letter of the alphabet however and today I’ve chosen the letter J.

Fancy dress parties or costume parties are so much more fun when they’re themed, but you don’t always want to have an 80s party, or even a Star Wars themed party. Choosing a letter to base your party around is fun because seeing how people interpret it can be really interesting…..some people really know how to think outside of the box.

There are some great costumes that begin with the letter J, but one which you may find easy to go as if it’s a last minute idea is James Bond.   Provided you can say, “The name’s Bond, James Bond,” and you don’t mind drinking martinis all night this is a pretty easy costume as it only requires a suit or a tux – add a toy gun and you’re licenced to thrill!

Let’s look at a few other costume ideas….

Costumes Beginning with J – The List

  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Jabbawockeez Costume – This dance crew is famous for wearing masks, you can dress up as a simple member or use it as a group costume idea.
  • Jack the Ripper – The real Jack the Ripper was never caught, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming a Halloween costume!
  • Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  • Jackson Five – A great group costume idea if you’re going with friends
  • Jake Sully – Jake Sully is the true blue hero of the hit movie Avatar (sorry I couldn’t resist that pun!) and is a fun fancy dress costume to wear.
  • James Bond – Add a suit, a gun and introduce yourself as Bond, James Bond and you’ll be licensed to have fun all night!
  • James Dean
  • Jane – ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane,’ this is a classic ‘J’ costume for women. The Jane costume featured below doesn’t come with the spear, but personally I would look at getting one as a prop because it really adds to it.
  • Jango Fett – Star Wars costumes are always a hit at parties. It’s hard to believe that the very first Star Wars movie was released back in 1977.
    The whole Star Wars franchise still has a hoard of faithful followers around the globe. If you’re one of them then this costume is just one of the ‘J’ costumes available for you.
  • Jason (Friday 13th)

 Deluxe Jango Fett Adult Costume Tarzan Jungle Jane Costume Friday The 13th Jason Costume


  • Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie)
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • Jessie (Toy Story) – From the hugely successful Toy Story movies comes Jessie. What more can I say? The Toy Story franchise continues to be hugely popular which means that this is a ‘J’ costume that will be instantly recognized by children and parents alike!
  • Jessie J
  • Jester – A court Jester is a fun and bright costume idea that should bring a smile to everyone’s face. Sporting events often see Team Jester Hats worn by supporters so if you’re trying to put together a quick costume you ‘might’ get away with wearing one of those. – Check out a collection of Court Jester costumes here!
  • Jesus
  • Jigsaw Puppet – The movie Saw gave us the protaganist Jigsaw when it became an unexpected box office hit which followed with another 5 movies.
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Joan of Arc – I love the idea of dressing up as Joan of Arc, forget mythical super heroes this is a girl who kicked some serious $#@*. While I always think of the warrior style of costumes that are sold as Joan of Arc costumes another idea would be to create one with a pole at your back and a pile of wood at your feet with crepe paper flames leaping up – now that would be a cool costume idea – Joan of Arc burning at the stake!

 Women’s Jessie Costume Men’s Jesus Costume Joan Of Arc Costume


  • Jockey
  • Joker – The Joker is one of the classic Batman villains. The late Heath Ledger did an outstanding job of portraying the Joker on the big screen before his death which is why this is the most popular version of the Joker costume out there.  Now that the Suicide Squad has been made into a movie there’s yet another version of the Joker to choose from!
  • Josephine – If you’re feeling like a historical period costume then what about Napoleon’s Empress Josephine? If your friends know their history they will know who you are if not….
  • Juliet – If you want to go around saying ‘Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo/’ or words to that effect then the romantic Juliet from Romeo and Juliet is the costume for you!
  • Julius Caesar – One of the most famous of the Roman Emperors.

Selection of costume ideas that begin with the letter J

Costumes Beginning with C

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Fancy Dress Outfits Starting with C

Costumes beginning with CIf you’re looking for costumes beginning with C for a themed party then I’ve compiled a great list for you from sexy cabaret dancers to lovable Chewbacca as well as historic characters like Caesar and fictional characters like Cat in a Hat.

I’ve compiled this page with a range of others as I used to attend alphabet parties in my 20s and they were so much fun. I read a few years ago that they were making a comeback so for those of you who draw a blank when you have to come up with ideas for costume party here’s your resource list

If you’re after a costume that begins with another letter of the alphabet I have also got you covered on my A-Z Costume page.

The Big List of Costumes Beginning with C

  • Cabaret Dancer
  • Cabin Crew
  • Caesar – If you think you can pull off an Ancient ruler then there isn’t one that’s quite as recognizable as Caesar is there? This costume could also be worn at a Toga party, but whatever you do don’t wear this one the Ides of March!
  • Calamity Jane
  • Camel
  • Campbells Chunky Soup – I love this costume idea, it’s a can (one tick), it’s Campbells (two ticks) and it’s chunky (three ticks) now if only it was Chicken you’d have well and truly covered the idea of a ‘C’ costume!!!

Rasta Imposta Campbell’s Chunky Soup Can, Red/White, One Size

  • Can-Can Girl – If you’ve got the legs then a Can Can girl is a really sexy costume to wear…….’na nana nana nana, nana nana nana……’ you know you’re humming it! I must admit watching Bad Manners perform the Can Can really put me off the image, but then it was the 80s!!
  • Captain – To quote the movie Dead Poet’s Society – ‘O Captain, my Captain’. There are lots of different Captains that you can dress up as including Captain America one of Marvel’s best and the classic Captain Hook (you’ve just got to watch out in case someone is dressing up as a crocodile!). Then you have Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Kirk. Of course you may just want to wear a Captains uniform from one of the services or even dress as a police captain.
  • Cardinal
  • Carmen Miranda
  • Carol Singer
  • Carrie – from the movie with the same name just wear a prom dress with fake blood over your hair and dress.
  • Carrot
  • Cartoon characters from Minnie Mouse to Tinkerbell or from Donald Duck to Scooby Doo
  • Casper – everyone’s favourite ghost.
  • Castaway
  • Cat
  • Cat Burglar
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Caterpillar

Adult Caterpillar Halloween Costume (One Size)

  • Catelyn Stark (Game of Thrones)
  • Catwoman
  • Caveman or Cavewoman
  • Cereal Box – cornflakes start with c, but you can use any cereal you like
  • Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)
  • Champagne Bottle
  • Chardonnay Grapes – Chardonnay is made from green grapes so you can get a green grape costume or even make your own. Wear a green morph suit (or just pants and a long sleeved tee). Next blow up some green balloons and stick them all over you to resemble a bunch of grapes.
  • Charlie Chaplin – Pop on a suit, a bowler hat and a cane then add bushy eyebrows and a mustache (you can actually buy a Charlie Chaplin mustache and brow set online) and you’ve got a great Charlie Chaplin outfit.
  • Chauffeur – A smart suit and a peaked cap is all you need to be someone’s chauffeur for the evening.
  • Cheerleader
  • Cheeseburger
  • Chef – a white coat or long striped apron and a chefs hat is all that’s needed or you could use a hairnet and just be the cook!
  • Cher – there are lots of different costume ideas for a Cher costume from hippie style bell bottoms of the Sonny & Cher days to the very risque Turn Back Time outfit from the 80s. It would be a fun costume idea to pull together yourself, but if you don’t feel like DIY there are a number of costume options available to purchase.
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Chess King or Queen – you could go as any chess piece, but these are the only two costumes I’ve seen and I wouldn’t know how to make the costume from scratch!

Chess King Adult Costume

  • Chewbacca – A classic Star Wars costume, I think everyone fell in love with ‘Chewie’ when the original Star Wars movies were released and it’s certainly a costume that everyone will recognize.
  • Chicken
  • Chili Pepper – this is a fun costume that you could also wear to a Mexican themed party as well.
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Chimp
  • Chinese Takeout – I’ve seen a couple of different variations on this costume and I have to say I think they’ve both looked awesome.
  • Chipmunk
  • Christmas Cracker (or bonbon depending on whereabouts you live!)
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Christmas Tree
  • Chucky – with his distinctive ginger hair you can make this evil doll come to life with a Chucky costume or even a Bride of Chucky costume.
  • Cigarette Girl

Starline Women’s Cigarette Girl Costume Set, Pink/Black

I absolutely love these vintage costume ideas, I took one look at this costume and I was instantly transported back to Sunday afternoons as a teenager when I would watch old black and white movies with my dad. The likes of Cary Grant, James Stewart, Eva Marie Saint and Grace Kelly would be on the screen and if the action was happening in a club there would always be a cigarette girl walking around.
Of course this was in the days when people thought that smoking was good for you so it was all very glamorous!

  • Cinderella – it’s not just little girls who like to be a princess!
  • Cinema Usher/usherette – you can dress up in a uniform with a little hat and a tray with your goodies on it for the ‘old time’ ushers that came around at intermission with refreshments or else you can just be in black trousers, white shirt and have a torch to show latecomers to their seats.
  • Circus Performer from the ringmaster to a trapeze artist.
  • Cleopatra – one of the classic ‘C’ costumes.
  • Clone Trooper
  • Clown
  • Coca-Cola – there are some neat coca-cola costumes available to purchase. I love the can of coke style costume for myself, but the bottle caps that come with the lady’s dress style of coca-cola costume are really fun as well.  You can check out lots of ideas on my Coca Cola Costumes post.
  • Cockroach – Now I’m not sure why anyone would want to dress up as a cockroach, but I guess it’s a costume that will stand out from the crowd!
  • Colombia (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  • Colonel Sanders – from KFC all you need is a Southern accent, a white suit, white hair and a goatee……….oh and a box of KFC would be a nice touch too!
  • Comic Book Characters – from Batman to Wolverine, thinking outside the square so that you can dress up as your favorite cartoon character no matter what letter their name begins with!
  • Confederate soldier
  • Confessional – I saw a photo of someone who dressed up as a confessional once and I thought it was a very neat idea. I think he had made the ‘box’ out of cardboard, but I’m not certain.
  • Convict – You can have a choice of the traditional black and white stripes complete with a ball and chain or go “Orange is the New Black” style outfit instead.
  • Cookie – choc chip would be my preference!
  • Cookie Monster
  • Cool Runnings – This movie was based on a Jamacian Bobsled team who entered the Olympics, if you haven’t seen it you should watch it as it’s funny as well as getting inspiration for your costume!
  • Cop
  • Cossack
  • Count Dracula
  • Court Jester – Otherwise known as a Fool or a Joker, there’s a selection of fun costumes ideas, check them out – Court Jester Costumes.
  • Cow
  • Cowboy
  • Crab
  • Crayons – There are some cool Crayola Crayon costumes available that I think are so much fun they have their very own page – Fun Crayon Costumes.
  • Cricketer
  • Crocodile
  • Crocodile Dundee
  • Cruella de Ville
  • Crusader
  • Cupcake
  • Cupid
  • Cyndi Lauper – A great costume beginning with C this is also a cool 80s costume idea, if the 80s is what you’re after then you can find more at 80s Costumes for Women!

Cyndi Lauper Costume Skirt Size: Standard

What’s your favorite costume beginning with C?

A great selection of costume ideas beginning with C from a Cabaret dancer to Chewbacca.