Halloween Glasses – Spooky Stemware!

Lolita Pumpkin Potion Martini Glass

When you’re celebrating Halloween why not celebrate it in style with your own Halloween glassware?

I love collecting different glasses to use for different holidays and Halloween has a great collection of stemware available from cocktail glasses to juice tumblers there’s a glass just made for you 🙂

I must admit that my favorite holiday glassware maker is Lolita as they not only have fun designs on their glasses, but they also contain cocktail recipes which add to a little fun.

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Halloween Cocktail Glasses

Hauntingly Great Stemware for Halloween Parties

I love having Halloween cocktails, but you could use just your usual cocktails and serve them in one of these delightful Halloween decorated glasses in order to make a statement at your Halloween event.

 Santa Barbara Design Studio GLS4-5527A Lolita Love My Martini Glass, Spider Cider Lolita Love My Martini Glass, Wicked Witch the 5th Lolita Martini Glass Glasses Halloween Candy Corn New Witches Stew Halloween Martini Glass Lolita Love My Martini Glass, Bloodshot Lolita Martini Glass Spooky Juice Ghost Halloween New Wicked Witch Halloween Martini Glass Lolita Love My Martini Glass, Witches Party Lolita Martini Glass Wicked Witch, The 3rd Retired – Wine Martini New Love GLS4-5575T

Halloween Wine Glasses

Spooky and Kooky Halloween Stemware

Sometimes you have guests who don’t want to drink cocktails or try any of your non-alcoholic Witches Brew, yes I’m talking about wine and beer drinkers. If you’re serving wine at your Halloween party or dinner or whatever type of Halloween celebration you’re hosting then you’ll need to use one of these Halloween inspired wine glasses –

 Lolita Halloween Witches Party Wine Glass Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Halloween Diva Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Halloween Party Lolita Lolita Halloween Pumpkin Potion Wine Glass Lolita Halloween 2011, Shooter, Mummy Retired – Wine Martini New Love Lolita Halloween Wine Glass The Witch is Back New Gift Santa Barbara Design Studio GLS11-5527A Lolita Love My Wine Hand Painted Glass, Bite Me Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Miss Mummy

Halloween Beer Glasses

Drink Beer in Style This Halloween!

If you enjoy a beer or two then your concession to Halloween can be serving them up in some spooky glasses like the mummy pilsner or a boneyard stein –

 Mummy Halloween Pilsner Glass Lolita Gotta Love Beer Pilsner Glass, Ghost Tour Lolita Gotta Love Beer Pilsner Glass, Haunted forest Lolita Gotta Love Beer Pilsner Glass, Happy Halloween

Halloween Shot Glasses

Now shots aren’t always a great idea, but they sure seem like one when you’re at a party!! There are two ways to have fun Halloween shots the first one is to get organized beforehand and make some Halloween jelly shots made which are great fun for the non-squeamish!! The second way is to use some of these sensational Halloween shot glasses.

 Lolita Hand Painted Shooter Glass, Bloodshot 3 Pack Of Skull Shots Lolita Crazy Bones Shooter Crystal Skull Pirate Shot Glass Drink Cocktail Beer Cup 1 package. Lolita Halloween Green Spider Party Shots Shot Glass Lolita Hand-Painted Shooter Glass, Mummy

Halloween Cocktails

Perfect for Halloween Glassware

Here are a lot of cool drink ideas for your next Halloween party – three’s even some non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipes –

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Tumblers

When it comes to serving other drinks including drinks for children at the party then tumblers are a great way to go. These tumblers are decorated for Halloween and are sure to be a hit –

 Funworld Halloween 6 Cool Gear Insulated Chiller Tumbler Cup with Halloween Graphics (TRICK OR TREAT – Cup #2) Clear Square 12 oz. Premium Plastic Cups Pack of 14 Halloween Plastic Tumblers 12 Oz. 3 Pack (48 Pieces) NW Party Northwest Enterprises 20 Count Soft Plastic Printed Party Cups, 12-Ounce, Halloween

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