Monster High Draculaura Costume Ideas

Cool Girls Costume Idea – Draculaura from Monster High School!

draculaura costumeWhether your little girl wants to play dress ups or whether it’s Halloween there’s never a bad time to wear a Draculaura costume is there?   Draculaura is one of the cool students from Monster High and has a huge following among fans.

The daughter of Dracula she may be, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look as good as any high school girl does.   She loves to brighten up her wardrobe with pink and we’ve managed to find a few of her costumes available for your little girl to wear too.

Let’s have a look at some of Draculaura’s cool costume ideas, although a word of warning if you don’t like pink you may not enjoy this page!

I’ve found a number of ready to wear costumes for sale which are perfect for playing dress up, attending a fancy dress party or just to dress up as your favorite vegetarian vampire this Halloween.   If you’d prefer to make your own Draculaura costume then you’ll find some great ideas here as well.

The first officially released Draculaura costume that was made available was the one I’ve featured in the introduction.  All you need to add to it is your very own Monster High Draculaura wig, add a little make up including her heart shaped birthmark and you’ll look fantastic!

MH Draculaura Costume

Included in this costume is the shirt with attached vest and mesh sleeves along with the skirt and attached leggings.

As I said you will have to buy the wig separately and the costume also doesn’t include the boots which is a shame as I think they look awesome.


Draculaura’s Fear Squad Costume

Draculaura is a member of Monster High’s Fear Squad along with the captain Cleo and other friends including Frankie, Lagoona and Ghoulia.

Monster High Fear Squad Costume – Draculaura

If you don’t know much about Monster High School yourself the Fear Squad is their version of a Cheer Squad and Draculaura’s outfit is black with her favorite pink highlighting it (Frankie’s costume actually has a paler pink than Draculauras).

This outfit also comes complete with pom poms which look like they’re pink and black in the photos, but (I haven’t actually seen this outfit for myself) it’s been reported that they are actually red and white instead.

Draculaura Turns 1600

Is it Time for a Party?

With friends like Draculaura has the answer is a resounding yes!   Draculaura’s Sweet 1600 didn’t quite go according to plan, but it ended up being a great party with her friends and she even got to share it with best bud Frankie Stein who was celebrating her Sweet 16 – days that is!

Just because it’s Draculaura’s special birthday she got to wear a pretty dress and even had a pink tiara all of which you can get in costume form for any young Draculaura fan you may know.

This officially licensed Monster High costume also comes with the wig which makes it an ideal buy if you’re only looking for one Monster High costume to purchase as a lot of them are sold independently of the wigs.

Monster High Sweet 1600 Draculaura Costume

The gorgeous dress is a replica of the one the doll wears and it has a zipper in the back instead of velcro, which I personally prefer. It also comes with a lace capelet which to be honest I wasn’t so impressed with, but I think the dress can be worn without it very easily.

The wig with the pink tiara really helps to add to the whole costume, now you just have to paint on a small pink heart under her left eye to replicate her birthmark and you’re ready to party like a vampire!

More Draculaura Costumes to Buy

There are a few other Draculaura costumes available on the market including a lovely dot dead gorgeous one, but for now I can only find this Scaris costume for you ….

Monster High Halloween Costume Draculaura Scaris

Halloween 2013 saw the Scaris City of Frights! range of Monster High dolls released and you can get the costume based on Draculaura’s doll right here!

The costume is basically a skirt and top in Draculaura’s trademark pink and black, simply add a pair of black pumps, a Draculaura wig and a pink Monster High purse and you’ll look great.


 Monster High Fright Camera Action Draculaura Costume Monster High Draculaura Child Costume, Small Monster High Haunted Draculaura Costume Monster High Exchange Draculaura Child Costume


Make Your Own Draculaura Costume

DIY Monster High Halloween Costume

If you want to dress up as Monster High’s own vegan/vegetarian vampire and you don’t want to buy any of the costumes above then you can choose to make your own costume from scratch or compile a few cool items to create your very own costume.

I’m not much of a sewer myself so I love the ‘compiling a costume’ idea, but I’ve found a great video for those of you who want to make your own outfit and I’m sure you’ll love it –

How to Compile Your Own Draculaura Costume

A Home Made Monster High Costume Idea

If you’ve decided to make your own costume then you need to think about who Draculaura is – firstly she’s 1600 years old and a vampire which means she does like some classic Gothic inspired things, although she does not like Victorian dresses despite her father buying them for her to wear to school!

Think of black with her trademark flashes of pink to add fun to this dark color, add a few classic touches like buttoned down blouses with ruffles or lace details. She does love lace, but one way in which she has modernized the ‘romantic’ fashion era is by injecting her own sense of fun and wearing lacy tutu/petti style skirts with fishnet tights.

Tall lace up boots are often a part of her costumes, these can be hard to find, but I do have instructions to make your own.

Draculaura’s Tutu Inspired Skirts

This are cute and gorgeous and are great to build your own costume around, simply add some black tights, white shirt and hot pink tank. Don’t forget her boots …… don’t worry I’m going to give you hints on creating these for yourself further down the page.

Monster High Draculaura Dot Petti SkirtMonster High Draculaura Valentines PettiMonster High Pink Ruffle Skull Draculaura Pettiskirt Skirt

Another alternative if you have a plain white or black shirt or even t-shirt would be okay is to wear this shrug over the top of it.

Monster High Pink Draculaura Shrug
Wear this over a flared pink, white or black skirt and fishnet stockings ……. or one of the tutu inspired skirts above would be perfect……. and you’ll have a lovely Draculaura costume idea.

Draculaura Boots

Now I haven’t found a pair of her boots that you can buy, but I do think that these would be cool and could work. I would change the laces over to black and I think it could work really well. If you’re not convinced then you’ll have to make your own boots instead which should be a lot of fun.

West Blvd Women’s Tall Canvas Lace Up Knee High Sneakers

How to Make Your Own Draculaura Boots – A simple step by step guide (including photos) for making a pair of boots to help complete your Draculaura costume.

Make Up, Accessories & the Finishing Touches

The great thing about applying make up to look like Draculaura is that her make up is often smudged or doesn’t look that great because she doesn’t have a reflection when she looks in a mirror – always a relief when you’re trying to look like her!!

One thing you want to get right is her little pink heart shaped birthmark which is what I would always add last.   I would use a lip pencil to draw on the heart and then fill in with either face paint or even lipstick – the lip pencil will just prevent any ‘bleeding’ from the heart.

When it comes to the actual make up you have to remember that she’s a vampire who can’t be in the sun and is also a vegetarian (sometimes even vegan) and this means that she has very pale skin.   I’ve found a great make-up tutorial that is aimed at adults, but can easily be adapted for a child –

When it comes to jewelry I think the best thing you can do (if you have pierced ears that is) is to get two large safety pins and glue them shut.   Next put a stud ear-ring through the hole on the safety pin and put the stud in your ear.   This will create Draculaura’s favorite ear ring look without having to actually put safety pins through your ears.

Another thing that you should think about adding to your costume is an umbrella to keep the sun off of you and an extra little thing would be a small bat to masquerade as Draculaura’s pet, Count Fabulous.

Monster High Fangtastic Fashion Set

Add Finishing Touches to Your Draculaura Costume!

Monster High Draculaura Fangtastic Fashion Set

But wait there’s more! This fashion set would make a great gift for any little girl who loves Monster High and also provides lots of little extra touches for a costume. This set is obviously not absolutely needed for a costume, but it does add a certain freakishly fabulous touch that I know lots of young girls would adore.

Want More Monster High Costume Ideas?

If you’re after even more Monster High Costume ideas then why not check out Monster High Costumes for Girls which has lots of cool costumes for you.

Pirate Costumes for Children

Children Love Dressing Up As Pirates!

Great collection of pirate costume ideas for children as fancy dress outfits or dress up costumes.What could be better than to dress up as a pirate? Whether it’s for Halloween, a fancy dress party or just for play Pirate costumes are fun! I used to love playing pirates when I was younger and my daughter loves it now so buying some kid’s pirate costumes makes great sense. Old fashioned piracy fires up a child’s imagination…….it can also teach them skills such as map reading.

As my daughter has gotten older we’ve moved from the ‘treasure maps’ of the back garden to showing her our map book and getting her to find our route to wherever we’re going on the weekend.

NOTE: The author may receive a commission from purchases made from links in this article – more information below

Playing pirates can also foster a love for geography as my daughter loves her globe and atlas and even has a world map on her wall. She plots sailing journeys on them and when she sees a little island or country that sounds interesting we look it up and find out a little bit about it. Playing pirates has never been so educational!!

Pirates of the Seven Seas Dress Up Chest

pirate dress up chestNo Longer Available

As every wannabe pirate knows you keep your treasure in a chest so where better to stow your pirate costume and accessories than in a pirate’s treasure chest?

Set includes: Hat, headpiece, vest, belt, eye patch, play pistol, fake teeth, expandable telescope, 2 earrings, hook hand, 3 tattoos, sword, 12 play gold coins, coin pouch, treasure map and treasure chest.

Everything in this set is all that your child will need to dress up as a pirate anytime they want, which will probably include when you want them to go shopping with you!!

Having a complete set means that you have your eye patch, treasure map and telescope all of which are essential for pirates, now you can just wear your jeans or trousers and add these accessories, but there’s just something about the old buccaneer type of pirate that looks so ‘real.’ Let’s have a look at some of the amazing child’s pirate costumes that are on offer.

I hate that this dress up chest is no longer available, but I’ve kept it on this page as it’s a great idea and one that you could compile for yourself as an awesome gift idea for a pirate loving child.   Find a treasure chest you like and add all of the things listed above in it, or make up your own pirate dress up needs.

Pirate Costumes for Boys

Aaarrrgh Me Hearties!

Kids Pirate CostumeKids Pirate Costume


If your child wants to ride the high seas as a swashbuckling pirate then this costume will help him board his ship in style!   The costume includes the brown leather look vest with attached white shirt.   It also includes the striped pants and the boot tops.   Also included is the hat, waist sash and belt.

You can purchase extra accessories to add to this outfit (or raid the dress up chess if you have one), items such as an eye patch and a cutlass would look awesome.

More Pirate Costumes for Boys

Ahoy There Me Hearties, we’ll be the best pirates at any party!

Pirate costumes for boys come in a range of sizes from toddlers right through to a large child’s size so click on the costume you like to see the sizing that’s available and don’t forget to throw in a few salty pirate sayings as you’re transforming your little boy from an angel (?) into a pirate.



Pirate Captains

If there’s one thing cooler than dressing up as a pirate it’s being the captain! Here are a couple of pirate captain costumes for you to choose from……..don’t they both look cute!



Pirate Costumes for Girls

Anything boys can do girls can do too, grrrrrrhhhh!!

It’s not just boys who dream of being pirates, many girls do too! My dd wanted to have a pirate party when she was 4, despite the fact that most of her (girl) friends at that time were still having princess parties……she liked princesses and dolls, but being a pirate was cool because ‘… pirates get to see the whole world mummy – do you know how awesome that is?’

As far as parents go, who can resist some of these cute pirate costumes for girls and as they get older they can try on a gothic take on pirates in some of the ‘older’ pirate costumes for girls.

Cute Pirate Costumes for Girls

Pirate costumes for girls can look the same as the boys or as cute as this next one, they can even look Goth when you get into some of the teen pirate costumes for girls.



Goth Inspired Pirate Costumes for Girls

As your girls start to hit their teens (or maybe even their tweenage years) many of them will flirt with Goth a little bit which is where these pirate costumes come in –

 POPLife Gothic Pirate Girl Teen Costume Size: Jr (3-5) GSG Pirate Costume Teen/Tween Halloween Fancy Dress

More Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for the Whole Family!

Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
Pirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventure when you’re a child so haul up the Jolly…

Great selection of pirate costumes for children.

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Ghost Costumes for Children

ghost costumes for kidsI think that a ghost costume is a great fancy dress outfit for a child, especially on Halloween.

Let’s face it what child hasn’t wanted to ‘play’ at being a ghost at one time or another – sneaking up on mom or dad with a sheet or towel over themselves and saying ‘boo!’ I can remember using my Nan’s spare sheets on many occasion and pretending to be Casper or some other ghost, my brother and I were always pulling her laundry cupboard apart – if not for use as a costume those sheets also made great forts when draped over chairs inside or between a tree and gooseberry bush outside!

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There are several ways in which you can ‘become a ghost’. You can use a sheet as I’ve mentioned about (see also the Ghost Costumes home page), you can get mom to make you your very own ghost costume, or you can purchase one of the ‘very fancy’ looking ghost costumes for children that I’ve showcased here.

Making a Ghost Costume for a Child

Children’s DIY Costume Ideas

Make your own, or your child’s ghost costume for this Halloween with the help of one of these patterns –


 Childrens/Boys Ghost Costumes McCall’s Sewing Pattern 4141 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2486 Misses, Men and Teen Costumes


Alternatively you can use one of these links to help make your own ghost costume for your child….

Ghost Costume

This ghost costume is very easy to make and includes step by step instructions along with a few tips.

Homemade Sheet Ghost Costumes

Turn some of your old sheets into perfect ghost costumes for your children.

Coolest Homemade Ghost Costumes

There are a few different ideas for making your own homemade ghost costumes here that have been submitted by people who have actually made them!

Cute Ghost Costumes

I have always thought that Casper was a very cute looking ghost and proof that you didn’t have to look terrifying to pull off a ghost costume effectively. These children’s ghost costumes prove that you really can add cute and ghost into the same outfit really well – don’t you just want to go ‘aaaahhhhh’?

If all ghosts looked this cute I’d be signing up as a ghost hunter!


 Kid’s White Ghost Halloween Costume Friendly Ghost (Small)


To achieve a real ghostly pallor you will need to use ghost inspired make-up.   Check out the Ghost Costumes main page for hints on make-up.   Children usually love an excuse to ‘paint’ their faces so this is yet another reason to dress your child up as a ghost this year!

More Ghost Costumes for Children

These Outfits Are A Little Scarier!

Forget the cute factor and go for a ghost costume with more of an edge with this selection …….. don’t let the kids know that they’re just as cute as the other costumes in your eyes though!

These fancy dress outfits are the type of ghost costumes I prefer over the cuter options above, although it’s hard to pick a favorite out of them all – what do you think?


 Ghost – Child Small Costume Cool Ghoul Costume, Large


Want More Ghost Costumes?

You can dress up as a whole family of ghosts if you want to and here’s some handy links –

Ghost Costumes – Home

Ghost Costumes for Men

Ghost Costumes for Women

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Baby Bunting Halloween Costumes

Selection of cute baby bunting halloween costumesA baby’s first Halloween means choosing a great costume, but as a parent you also want to make sure that your baby is comfortable as well as looking absolutely adorable – this means choosing one of the baby bunting Halloween costumes available.

I absolutely love baby bunting costumes they are just so cute and there are quite a few to choose from including Superhero costumes, food costumes or even Halloween inspired costumes (think candy corn, pumpkins and witches), it’s hard to know where to start.

NOTE: The author may receive a commission from purchases made from links in this article – more information below

It’s not only the cute factor though, these costumes allow a baby to stretch and kick as it wants and is comfy enough for them to sleep if they need to, basically it’s like a baby sleep suit disguised as a Halloween costume.

The only problem is which of these baby bunting Halloween costumes to choose.   To make things easier I’ve selected a few of my favorites for you.

Baby Girl Bunting Costumes

Cute & Adorable, Baby’s First Halloween Costume Ideas

Ladybug costumes have long been popular with young girls and there are some gorgeous ladybug baby bunting costumes to choose from. This one is probably my favorite of them all, I love the headpiece as well as the bunting costume.

Ladybug Bunting Infant Costume - Kid's CostumesLadybug Bunting Infant Costume – Kid’s Costumes


I think this Baby Mermaid Costume is absolutely adorable. The legs have ample room to move in the ‘bunting’ part of the costume while the ‘fin’ part of the ‘fish tail’ is on the bottom.

The costume also comes with a cute headpiece, although depending on your baby this may or may not stay in place! A gorgeous costume in my opinion.The costume also comes with a cute headpiece, although depending on your baby this may or may not stay in place! A gorgeous costume in my opinion.


I also think that the next costume is pretty cute as a baby girl costume – an adorable pink monster. This baby girl bunting costume is a hooded one as well which some babies don’t seem to mind as much as headpieces.

Pink Monster Baby Bunting CostumePink Monster Baby Bunting Costume


Baby Boy Bunting Costumes

Simply Gorgeous Baby’s First Halloween Costume

A classic baby boy bunting costume is a football inspired one, the first of these that I ever saw was a football costume which was very cute. My favorite one, however, is the next one which is 50% football and 50% football player and 100% cute!

Newborn Football Bunting, Newborn Ages 0-9 months)Newborn Football Bunting, Newborn Ages 0-9 months)


Of course there’s always a superhero or two that you can dress your baby up as and it was a real toss up between Superman and Batman for this next costume, but I think the Superman bunting costume was just a little cuter!

Superman Deluxe Bunting Infant Halloween CostumeSuperman Deluxe Bunting Infant Halloween Costume


Of course you can’t look at baby bunting costumes without coming up with a few monsters and this one is just as cute as the pink one featured above –

Underwraps Baby's Monster Bunting Belly-Babies, Blue/Green, InfantUnderwraps Baby’s Monster Bunting Belly-Babies, Blue/Green, Infant


More Baby Bunting Halloween Costumes

There are so many costumes available that it’s hard to know where to stop so here’s a few more that I love which you could use for girls or boys.

This first costume is a caterpillar one, now there’s a few different caterpillar costumes available but for me this is the cutest. I think it reminds me of the Very Hungary Caterpillar, it also looks extremely comfy and the hat is simply adorable –

Caterpillar Baby Bunting CostumeCaterpillar Baby Bunting Costume


As all babies are sweet a ‘sweet’ costume seems like a no brainer idea enter…..the tootsie roll!

Tootsie Roll Raby Bunting CostumeTootsie Roll Raby Bunting Costume


There are lots of different food inspired baby bunting costumes to choose from, but I just like this next one…

Hot Dog Baby Buting CostumeHot Dog Baby Buting Costume


Which baby bunting costume do you think is the best?   One of the ones pictured or some other costume ideas?

Fun selection of baby bunting halloween costumes for both baby boys and baby girls.

Hi I’m Louanne from Everything Halloween, welcome to my blog! I just wanted to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the online world this is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is a very common way that bloggers make their money, if you want to find out more then check out this post to find out what is affiliate marketing and how we make money on this site,  If you want to see my full affiliate disclosure and the other ‘legal stuff’ then click here.