Ghost Costumes – A Halloween Costume Idea

Ghost Fancy Dress Costumes

Ghost CostumesWhen I was younger dressing up as a ghost was the thing to do if you left it until the last minute to sort out your fancy dress costume.

There was no going to a costume shop for a ghost outfit, you just got one of your’ mum’s old white sheets and threw it over yourself. Most mums would let you cut eyes out so that you can see, but it could be fun not doing that!!

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Now the days of the sheet are getting further away as there are some amazing ghost costumes on the market which make our old sheet costumes laughable!

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The Ghost Cape

This Ghost Cape is great to add another layer onto your ghost costume and has a lovely sheer, ghost-like quality to it, but it’s also handy for other situations…….have you ever been the only person to dress up in costume in your group?

Ghost Cape CostumeGhost Cape Costume

There was one year when my friends decided that they wouldn’t dress up after all, but somehow the communications broke down and no-one told me or another friend.
Luckily for my other friend all he had to do was take a flower out of his back pocket – I on the other hand was stuck as the only person in fancy dress in our group 🙁
The moral of the story is to be prepared and this Ghost Cape can help you with that – wear a white dress underneath and you look like a ghost, but if no-one else is dressed up simply take off the cape and you’re ready to party!



Ghost Costumes for Adults

There are some pretty scary looking ghosts available with white or grey flowing material they are sure to make you jump in fright when they creep up behind you!

 Men’s Standard Ghost Costume Women’s Ghost Spirit Costume Charlie Brown Ghost Costume-

Ghosts are supposed to be spirits of the dead who don’t realise that they are dead and so they’re busy walking around wondering what on earth you’re doing there.

Why would we suddenly think that ghosts would be a fairly shapless white floating thing? Personally I would think that if the ghost managed to show form it would be more human like.

For more ghost costumes for adults you can check out the pages below for men and/or women’s ghost costumes.

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Ghost Make Up

It’s universally agreed that a ghost would not look the same as you and I because their blood no longer flows and they’re cold. This would give them a pale, grey look to their face. The ghost look is easy to achieve with the right make-up.

MAC 6 beauties PLAY IT COOL eye shadowMAC 6 beauties PLAY IT COOL eye shadow

If you want to look like quite a gaunt ghost then use the grey shadow under your cheekbones to accent the ‘scary, haven’t eaten for centuries’ look.
Eyes should have dark circles under them as ghosts don’t sleep. I would use grey or blue under the eyes and black on the lids along with black eye liner.
As far as lips go remember that ghosts are cold so they’re unlikely to have pink lips instead try a burgandy color for the goth effect or a nude color, even a blue tint would work well.



Ghosts Masks

Completing a Ghost Costume

Sometimes it’s hard to get the right look with make-up or time is precious so wearing a mask is a great compromise. Here are some really scary ghosts masks that you really don’t want to hear say Boo!

 Full Face Skull Mask Balaclava Seamless Skull Face Tube Mask Scream Mask (Standard) From the Movie Scream


Ghost Costumes for Children

There are a great selection of ghost costumes for kids from the cute to the more ethereal looking costumes you can check them all out below –

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Ghost Costume for Dogs

If people can become ghosts after they die then I’m sure man’s best friend can manage too. Dressing your dog up as a ghost this Halloween will look great, especially if the two of you make up a ghost duo!

Ghost Headpiece with Cuffs for DogGhost Headpiece with Cuffs for DogGorgeous Ghost Costume for DogsGorgeous Ghost Costume for Dogs


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