Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes

Pirate Costumes For Everyone – Pirate Children, Pirate Men and Pirate Women

Great selection of pirate fancy dress costume ideasPirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventure when you’re a child so haul up the Jolly Roger and away on the high seas we go! Tales of the notorious pirates from history such as Blackbeard and Henry Morgan have captured boys’ imaginations. Girls like the idea of dressing up as female pirates like Mary Read or Anne Bonny famous pirates who could fight with the best of them!

After the success of Pirates of the Caribbean starring heart throb Johnny Depp it seemed that even adults wanted to dress up in pirate costumes and they started showing up at every fancy dress event around.

Do you want to wear a pirate costume this year? If so then you’ve come to the right place so with a ‘ho ho ho and a bottle of rum’ lets head out to sea for some privateering!

Make Your Own Pirate Costume

pirate shirtThe first step to making your own pirate costume is by getting a pair of black pants that are quite baggy. If you are planning on wearing the black pants again for another occasion then you’ll also need a pair of boots to tuck them into. If the pants are an old pair, however, then you can cut the bottoms of the legs off in a zig zag pattern just below the knee – Ahoy Me Hearty’s – you’re on your way!

The next step is to get a white button-up shirt to wear that is also baggy – think of Seinfeld’s puffy shirt and you’re on the right track! If you have any of the ruffled shirts from the 80s New Romantic era at the back of your wardrobe then that would be perfect. Leave a few buttons undone and have it half tucked into your pants so that it looks a little messy.

Next you’ll need to get a black or red scarf and wrap it around your waist so that it looks like a sash. You’re looking scarily Buccaneer-ish already.

Most pirates seem to like their vests so you will want to add one to your fancy dress outfit, plain black or red seems to be the best.

pirate bandanaWhat about footwear? Well most pirate captains wore boots, but some of the other pirates would be barefooted so if you don’t possess any boots then you’ll need to go barefoot as I’ve never seen a pirate in shoes!

Now you need to get a pirate bandana to wear around your head, hat is optional, but the bandana is a must have. If you have pierced ears then gold hoops are the ear-rings of choice for a swashbuckling pirate of the high seas.

Finish your outfit off with a toy sword (a real one will get you in a lot of trouble!) and an eye patch and you’ve completed your very own pirate costume.

Now sometimes it is just plain simpler to buy yourself a pirate costume and we’ve catered for that as well with a great selection of men’s pirate costumes, women’s pirate costumes and children’s pirate costumes.

Pirate Costumes For The Whole Family!

Mum, dad, baby, children and even the dog can dress up as a pirate this year – let us show you how.

Baby Pirate Costumes

Pirates start working at a young age these days, so swab the decks and be quick about it!

Baby Pirate Fancy Dress CostumeBaby Pirate Fancy Dress Costume



Pirate Costumes for Children

Boys and Girls Love To Dress As Pirates

Whether you want a pirate costume for a little boy or a teenage girl you’ll find a great selection below decks!

Pirate Costumes for Children
What could be better than to dress up as a pirate? Whether it’s for Halloween, a fancy dress party or just for play Pirate costumes are fun! I used to love p…

Pirate Costumes for Men

What kind of pirate costume are you after for the man in your life? Whether he wants to be a scallywag member of the pirate crew or Captain of the Jolly Roger I’m sure you’ll find a perfect pirate costume below.

Pirate Costumes for Men
Are you looking for a pirate costume for yourself or your partner? Whether you want to dress up as a historical swashbuckler or a notorious pirate like Black..

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

From Elizabeth Swann to Pirate ‘Oh La La’ there are lots of different pirate costumes for ladies to choose from below decks –

Pirate Costumes for Ladies
Pirate Costumes are also available for women, although you could use one of the men’s pirate costumes as many women pirates ‘pretended’ to be men in order to…

Pirate Costumes for the Dog

Even the dog can dress up as a pirate with the rest of the family and boy can he look good, in fact if my youngest dog (the oldest just hangs her head if you try and dress her up as though to say – why me?) had any of these pirate dog costumes on he would totally upstage the rest of us!


 Pirate Dog Pet Costume Pirate Girl Dog Costume Pirate Pup Dog Costume



Pirate Costume Accessories

Add The Finishing Touches To Your Pirate Costume

Accessories are an important part of the Pirate Costume, some costumes come with the eye patch, bandana and hat whereas others don’t. What are essentials for a pirate? In my mind an eye patch and gold ear rings are classic pirateware. Then there’s a parrot on the shoulder, a hook for a hand and a pirate’s hat to consider when you’re privateering.

Of course one of the important things that a pirate should never leave home without is his sword or cutlass and a telescope is pretty important. If you’re a lucky pirate you’ll own your very own copy of a treasure map so that you can steal someone else’s bounty or find your own if you’ve hidden it somewhere.

Pirate Weapons

Choose Your Weapon of Choice

Now personally I always think of pirates with cutlasses but depending on when your pirate was riding the high seas he may have had a hand gun of some description. Check out possible weapons to help complete your pirate costume.

 Pirate Scimitar Toy Sword Buccaneer Pirate Gun Pirate Saber W/Garter


Pirate Headgear

Well some pirates like to wear hats which you can check out here –

Pirate Costume Hats
If there’s one thing that will really complete a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking we think of black hats with a skull on the fr…

Other pirates are happy to stick with a bandana of choice such as these ones –

 24 Assorted Pirate Bandanas Pirate Headwrap, Adult, One Size Pink Pirate Girl Cotton Bandanna (1 Dozen)


Pirate Teeth

My daughter was given a book when she was in kindy called Pirates Don’t Take Baths, she loved that book and read it over and over again. If pirates don’t take baths then they certainly don’t clean their teeth which is why pirates (as a whole) don’t sport pearly white teeth instead they have teeth rather like the ones in this pirate accessory set –
Pirate Kit

This accessory set includes – Skull Eye Patch, Bandana, Earing, and Rotten Teeth!


Pirate Eye Patch

Something which really screams pirate to me is an eye patch – Arrrgghhhh!
Pirate’s Eye Patch & Earring Set

There are lots of different eye patches that you can choose from but this one comes in a set with a pirates earring as well – aarrrrh!


Pirate Navigation Essentials

In order to be a successful pirate you’ll need to be able to find the buried treasure and this means you’ll need a telescope, compass and above all a treasure map!

 3 Glow-in-the-Dark Brass Compass Old Secret Pirate Treasure Map


Pirate Boots

Pirate Boots
Wearing the right pair of boots can really help pull a pirate costume together, but you can also wear pirate boots to make a statement with any outfit. When…

More Pirate Accessories

These accessories may also help to bring your pirate outfit together….

 Pirate Hook Pirate Coin Purse Pirate Tattoos Favors


Pirate fancy dress costumes for the whole family

Pirate Costumes for Men

Men Love To Dress As Pirates Too! – Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes For Men

A great selection of pirate costumes for menAre you looking for a pirate costume for yourself or your partner? Whether you want to dress up as a historical swashbuckler or a notorious pirate like Blackbeard or even a more contemporary big screen pirate like Jack Sparrow then we have the pirate costumes for you.

There are a number of different pirate costumes for men which gives you plenty to choose from and with a sprinkling of pirate phrases your costume will be complete.

Let’s walk the plank of decision making and see what costume takes your fancy…….

The Treasure Island Pirate Jacket

Part of a Pirate Costume

If you’re looking for a fantastic pirate jacket then this one will serve you well, you just need to add the rest of the outfit in order to pull off your pirate costume, but what a romantic looking pirate you’ll be!


Men's Treasure Island Pirate Jacket, BlackMen’s Treasure Island Pirate Jacket, Black



The way this grey and black coat hangs and swings as you walk combined with the brass buttons that don both the front and the cuffs really make you think of the romantic notion of the pirates of old. It definitely has the look of the classic pirate costume that has been romanticized over the years and should bring any single man a fair bit of attention from the ladies!

Aaarrrr! Me hearties!

It’s a pirates life for me!


Regal Pirate Captain Costume


Regal Pirate Captain CostumeRegal Pirate Captain Costume



This regal looking Pirate Captain costume has a look of a classic Captain Hook about it, doesn’t it.    The costume includes the red velvet jacket featured with false pockets, lce cuffs and a silver braid trim.   It also comes with the faux leather vest that has the white jabot, silver braid trim and red sash.   The costume also includes the cropped pants which have elastic at the waist and cuffs.   All you need to add is hat, boots and weapon of choice.

If you’re going to dress as the captain though you’d better be prepared to be harsh yet fair or they’ll be rebelling against you!

Blackbeard Pirate Costume


Blackbeard Pirate CostumeBlackbeard Pirate Costume


One of the most infamous of all pirates Blackbeard ruled the high seas on board his ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. This costume ensemble includes the coat, hat, jabot and belt it doesn’t include the beard (which is an absolute must with this costume), pants, shirt, boots or weapon.

More Pirate Costumes

Click on the individual costume that you like for more information on what’s included in the costume or just to see a bigger picture. These really are some awesome pirate costumes for men and I find it really hard to select a favorite myself – what about you?






Pirate Boots and Hats

Some of these costumes include all the accessories that you need to be a fantastic looking pirate for the day, but sometimes you need a little extra like the perfect pirate boots or hats and I’ve got you covered on these pages –

Pirate Boots
Wearing the right pair of boots can really help pull a pirate costume together, but you can also wear pirate boots to make a statement with any outfit. When…

Pirate Hats
If there’s one thing that will really complete a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking when we think of black hats with a skull on the fr..

Shiver me timbers!
It’s Captain Jack.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

One of the more popular pirate costumes being worn over recent times is that of Captain Jack Sparrow from the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean movies.




Brought alive by Johnny Depp on the big screen the success of this movie franchise has clearly put pirates well and truly back on the fancy dress list, not that I personally believe they ever fell off!

Jack Sparrow Pirate Gear

You can really complete the look with Captain Jack’s rings, temporary tattoos, beads and more –


People in Pirate Costumes

It’s Time To Dress Up As Pirates!

pirate costume collage

Photo Credits

From top right going clockwise – Alaskan Dude | stevevoght | Alaskan Dude | Alaskan Dude | celebdu | greyloch

More Pirate Costumes

Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
Pirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventures so haul up the Jolly…


Selection of great pirate costume ideas for men

Pirate Costumes for Children

Children Love Dressing Up As Pirates!

Great collection of pirate costume ideas for children as fancy dress outfits or dress up costumes.What could be better than to dress up as a pirate? Whether it’s for Halloween, a fancy dress party or just for play Pirate costumes are fun! I used to love playing pirates when I was younger and my daughter loves it now so buying some kid’s pirate costumes makes great sense. Old fashioned piracy fires up a child’s imagination…….it can also teach them skills such as map reading.

As my daughter has gotten older we’ve moved from the ‘treasure maps’ of the back garden to showing her our map book and getting her to find our route to wherever we’re going on the weekend.

Playing pirates can also foster a love for geography as my daughter loves her globe and atlas and even has a world map on her wall. She plots sailing journeys on them and when she sees a little island or country that sounds interesting we look it up and find out a little bit about it. Playing pirates has never been so educational!!


Pirates of the Seven Seas Dress Up Chest

pirate dress up chestNo Longer Available

As every wannabe pirate knows you keep your treasure in a chest so where better to stow your pirate costume and accessories than in a pirate’s treasure chest?

Set includes: Hat, headpiece, vest, belt, eye patch, play pistol, fake teeth, expandable telescope, 2 earrings, hook hand, 3 tattoos, sword, 12 play gold coins, coin pouch, treasure map and treasure chest.

Everything in this set is all that your child will need to dress up as a pirate anytime they want, which will probably include when you want them to go shopping with you!!

Having a complete set means that you have your eye patch, treasure map and telescope all of which are essential for pirates, now you can just wear your jeans or trousers and add these accessories, but there’s just something about the old buccaneer type of pirate that looks so ‘real.’ Let’s have a look at some of the amazing child’s pirate costumes that are on offer.

I hate that this dress up chest is no longer available, but I’ve kept it on this page as it’s a great idea and one that you could compile for yourself as an awesome gift idea for a pirate loving child.   Find a treasure chest you like and add all of the things listed above in it, or make up your own pirate dress up needs.

Pirate Costumes for Boys

Aaarrrgh Me Hearties!


Kids Pirate CostumeKids Pirate Costume



If your child wants to ride the high seas as a swashbuckling pirate then this costume will help him board his ship in style!   The costume includes the brown leather look vest with attached white shirt.   It also includes the striped pants and the boot tops.   Also included is the hat, waist sash and belt.

You can purchase extra accessories to add to this outfit (or raid the dress up chess if you have one), items such as an eye patch and a cutlass would look awesome.

More Pirate Costumes for Boys

Ahoy There Me Hearties, we’ll be the best pirates at any party!

Pirate costumes for boys come in a range of sizes from toddlers right through to a large child’s size so click on the costume you like to see the sizing that’s available and don’t forget to throw in a few salty pirate sayings as you’re transforming your little boy from an angel (?) into a pirate.




Pirate Captains

If there’s one thing cooler than dressing up as a pirate it’s being the captain! Here are a couple of pirate captain costumes for you to choose from……..don’t they both look cute!




Pirate Costumes for Girls

Anything boys can do girls can do too, grrrrrrhhhh!!

It’s not just boys who dream of being pirates, many girls do too! My dd wanted to have a pirate party when she was 4, despite the fact that most of her (girl) friends at that time were still having princess parties……she liked princesses and dolls, but being a pirate was cool because ‘… pirates get to see the whole world mummy – do you know how awesome that is?’

As far as parents go, who can resist some of these cute pirate costumes for girls and as they get older they can try on a gothic take on pirates in some of the ‘older’ pirate costumes for girls.

Cute Pirate Costumes for Girls

Pirate costumes for girls can look the same as the boys or as cute as this next one, they can even look Goth when you get into some of the teen pirate costumes for girls.





Goth Inspired Pirate Costumes for Girls

As your girls start to hit their teens (or maybe even their tweenage years) many of them will flirt with Goth a little bit which is where these pirate costumes come in –


 POPLife Gothic Pirate Girl Teen Costume Size: Jr (3-5) GSG Pirate Costume Teen/Tween Halloween Fancy Dress


More Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for the Whole Family!

Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
Pirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventure when you’re a child so haul up the Jolly…

Great selection of pirate costumes for children.

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Ladies Also Like To Dress Up As Pirates!

lady pirate costumePirate Costumes are also available for women, although you could use one of the men’s pirate costumes as many women pirates ‘pretended’ to be men in order to serve on the pirate ship. Famous woman pirate Mary Read actually boarded her first ship as Martin Read.

You can wear a woman’s pirate costume that consists of trousers or you could go for jagged edge longish skirt. There are also a range of sexy woman pirate costumes involving skin tight trousers or barely there skirts!

Which ever of these pirate costumes you choose to wear, you’re sure to make a statement at your party or event…..or perhaps you like to dress up for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ on September 19th.

A Pirate Blouse

An Essential Part of Any Pirate Costume

If you have a great pirate blouse then you’re over half way to creating your own fantastic pirate costume! A blouse like the ones below in black or white can be combined with black trousers and a bandana for a great looking pirate outfit.

 South Seas Pirates Blouse – Black South Sea Pirate Blouse – White


You can also add a pair of pirate boots if you wish, although despite the pictures of pirates in boots the majority of them were thought to have been bare footed so pirate boots is optional. If you don’t feel like wearing a bandana all night you can also buy or make a great pirate’s hat to complete your fabulous pirate costume.

Pirate Costume Hats
If there’s one thing that really completes a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking we think of black hats with a skull on the front….

Pirate Boots
Wearing the right kind of boots can really help pull a pirate costume together, but you can also wear pirate boots to make a statement with any outfit. When….

A Pirate Jacket Me Lady?

Pirate Vixen JacketSultry Pirate Jacket - PurpleSultry Pirate Jacket - Black

If you already have a frilly white blouse (damn the 80s!) and a pair of black trousers then you may want to just buy a pirate’s jacket to complete your pirate costume – these pirate jackets above would work wonderfully – I personally like the longer black one (the pirate vixen one), but any of them would definitely say “I’m a pirate.”

Rustic Lady’s Pirate Costume

Rustic Pirate Lady Costume
Rustic Pirate Lady Costume

I love this pirate costume! As I mentioned earlier the rare women pirates that we know about actually boarded pirate ships disguised as men so they wouldn’t have been wearing skirts as is sometimes portrayed in fictional books and in pictures I remember from childhood. One of my childhood heroes was Mary Read, partly because she was a pirate and partly because I could ‘pretend’ she was a relative as we shared the same last name! I remember seeing pictures of her and Anne Bonney in some of the books I read and they were always portrayed in skirts.

Years later I discovered that they actually disguised themselves as men and Mary Read actually boarded her first ship under the name of Martin Read! I think it’s knowing this that makes me like the pirate costumes for ladies that use trousers instead of skirts.

Very Elegant Pirate Costumes for Ladies

I doubt very much that any ‘real’ pirates dressed as elegantly as these lady pirates, but they sure do look great for a pirate costume party!

Amethyst Pirate CostumeElegant Pirate Lady - Burgundy CostumeFrench Revolution Pirate

More Pirate Costumes for Ladies

What is referred to as the golden age of piracy took place in the eighteenth century and these costumes are ones that are often based on outfits of that time worn by tavern wenches with a nod to colors and patterns used in pirate outfits. Add a bandana or pirates hat and you have what is thought of as a lady pirate costume.

Pirate Wench CostumePirate Queen CostumeRuby the Pirate Beauty Costume

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Of course there’s always been something sexy about the idea of a pirate’s life…………even if reality would’ve been a whole different kettle of fish. These sexy pirate costumes put the idea of bodice-ripping pirates of the Caribbean right back into the steamy novels that have been written over the years!

Pink Pirate CostumeSexy Pirate CostumeLacey Pirate CostumeVixen Pirate CostumeForbidden Pirate CostumeSeductive Pirate Costume

More Pirate Costumes

Whether you’re looking for a his pirate costume to match yours or you want to dress up the whole family don’t forget to check out our other pirate pages.

Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
Pirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventure when you’re a child so haul up the Jolly…

Halloween Costume Ideas – Costumes Beginning with P

The classic ‘P’ costume has to be pirates and let’s face it this is a costume that never gets old.   No matter what age or sex you are everyone loves dressing up like a pirate even if it’s just so they can saw ‘aarrrrgh’ all night!   There are so many different types of pirate costumes that you can dress up in you might want to checkout a post devoted to pirate costumes only – Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes.   This costume post covers pirate costumes for men, women and children, it also looks at pirate hats, pirate boots and other pirate accessories that help bring together the best pirate costume ever!

Despite the overbearing urge to dress up as a pirate for a ‘P’ party or fancy dress events there are a lot of other options.  You can choose from a PB&J Sandwich, a Peacock or numerous other ideas, let’s check them all out….

Costumes Starting with the Letter P

  • Paddington Bear
  • Panda
  • Paris – Paris can take a variety of interpretations. It could be the city or the Paris who caused the Trojan war on account of Helen of Troy. You could also go as Paris Hilton, the well-known socialite. Use a skimpy dress, a long blonde wig, and a small dog in a handbag to create that look.
  • Pauly D (Jersey Shore) – Whether you’re a fan of the Jersey Shore or of the Pauly D Project this is a cool Pauly D costume to wear. I must admit I haven’t seen either program, but they certainly have a lot of fans.
  • Pavarotti
  • Peacock
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
  • Peasant
  • Pebbles -The Flintstones make great costume ideas for a fancy dress party and I’ve seen a number of Freds, Wilmas, Barneys and Bettys over the years, surprisingly I’ve never seen anyone dress up as Pebbles, but if you’re going to a P party it’s a pretty good choice
  • Penguin

 Long Hair Panda Bear Mascot Costume Jersey Shore Deluxe Pauly D Costume Women’s Peacock Costume


  • Pepper Shaker
  • Peter Pan – Who doesn’t love the story of Peter Pan? With the first name Peter and the second name Pan he is definitely a good choice for a ‘P’ party costume idea!
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Pharaoh
  • Pied Piper
  • Pig
  • Pilot
  • Pimp
  • Pink Lady (Grease)
  • Pink Panther

 Phantom of the Opera Costume Adult Pepper Shaker Costume – Adult California Costumes Men’s Pimp Costume


  • Pirate – There are lots of different pirate costumes available, so many that they have their very own home – Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
  • Pixie
  • Playing Cards
  • Plo Kloon – I do my best to include a Star Wars character whenever I do a post on costumes beginning with just to keep my Star Wars friends happy!
  • Pocahontas
  • Poison Ivy
  • Polar Bear
  • Policeman
  • Poodle
  • Pop Art Outfits – Recently, costumes inspired by the style of Roy Lichtenstein have gone crazy on Pinterest they feature bright colors, dots etc. The main thing to get right is the quirky makeup – YouTube has a number of tutorials, then add a bright wig, the outfit itself should enhance the colors you’ve added to your face and your wig of course.
  • Pop Idol – this could be any one from old time idols like Elvis to the likes of Jessie J
  • Popeye
  • Poseidon
  • Posh Spice – If you want to dress up as Posh Spice in her heyday then check out the Spice Girls Costume post.
  • Potato Head

 Rasta Imposta Women’s Pop Art Girl Mr Potato Head Adult Costume Playing Card – Ace of Spades – Costume

  • Power Ranger – All you have to do is decide which Power Ranger you’d prefer, although personally I’d go with Pink as that also starts with P!
  • Priest
  • Princes – Dress up as any number of princes from Prince Charming, Prince Caspian, Prince the musician or even Prince Charles!
  • Princesses – There are lots of Princesses to dress up as from Princess Leia to Princess Fiona, not to mention any of the Disney Princesses
  • Professor Dumbledore
  • Professor Snape
  • Prophet
  • Psycho
  • Pumpkin
  • Punjabi
  • Punk – A range of outfits can be created with a punk theme. Build them with accessories including:
    • Mohawks
    • Tartan clothing
    • Leather trousers
    • Piercings
    • Chains
    • Studded dog collars
    • Punk makeup – this can be heavy and non-realistic, using bold lines and bright colours around the features of the face with colours extending into the hair, which is gelled or spiked
  • Puppet
  • Puppy
  • Pussy Galore

Awesome selection of costumes that begin with the letter P