Ghost Costumes for Women

Spooky Halloween Ghost Costumes for Women

Ghostly Gal CostumeGHOSTLY GAL

There are some pretty amazing ghost costumes for women available. The Edwardian lady of the manor ghost (as seen here) or the maid ghost are two really interesting ghost costumes.

There are many more, you can even be a ghostly apparition of someone who is no longer on this plane such as Marie Antoinette.

Ghostly Lady CostumeGhostly Lady

This adult Ghostly Lady Costume comes complete with a tattered full length gown that’s sure to turn heads all evening.

The costume also includes a tulle petticoat and a coordinated, fashionable hat. Of course, the look isn’t complete without a set of ethereal gloves, and a matching wig. The addition of some grey makeup will ensure that you will be ready to haunt all night long!

There are certainly lots of ghost bride costumes available and these, although great on their own as well, are perfect as a couple outfit with your partner wearing a ghost groom costume.

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Of course it’s not just the ladies of the house that haunt it (like the two above), sometimes the maids do too.   In fact I once lived in a house that was said to be haunted by a Victorian maid who had killed herself in the attic.

Let’s check out some more of these spooky costumes –


 Paper Magic Lady Nightshade The Ghost Bride Costume, Gray/White, Small InCharacter Costumes, LLC Haunting Beauty, White/Grey, Small California Costumes Women’s Ghostly Bride Adult, Grey, Large Ghost Bride Adult Costume Blythe Spirit 8-10 Paper Magic Elsa The Ghost Maid Costume, Gray, Medium


 Gothic Ghost Costumes

For a more non-traditional take on the ghost costumes I’ve found two alternatives below.   A black rose makes a great accessory for the very Gothic influenced ghost costumes.


 Black Rose Ghost Costume Spider Web Gauze Ghost Costume



A Historical Ghost Costume Idea for Women

Marie Antoinette Costumes

Dressing up as a historical person’s ghost is a cool idea for Halloween or indeed any fancy dress event.   As a woman the most popular historical ghost costume that you can buy ready made is that of Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette was Louis XV1’s queen and was executed just before her 38th birthday.   The most famous quote attributed to to Marie Antoinette was the – let them eat cake – one and is all that most people remember about the one time French Queen.   Here are a couple Marie Antoinette costumes that I think are great –


 Marie Antionette Ghost Costume Ghost of Marie Antoniette Costume


 Ghost Wigs for Women

Some of these costumes come with their own wigs which is great, but for others you’ll need a grey or white wig to suit and I just happen to have sourced a few for you, including two Marie Antoinette ones.


 Wig Ghost White Doll Women’s Ghost Saloon Girl Wig Spirit Ghost Bride Wig Ghost of Marie Antoinette Wig Marie Antoinette Wig


 Pulling the Ghost Look Together – Finishing Touches for Your Ghost Outfit

Ghostly Make Up

To really pull the outfit together it doesn’t pay to look rosy and healthy as that’s not very ghostlike is it?   Rather that tell you about how to achieve a ghostly pallor here I’m going to send you to another site where there are tips about how to achieve a ‘other worldly’ pallor – Ghost Costumes – Dressing Up As The Perfect Ghost!


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