Costumes Beginning with U

Undead costume ideasIf you’re looking for costumes beginning with U then you’ve come to the right place. Star Trek fans will automatically think of Lieutenant Uhura.  There are plenty of other ‘U’ costumes out there, however from kooky Uncle Fester to an umpire and more.

This page was compiled as a resource page for anyone who’s been invited to an alphabet party. If you haven’t heard of an alphabet party it’s basically a themed party around one particular letter.  In a nutshell you have to dress up as something beginning with a particular letter and if you’re on this webpage then the letter chosen is the letter U! I have other webpages available that cover the rest of the letters of the alphabet, but let’s look at costumes beginning with U right now.

Fancy Dress Costumes Beginning with U – The List

  • Ugly Betty
  • Uhura – Lieutenant Uhura was the Communications Officer on the original Star Trek series and is a very popular idea for a ‘U’ costume.
  • Umpire
  • Uncle Fester – The strange uncle from the iconic kooky television series, The Addams Family, you can check out costumes for the whole Addams Family on this post.
  • Uncle Sam

 Women’s Umpire Costume Uncle Sam Costume 2 Piece Unicorn Costume


  • Undead – aka a zombie! Simply dress up as any type of zombie and just say you’re the undead or undead doctor, undead bride, undead groom, even undead Marilyn.
  • Unicorn
  • Union Jack – you could just wrap yourself up in the Union Jack or where a Union Jack dress like the one Ginger Spice made famous when she was with the Spice Girls.
  • Union Officer
  • Union Soldier
  • University graduate

Collection of costumes beginning with U

Costumes Beginning with S

Supergirl costume ideaIf you’re looking for costumes beginning with S then you’re in the right place! I have a wealth of different costumes starting with S from Superman to Sweet Pea and more so let’s check them out.

I compiled this page as a resource page for anyone who’s been invited to an alphabet party. An alphabet party is where you are given a letter and you have to dress up as something beginning with that letter.   If you’re on this page I’m going to assume that the letter chosen is S.   If you need other letters though I have you covered on my A-Z costume page, but let’s look at costumes beginning with S right now.

Costumes Beginning with S – The Big List

  • Safari Explorer
  • Sailor
  • Saloon Girl
  • Santa
  • Scarecrow
  • Scarlett O’Hara – The star of the classic move Gone With The Wind you can actually check out some of Scarlett’s costume ideas on this post – Scarlett O’Hara Costumes.
  • Scary Spice – One of the Spice Girls you can check out her costume of my Spice Girls Costume Ideas post.
  • Scientist – all you need for this costume is a white lab coat, a funky wig would also look great if you want to go as a ‘mad’ scientist.   A great idea is to get hold of some dry ice so that you can pour your drink over it and look like you’re mixing up some secret formula!
  • Scooby Doo & Shaggy are both cool costume ideas that begin with the letter SScooby Doo – I just love Scooby, definitely one of the best dog characters on television you can find the perfect Scooby costume on Scooby Doo Costumes.
  • Scottish Costumes – Whether you like the traditional Scotsman costume that we all think of ie a kilt or whether you’ve been watching Braveheart and want to dress up as a Scottish warrior they’re both great ‘S’ costume ideas!
  • Scotty – The Star Trek engineer on the Original Star Trek series.
  • Scream – the ghostface character from the Scream movies who doesn’t appear to have a ‘real’ name.
  • Scullery Maid
  • Shaggy – Scooby’s best friend, you can find cool Shaggy costumes on my Scooby Doo Costumes post.
  • Shakespeare

 Scotish Warrior Costume Saloon Girl Costume Star Trek Scotty Costume


  • Sheik
  • Sherlock Holmes – The self-proclaimed most famous detective in the world!  I like to think of Sherlock in the traditional way with a deer stalker hat, Victorian gentleman’s cape coat and a pipe.
  • Sir Lancelot – One of the Knights of the Round Table in the days of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot is somewhat of a historical legend.
  • Sixties Mod
  • Skeleton
  • SkyBlu – One half of the group LMFAO.
  • Sylvestor CostumeSleeping Beauty
  • Slot Machine
  • Snake Charmer
  • Snow Queen
  • Snow White
  • Snowman
  • Soccer Player
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sorcerer/Sorceress
  • Spanish Bullfighter
  • Spanish Dancer
  • Spartan Warrior
  • Spice Girl – any Spice Girl, check out all of the different Spice Girl costumes on the Spice Girls Costume Ideas post.
  • Spiderman
  • Spock – A very logical costume idea from the original Star Trek series.
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Sporty Spice – One fifth of the popular 90s girl band the Spice Girls you can check out her costume on – Spice Girls Costume Ideas.
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Stormtrooper – There’s always someone in the group who wants to dress up as someone/something from Star Wars so why not be a Stormtrooper for the night.
  • Sumo Wrestler

 Women’s Supergirl Costume Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume Adult Statue Of Liberty Costume


  • Super Girl
  • Superman
  • Surfer
  • Surgeon
  • Sweeny Todd
  • Sweet Pea – A character from the cult movie Sucker Punch you can check out her costume on my Sucker Punch Costume Ideas post.
  • Sylvester (Looney Tunes)

Great selection of costume ideas beginning with the letter S

Halloween Costume Ideas – Costumes Beginning with K

Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning with K

Have you ever been to an alphabet party? When I was in my early 20s they were all the rage, somehow everytime I was invited to one it was always a P party which meant dressing up as something beginning with the letter P. You can choose any letter of the alphabet however and today I’ve chosen the letter K.

Fancy dress parties or costume parties are so much more fun when they’re themed and choosing a letter to base your party around is fun because seeing how people interpret it can be really interesting….some people really know how to think outside of the box.

Katniss Everdeen Costume

A Hunger Games Costume Idea

Katniss Everdeen, hero of the Hunger Games series of teen books and the movie franchise is a popular choice for a ‘K’ costume. You can make your own Katniss costume – cargo pants, boots, oversized jacket and bow and arrow for example or you can get one that’s ready made like below.

This is from the the second movie in the franchise – Catching Fire and is the suit that Katniss wears when all of the previous winners are pitted against each other in a special Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games Jumpsuit Adult Costume

Kato Costume

The Hero Behind the Green Hornet

The Green Hornet’s side kick Kato comes to life with this costume, but unfortunately you don’t get his superb fighting skills just by putting the chauffeur’s outfit on!!

Green Hornet Deluxe Kato Costume

Katy Perry Costumes

There are lots of different options when it comes to dressing up as Katy Perry. Wearing one of Katy Perry Wigs is one idea and dressing in a number of different outfits like a ‘naughty scout’ outfit or a 1940s style dress etc.

Katy Perry Candy Girl Costume

The Candyland inspired outfits are probably the ones that Katy is most famous for and dressing in either of these two outfits will leave no one in any doubt that you’re dressing as Katy Perry!
The Candyland inspired costume here is a fun way to dress up as Katy Perry and is available in sizes x-small up to large.

Here’s a few more of Katy’s array of costumes for you to choose from….


 Katy Perry California Gurl Costume Katy Perry Last Friday Night Costume Katy Perry Whipped Cream Costume Katy Perry Roar Costume Katy Perry Katy-Patra Costume Princess of The Jungle Katy Perry Costume

Kelly Kapowski Costume

Saved By The Bell Costume Idea

If you were a fan of Saved By The Bell then you’ll love this costume idea –

Kelly Kapowski Bayside Tigers T-Shirt

Add a pair of skinny jeans and white Keds and you have your Kelly Kapowski costume.

Kenny Costume

A South Park Costume Idea

I haven’t watched South Park in years, but one character who I always remember is Kenny, mainly for the line – “they killed Kenny”.

South Park Kenny Adult Costume (Standard)

King Henry VIII

The Most Famous of the Tudor Kings

Tudor costumes are always popular and the two most easily identifiable Tudor costumes are those of Henry VIII (as seen here) and his youngest daughter Queen Elizabeth. If you fancy yourself a King of many wives then here’s your chance with this costume!

King Henry The VIII Costume

King of Hearts

Unique K Costume

This card inspired costume is quite a funny one and definitely one that will stand out from the crowd! Until I saw this costume online I had never seen it before and I love the idea that I could wear a really unique costume like this one.

King of Hearts CostumeKing of Hearts Costume


King Tut Costume

Egyptian Costume Idea

Tutankhamun, or King Tut as we’ve called him to get around the costumes starting with K brief, is one of the best known of the Egyptian pharaohs and has long held a fascination for me.

King Tut Deluxe Costume

Kirk Costume

A Star Trek Costume Idea

If you feel like you could ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ then this costume is made for you.

Stepping into the shoes of Captain James T Kirk is no easy feat, but exploring strange worlds sure does sound interesting.

Star Trek Gold Star Fleet Uniform Shirt

Kiss Costumes

Dress Up as Rock Stars!

Whether you’re a fan of Kiss or not there’s no mistaking who you’re dressing up as with these costumes!

Whether you’re going on your own or with a group of friends these costumes based on the band Kiss will ensure that everyone will notice you. I think they’ll be really fun to dress up in if you’re going with a small group of friends.

Kiss Spaceman CostumeKiss Spaceman CostumeKiss Demon CostumeKiss Demon CostumeKiss Catman CostumeKiss Catman Costume


Kissing Booth Costume

An absolute classic costume, I think it’s awesome!

Kissing Booth Costume

Knight Costumes

In every fairytale there is a knight ready to save the day, these are the more classic versions of them.

Personally I like the knight in shining armour, but I hope the costume’s not as heavy as the real thing….I was allowed to try on the head piece of a coat of armour when I was younger and all I can remember was that it was really heavy!

Knight in Shining Armour CostumeKnight in Shining Armour CostumeMedieval Knight CostumeMedieval Knight Costume


Koala Costume – Cute Australian Themed Costume

I love koalas so I just had to include a koala costume for you to look at!

I couldn’t personally wear it as the full head costumes make me feel clastraphobic, but the result sure does look good.

Koala Mascot Costume

Kyle Costume – South Park

Another character from the animated program South Park. Kyle is the smart one in the group, but is often made fun of (especially by Cartman) because he’s also the only Jew.

Southpark Kyle CostumeSouthpark Kyle Costume