Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Ladies Also Like To Dress Up As Pirates!

lady pirate costumePirate Costumes are also available for women, although you could use one of the men’s pirate costumes as many women pirates ‘pretended’ to be men in order to serve on the pirate ship. Famous woman pirate Mary Read actually boarded her first ship as Martin Read.

You can wear a woman’s pirate costume that consists of trousers or you could go for jagged edge longish skirt. There are also a range of sexy woman pirate costumes involving skin tight trousers or barely there skirts!

Which ever of these pirate costumes you choose to wear, you’re sure to make a statement at your party or event…..or perhaps you like to dress up for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ on September 19th.

A Pirate Blouse

An Essential Part of Any Pirate Costume

If you have a great pirate blouse then you’re over half way to creating your own fantastic pirate costume! A blouse like the ones below in black or white can be combined with black trousers and a bandana for a great looking pirate outfit.

 South Seas Pirates Blouse – Black South Sea Pirate Blouse – White


You can also add a pair of pirate boots if you wish, although despite the pictures of pirates in boots the majority of them were thought to have been bare footed so pirate boots is optional. If you don’t feel like wearing a bandana all night you can also buy or make a great pirate’s hat to complete your fabulous pirate costume.

Pirate Costume Hats
If there’s one thing that really completes a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking we think of black hats with a skull on the front….

Pirate Boots
Wearing the right kind of boots can really help pull a pirate costume together, but you can also wear pirate boots to make a statement with any outfit. When….

A Pirate Jacket Me Lady?

Pirate Vixen JacketSultry Pirate Jacket - PurpleSultry Pirate Jacket - Black

If you already have a frilly white blouse (damn the 80s!) and a pair of black trousers then you may want to just buy a pirate’s jacket to complete your pirate costume – these pirate jackets above would work wonderfully – I personally like the longer black one (the pirate vixen one), but any of them would definitely say “I’m a pirate.”

Rustic Lady’s Pirate Costume

Rustic Pirate Lady Costume
Rustic Pirate Lady Costume

I love this pirate costume! As I mentioned earlier the rare women pirates that we know about actually boarded pirate ships disguised as men so they wouldn’t have been wearing skirts as is sometimes portrayed in fictional books and in pictures I remember from childhood. One of my childhood heroes was Mary Read, partly because she was a pirate and partly because I could ‘pretend’ she was a relative as we shared the same last name! I remember seeing pictures of her and Anne Bonney in some of the books I read and they were always portrayed in skirts.

Years later I discovered that they actually disguised themselves as men and Mary Read actually boarded her first ship under the name of Martin Read! I think it’s knowing this that makes me like the pirate costumes for ladies that use trousers instead of skirts.

Very Elegant Pirate Costumes for Ladies

I doubt very much that any ‘real’ pirates dressed as elegantly as these lady pirates, but they sure do look great for a pirate costume party!

Amethyst Pirate CostumeElegant Pirate Lady - Burgundy CostumeFrench Revolution Pirate

More Pirate Costumes for Ladies

What is referred to as the golden age of piracy took place in the eighteenth century and these costumes are ones that are often based on outfits of that time worn by tavern wenches with a nod to colors and patterns used in pirate outfits. Add a bandana or pirates hat and you have what is thought of as a lady pirate costume.

Pirate Wench CostumePirate Queen CostumeRuby the Pirate Beauty Costume

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Of course there’s always been something sexy about the idea of a pirate’s life…………even if reality would’ve been a whole different kettle of fish. These sexy pirate costumes put the idea of bodice-ripping pirates of the Caribbean right back into the steamy novels that have been written over the years!

Pink Pirate CostumeSexy Pirate CostumeLacey Pirate CostumeVixen Pirate CostumeForbidden Pirate CostumeSeductive Pirate Costume

More Pirate Costumes

Whether you’re looking for a his pirate costume to match yours or you want to dress up the whole family don’t forget to check out our other pirate pages.

Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
Pirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventure when you’re a child so haul up the Jolly…

Candy Costumes

Halloween Costumes That Are Good Enough To Eat – Candy Costumes

tootsie roll costumeThese costumes are mouthwatering as they are based on all of your favorite candy from twix bars to skittles and more besides especially everyone’s favorites – M&Ms.

These candy costumes are sure to make your costume the talk of the party this year. If you’re a chocoholic like I am then you will simply love any of these outfits and probably won’t want to take them off again at the end of the night!

Be aware though that these costumes are not for people on a diet as they are pure candy which makes them absolutely ideal for Halloween! These pieces of candy don’t fit in any Halloween Candy Dishes, but they do like to raid them.

Twix Costumes

A Delightful Chocolate Outfit

At the moment I can only find this twix costume, which is definitely designed for a lady as it’s in effect a tank dress. My favorite twix costume is actually a unisex one and looks just like a twix wrapper. When it’s back in stock I will link to it for you.

I absolutely adore Twix bars they’re one of my secret vices – a Twix finger and a big mug of tea is one of the perfect morning teas in my opinion!

Dressing up as a Twix chocolate bar is certainly an intriguing idea and it’s great that there are two different types of Twix costume to choose from – the sexy Twix bar designed for a woman who hasn’t eaten as many Twixes in her life as I have and the Twix wrapper costume – which is your favorite?

Snickers Candy Bar Costumes

If you believe that nothing satisfies like a Snickers bar then this is the fancy dress outfit for you ……. but which option to go for?

Snickers CostumeSnickers Candy Costume

Starburst Candy Costumes

A Bright & Fun Outfit!

Starburst CostumeStarburst Candy Costume

Skittles Candy Costumes

Bowl People Over With These Fancy Dress Costumes

What a deliciously funny costume a Skittles candy costume is – choose from a sexy Skittles costume and a Skittles wrapper costume this Halloween.

Sexy Skittles CostumeSkittles Candy Costume


M&Ms Group Costume Idea

Who doesn’t like M&M candy? They’re simply delicious, they are also a great idea for a group costume as you can dress up as your favorite M&M from Red to Green, Blue and Yellow. I’ve got costumes that you can buy further down the page or you could even try and make your own.

I saw a group of girls dressed up as M&Ms a few years ago – they all wore black leggings and a black skivvy and then they had what looked like tunic dresses over the top that looked like it had elastic put into the bottom hem so that it gave them the appropriate looking shape.

Different M&M Wrapper Costumes

Everyone has their favorite M&Ms and you can choose which one you prefer and come as that, personally I love the plain M&Ms, but my best friend prefers the peanut variety.

Unfortunately none of the wrapper style M&M costumes seem to be available this year, but I’ll keep my eye out and add them when they’re back in stock.

Choose Your M&M Costume – Red, Blue, Yellow…..

I love this style of M&M fancy dress outfits whether you buy a ready made one like these or you make your own tunic tops to wear. I think I’d definitely want to be Red and I just so happen to be married to someone who does an amazing Yellow impersonation so methinks we could be the perfect chocolatey couple!

Red M&M CostumeYellow M&M Costume


More Halloween Candy Costumes

There are so many different types of candy costumes to choose from and yet we’re still going! I love these costumes although one of my favorite candy bars – the bounty – can’t be found this year 🙁 I’m sure I found one of those costumes last year so if you see any candy costumes around that I haven’t featured please let me know in the guestbook below – thank you.

Tootsie Roll Costumes

Very Yummy Candy Outfits for Halloween!

Tootsie Roll CostumeSexy Tootsie Roll Costume

I do love the Tootsie Roll and not having been brought up in the US I went for half my life not knowing it existed which is a total crime as Americans have been enjoying Tootsie Rolls since 1896.

More Delicious Fancy Dress Outfits to Choose From

Hershey’s, Nerds, Reeses and More!

 Hershey’s Chocolate Candy Bar Tank Dress Rasta Imposta Nerds Box, Pink/Purple, One Size Charms Blow Pop Womens Candy Dress Costume Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Costume Dress Adult Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses Costume Rasta Imposta Nerds Tank Dress, Pink/Purple


Halloween Trees

What Are Halloween Trees?

2 Foot Black Artificial Pine Tree

Halloween trees are a great way to decorate your house for Halloween. Have you ever been in a wood or forest at night? It can be a pretty spooky place, some trees look really scary at night and it’s easy to think of them harboring evil spirits.

It’s because of this that people started to use gnarly looking trees as decor for their Halloween parties and before you knew it a new industry had been developed – the Halloween tree industry!

There are so many different types of Halloween trees to choose from including black trees (which can double up as a Christmas tree), small tabletop trees, large trees, very sparse looking trees …… I’ve even heard of people getting funky looking branches from nearby wooded areas and popping them in a pot and decorating them.

There are two types of Halloween tree – the table top type that just comes out at Halloween to add some Halloween decor to the room and the full size ones. The full size ones double as a Halloween tree and also as a gothic or anti-Christmas tree in December. I have a selection of both types of Halloween trees here for you to look at and I hope you find one that you like.

Table Top Halloween Trees

Spooky Halloween Decor

Try putting on of these spooky trees on your table to set the mood for Halloween………can you feel that? It’s the temperature falling at just the thought of one of these Halloween trees being in the room!


 Tabletop Halloween Tree Tabletop Tree w/Led Lights (Standard) Spooky Spider Trees, Set of 2 Halloween Orange Twinkle Bright Tree Department 56 Lit Halloween Trees Halloween Copper Glitter Bare Branch Tree


HALLOWEEN SKULL and Black Goose Feather Ornament Tree 20″

This gorgeous Gothic looking tabletop tree is new for this Halloween and looks great with a skull for a base – add some ornaments and you have a perfect little Halloween tree or, alternatively, a Gothic themed Christmas tree!

More Halloween Tabletop Trees

There’s more great trees here including some that come with their very own ornaments!


 Halloween Pumpkin Tree with Ornaments – Decorative Accessories Accessory, Decorative Metal Halloween Tree w/Ornaments Hallmark Direct Imports 2014 DIR6140 Halloween Broom Ornament Tree 42 Patch Magic 7-Feet Christmas Tree, 41 by 41 by 84-Inch, Black Kurt Adler Black Spooky Halloween Tree [OE21 HW0522]

 Pictures of Halloween Trees

halloween trees picture


Photo Credits
From top right in a clockwise direction – Halloween Tree | Skull and Tree-bones | Pumpkin Tree | Gathering at the Halloween Tree


Larger Halloween Trees

Spooky Halloween Decor

We’re now getting into the realm of my kind of Halloween tree which can also double as a gothic Christmas tree…….something my tween daughter thinks would be really cool to have!

These are great as they are, but also look good decorated with Halloween lights and Halloween ornaments….

 4.5′ Pre-Lit Flocked Black Artificial Halloween Tree – Orange G25 LED Lights 7′ Red and Black Glitter Metallic Artificial Halloween Display Tree


How to Create Your Own Halloween Graveyard

Graveyards are a great theme for a Halloween party as they’re really spooky especially at night.   There are zombies and skeletons breaking out of the ground, ravens circling and so many tombstones……..and I haven’t even mentioned the ghosts yet!

If you want a really good Halloween theme then this is a great one to choose (you can even reuse the Halloween tombstones for a Gothic party if you have an Goth teens due a birthday celebration).

Halloween Tombstones

The Key to a Halloween Graveyard

What is a graveyard without tombstones marking the dead?   You can purchase some great tombstones to add to your decor or even make them yourself which is a lot of fun.

I think that if you’re looking at buying props though you should really consider the grim reaper himself –


The Grim Reaper & Tombstone


He’s standing guard over the gravestone to make sure that his work is done and no one will be rising again, however if you have a grave behind him a zombie could still be pulling him/herself out of their grave!

There are lots of different Halloween tombstones you can get including these –

 Set of 2 Asst. Halloween Tombstones, Props, Decorations and Accessories Fake Tombstones – Halloween Yard Decoration – Set/6, 21.3 22in Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone (Standard) The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue 22in Mossy Bat Tombstone (Standard) Balkan Vampire Blood Cross Statue

 If you would prefer to make your own tombstones then this next page is really handy –

How to Build Your Own Halloween Graveyard

Get step by step instructions for building your own tombstones as well as lots of other tips to creating the best Halloween Graveyard in your neighborhood.

People Rising From The Dead

Halloween Ground Breaker Props

When it comes to Halloween a graveyard isn’t always a very safe place to be as bodies decide to rise again and break out of the ground like this poor soul below –


Ground Breaker Torso Halloween Prop

He’s not all you have to worry about …….


 Forum Novelties Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes, 2-Pieces Headless Zombie (Standard) Lunging Graveyard Baby

You can have so much fun with this theme and go as far as you like with adding a fence around your graveyard, adding ghosts, ravens, skeletons there really is no limit because after all it is Halloween!

Here’s a few more graveyard props to ensure you create the best Halloween cemetery of horrors that you can think up!

 Creepy Fence Border Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg) Glowing Scary Graveyard Crossroad Sign Black Feathered Small Halloween Crows – 3 Pc Black Birds Animated Gaseous Zombie Fog Halloween Prop LUNGING ZOMBIE REAPER Animated Animatronic Scary Jumping Halloween Prop MR-124236 Crawling Creature Zombie Prop EVIL ENTITY LIFESIZE Haunted House 70in Halloween Prop Animated Ghost Zombie MR-124198 Phantom Rising Animated Halloween Prop Scary Haunted House Yard Scary Decor SPOOKY HANGING GHOUL GHOST LATEX 12′ YARD DECOR Halloween Animated Scary Props SS83310

 And don’t forget that you’ll want a fog machine to create even more of a spooky atmosphere than you’ve managed already!

Ghost Costumes for Children

ghost costumes for kidsI think that a ghost costume is a great fancy dress outfit for a child, especially on Halloween.

Let’s face it what child hasn’t wanted to ‘play’ at being a ghost at one time or another – sneaking up on mom or dad with a sheet or towel over themselves and saying ‘boo!’ I can remember using my Nan’s spare sheets on many occasion and pretending to be Casper or some other ghost, my brother and I were always pulling her laundry cupboard apart – if not for use as a costume those sheets also made great forts when draped over chairs inside or between a tree and gooseberry bush outside!

There are several ways in which you can ‘become a ghost’. You can use a sheet as I’ve mentioned about (see also the Ghost Costumes home page), you can get mom to make you your very own ghost costume, or you can purchase one of the ‘very fancy’ looking ghost costumes for children that I’ve showcased here.

Making a Ghost Costume for a Child

Children’s DIY Costume Ideas

Make your own, or your child’s ghost costume for this Halloween with the help of one of these patterns –


 Childrens/Boys Ghost Costumes McCall’s Sewing Pattern 4141 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2486 Misses, Men and Teen Costumes

Alternatively you can use one of these links to help make your own ghost costume for your child….

Ghost Costume

This ghost costume is very easy to make and includes step by step instructions along with a few tips.

Homemade Sheet Ghost Costumes

Turn some of your old sheets into perfect ghost costumes for your children.

Coolest Homemade Ghost Costumes

There are a few different ideas for making your own homemade ghost costumes here that have been submitted by people who have actually made them!

Cute Ghost Costumes

I have always thought that Casper was a very cute looking ghost and proof that you didn’t have to look terrifying to pull off a ghost costume effectively. These children’s ghost costumes prove that you really can add cute and ghost into the same outfit really well – don’t you just want to go ‘aaaahhhhh’?

If all ghosts looked this cute I’d be signing up as a ghost hunter!


 Kid’s White Ghost Halloween Costume Friendly Ghost (Small)

To achieve a real ghostly pallor you will need to use ghost inspired make-up.   Check out the Ghost Costumes main page for hints on make-up.   Children usually love an excuse to ‘paint’ their faces so this is yet another reason to dress your child up as a ghost this year!

More Ghost Costumes for Children

These Outfits Are A Little Scarier!

Forget the cute factor and go for a ghost costume with more of an edge with this selection …….. don’t let the kids know that they’re just as cute as the other costumes in your eyes though!

These fancy dress outfits are the type of ghost costumes I prefer over the cuter options above, although it’s hard to pick a favorite out of them all – what do you think?


 Ghost – Child Small Costume Cool Ghoul Costume, Large

Want More Ghost Costumes?

You can dress up as a whole family of ghosts if you want to and here’s some handy links –

Ghost Costumes – Home

Ghost Costumes for Men

Ghost Costumes for Women