How to Create Your Own Halloween Graveyard

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Graveyards are a great theme for a Halloween party as they’re really spooky especially at night.   There are zombies and skeletons breaking out of the ground, ravens circling and so many tombstones……..and I haven’t even mentioned the ghosts yet!

If you want a really good Halloween theme then this is a great one to choose (you can even reuse the Halloween tombstones for a Gothic party if you have an Goth teens due a birthday celebration).

Halloween Tombstones

The Key to a Halloween Graveyard

What is a graveyard without tombstones marking the dead?   You can purchase some great tombstones to add to your decor or even make them yourself which is a lot of fun.

I think that if you’re looking at buying props though you should really consider the grim reaper himself –


The Grim Reaper & Tombstone


He’s standing guard over the gravestone to make sure that his work is done and no one will be rising again, however if you have a grave behind him a zombie could still be pulling him/herself out of their grave!

There are lots of different Halloween tombstones you can get including these –

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 If you would prefer to make your own tombstones then this next page is really handy –

How to Build Your Own Halloween Graveyard

Get step by step instructions for building your own tombstones as well as lots of other tips to creating the best Halloween Graveyard in your neighborhood.

People Rising From The Dead

Halloween Ground Breaker Props

When it comes to Halloween a graveyard isn’t always a very safe place to be as bodies decide to rise again and break out of the ground like this poor soul below –


Ground Breaker Torso Halloween Prop

He’s not all you have to worry about …….


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You can have so much fun with this theme and go as far as you like with adding a fence around your graveyard, adding ghosts, ravens, skeletons there really is no limit because after all it is Halloween!

Here’s a few more graveyard props to ensure you create the best Halloween cemetery of horrors that you can think up!

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 And don’t forget that you’ll want a fog machine to create even more of a spooky atmosphere than you’ve managed already!