Use a Fog Machine for the Ultimate Halloween Atmosphere

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There’s just something about a foggy night which says spooky and what night should be spookier than all the others? Halloween of course! Whether you’ve chosen to go with a graveyard theme or a zombie decor or something completely different for Halloween this year I’m betting you can make it even better with a fog machine.

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine

This fog machine is the best selling one on Amazon and seems to do a great job for party use, I like to use it outside as opposed to inside because most fog machines tend to get a little hot when used inside. The key to getting a great effect is to use the right liquid aka fog juice as it’s called.

When you buy this particular fog machine it comes with a bottle of fog juice that you can use, unfortunately this can cause the machine to get a little plugged up.   This can be fixed by running water through the machine after use, but I’d recommend getting a different fog juice.

In the States I’ve been told that Froggy’s Swamp Juice works beautifully in this machine so I’d try that out and see what a difference it makes.   Getting the right ‘juice’ really is the key to making the right fog for you so experiment before the actual day so that it’s perfect if you’re holding a Halloween party.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering about making your own fog juice and you’ve seen that it has to be water based so you’re about to start searching the net in an attempt to save money for your Halloween event – am I right?   Don’t do it!   There are lots of problems with making your own fog juice that far outweigh any of the economic savings that you may make.

One way to ensure that your party is remembered for all of the wrong reasons is by poisoning your guests with formaldehide (a colorless, toxic gas that can be released if you get your chemistry wrong when making up your fog juice).   Save any mad scientist urge for your Halloween decor and not for mixing your own ‘juice’ and you’ll have a great party with plenty of atmosphere!

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