Candy Costumes

Halloween Costumes That Are Good Enough To Eat – Candy Costumes

tootsie roll costumeThese costumes are mouthwatering as they are based on all of your favorite candy from twix bars to skittles and more besides especially everyone’s favorites – M&Ms.

These candy costumes are sure to make your costume the talk of the party this year. If you’re a chocoholic like I am then you will simply love any of these outfits and probably won’t want to take them off again at the end of the night!

Be aware though that these costumes are not for people on a diet as they are pure candy which makes them absolutely ideal for Halloween! These pieces of candy don’t fit in any Halloween Candy Dishes, but they do like to raid them.

Twix Costumes

A Delightful Chocolate Outfit

At the moment I can only find this twix costume, which is definitely designed for a lady as it’s in effect a tank dress. My favorite twix costume is actually a unisex one and looks just like a twix wrapper. When it’s back in stock I will link to it for you.

I absolutely adore Twix bars they’re one of my secret vices – a Twix finger and a big mug of tea is one of the perfect morning teas in my opinion!

Dressing up as a Twix chocolate bar is certainly an intriguing idea and it’s great that there are two different types of Twix costume to choose from – the sexy Twix bar designed for a woman who hasn’t eaten as many Twixes in her life as I have and the Twix wrapper costume – which is your favorite?

Snickers Candy Bar Costumes

If you believe that nothing satisfies like a Snickers bar then this is the fancy dress outfit for you ……. but which option to go for?

Snickers CostumeSnickers Candy Costume

Starburst Candy Costumes

A Bright & Fun Outfit!

Starburst CostumeStarburst Candy Costume

Skittles Candy Costumes

Bowl People Over With These Fancy Dress Costumes

What a deliciously funny costume a Skittles candy costume is – choose from a sexy Skittles costume and a Skittles wrapper costume this Halloween.

Sexy Skittles CostumeSkittles Candy Costume


M&Ms Group Costume Idea

Who doesn’t like M&M candy? They’re simply delicious, they are also a great idea for a group costume as you can dress up as your favorite M&M from Red to Green, Blue and Yellow. I’ve got costumes that you can buy further down the page or you could even try and make your own.

I saw a group of girls dressed up as M&Ms a few years ago – they all wore black leggings and a black skivvy and then they had what looked like tunic dresses over the top that looked like it had elastic put into the bottom hem so that it gave them the appropriate looking shape.

Different M&M Wrapper Costumes

Everyone has their favorite M&Ms and you can choose which one you prefer and come as that, personally I love the plain M&Ms, but my best friend prefers the peanut variety.

Unfortunately none of the wrapper style M&M costumes seem to be available this year, but I’ll keep my eye out and add them when they’re back in stock.

Choose Your M&M Costume – Red, Blue, Yellow…..

I love this style of M&M fancy dress outfits whether you buy a ready made one like these or you make your own tunic tops to wear. I think I’d definitely want to be Red and I just so happen to be married to someone who does an amazing Yellow impersonation so methinks we could be the perfect chocolatey couple!

Red M&M CostumeYellow M&M Costume


More Halloween Candy Costumes

There are so many different types of candy costumes to choose from and yet we’re still going! I love these costumes although one of my favorite candy bars – the bounty – can’t be found this year 🙁 I’m sure I found one of those costumes last year so if you see any candy costumes around that I haven’t featured please let me know in the guestbook below – thank you.

Tootsie Roll Costumes

Very Yummy Candy Outfits for Halloween!

Tootsie Roll CostumeSexy Tootsie Roll Costume

I do love the Tootsie Roll and not having been brought up in the US I went for half my life not knowing it existed which is a total crime as Americans have been enjoying Tootsie Rolls since 1896.

More Delicious Fancy Dress Outfits to Choose From

Hershey’s, Nerds, Reeses and More!

 Hershey’s Chocolate Candy Bar Tank Dress Rasta Imposta Nerds Box, Pink/Purple, One Size Charms Blow Pop Womens Candy Dress Costume Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Costume Dress Adult Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses Costume Rasta Imposta Nerds Tank Dress, Pink/Purple