Official Lady Gaga Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga Costumes for Halloween

If you’re after some Lady Gaga costume ideas this Halloween you’ll be very happy to know it’s possible to buy official Lady Gaga costumes. There are lots of different ideas if you want to wear a Lady Gaga costume this year.

I’m interested in the costumes that Mother Monster herself has released showcasing some of her most memorable outfits to date.

Let’s wander through the page and look at the officially licensed costumes available.

Whether you’re dressing up as Lady Gaga for a fancy dress event or you just want an outfit that’ll look fantastic while you’re clubbing these official costumes are definitely high Haus of Gaga fashion!


Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress,Black/SilverLady Gaga Black Sequin Dress,Black/Silver



This Lady Gaga Costume contains a black and white sequined dress with a matching mask. The costume is portrayed with a long Lady Gaga wig, but she has been seen in a similar outfit with her shorter bob so either hairstyle would work well. If you’re wearing the mask you can keep your make up to a bare minimum with a barely there look lipstick. Throw on  a pair of fishnet tights and some high heels – shoes or ankle boots would both work well – and you’ll be Gagalicious!

Lady Gaga – VMA 2009 Costume

Lady Gaga Costumes for Halloween

Lady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit,WhiteLady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit,White



Lady Gaga sported more than one look at the VMA 2009 and this white outfit was just one that she wore whilst performing. This official Lady Gaga costume contains the white top complete with attached sleeve, shorts, boot tops, and eye mask.

To complete the look you’ll need her pink/blonde curly wig, some lip gloss, dark eye make-up and a string of pearls.

You can find some great advice on making up your eyes in the smokey, accentuated Gaga style on Lady Gaga Costumes along with more costume ideas for the Lady of style!

Add a pair of high peep toed white ankle boots and a string of pearls to really bring this Lady Gaga costume alive.

Lady Gaga Poker Face Costume

Official Lady Gaga Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga Swimsuit Costume,BlueLady Gaga Swimsuit Costume,Blue



This official Lady Gaga Poker Face costume contains both the swimsuit and the gloves. All you need to add is a long straight blonde wig and some high, black heels and you’re have everyone going Gaga!

Telephone – Ms USA Costume

A Lady Gaga Costume for Halloween

Lady Gaga American Flag Outfit,Red/White/Blue,Standard CostumeLady Gaga American Flag Outfit,Red/White/Blue,Standard Costume



This official outfit is based on a costume she wore in her Telephone video
and includes – wig, headband, gloves, flag shorts and top.

Add a pair of silver, high heeled boots and you’re all set to go Gaga!

To look just like Lady Gaga in her telephone video you should also add a large silver star under your left eye

Offical Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume

Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume, Black, StandardLady Gaga Tuxedo Costume, Black, Standard



This skeleton tuxedo costume from Gaga’s Born This Way music video was worn with a cool side ponytail wig and some awesome face paint.

You can buy the wig or if you have long hair then use your own hair. The wig Lady Gaga used was blonde with streaks of both baby pink and black in it.  The black combined with the skeleton make-up really brings this outfit into it’s own.

There are lots of videos on YouTube which tell you the best way to create the make up.  Unfortunately every time I post one it seems to get taken down!  Do a search on YouTube for ‘born this way skeleton tuxedo make up tutorial’ and see what you find. I believe the most important part of the make up is the black around the eyes.

Watching the video you don’t actually get to see what shoes Lady Gaga wears with this, but I would suggest a pair of black enclosed stiletto pumps would be ideal.

2011 Gold Grammy Lady Gaga Costume

An Offical Lady Gaga Costume Based on a Grammy Outfit

Lady Gaga Gold Grammy CostumeLady Gaga Gold Grammy Costume



This officially licensed outfit is based on the costume Lady Gaga wore when she performed at the 2011 Grammy Awards after emerging from her much talked about ‘egg’.

Her eyes were emphasized and her lips were painted a dark wine color.  Her feet were enclosed in, of course, a pair of high heels. Her heels actually matched the color of her gold costume.

Lady Gaga also has licensed accessories including wigs and her classic headscarf along with a make up kit and more.

Of course you don’t have to stick with the official line of Lady Gaga costumes for Halloween there are lots of other options.

Collection of official Lady Gaga costume ideas for Halloween

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Ladies Also Like To Dress Up As Pirates!

lady pirate costumePirate Costumes are also available for women, although you could use one of the men’s pirate costumes as many women pirates ‘pretended’ to be men in order to serve on the pirate ship. Famous woman pirate Mary Read actually boarded her first ship as Martin Read.

You can wear a woman’s pirate costume that consists of trousers or you could go for jagged edge longish skirt. There are also a range of sexy woman pirate costumes involving skin tight trousers or barely there skirts!

Which ever of these pirate costumes you choose to wear, you’re sure to make a statement at your party or event…..or perhaps you like to dress up for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ on September 19th.

A Pirate Blouse

An Essential Part of Any Pirate Costume

If you have a great pirate blouse then you’re over half way to creating your own fantastic pirate costume! A blouse like the ones below in black or white can be combined with black trousers and a bandana for a great looking pirate outfit.

South Seas Pirates Blouse - BlackSouth Seas Pirates Blouse – BlackSouth Sea Pirate Blouse - WhiteSouth Sea Pirate Blouse – White


You can also add a pair of pirate boots if you wish, although despite the pictures of pirates in boots the majority of them were thought to have been bare footed so pirate boots is optional. If you don’t feel like wearing a bandana all night you can also buy or make a great pirate’s hat to complete your fabulous pirate costume.

Pirate Costume Hats
If there’s one thing that really completes a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking we think of black hats with a skull on the front….

Pirate Boots
Wearing the right kind of boots can really help pull a pirate costume together, but you can also wear pirate boots to make a statement with any outfit. When….

A Pirate Jacket Me Lady?

Pirate Vixen JacketSultry Pirate Jacket - PurpleSultry Pirate Jacket - Black

If you already have a frilly white blouse (damn the 80s!) and a pair of black trousers then you may want to just buy a pirate’s jacket to complete your pirate costume – these pirate jackets above would work wonderfully – I personally like the longer black one (the pirate vixen one), but any of them would definitely say “I’m a pirate.”

Rustic Lady’s Pirate Costume

Rustic Pirate Lady Costume
Rustic Pirate Lady Costume

I love this pirate costume! As I mentioned earlier the rare women pirates that we know about actually boarded pirate ships disguised as men so they wouldn’t have been wearing skirts as is sometimes portrayed in fictional books and in pictures I remember from childhood. One of my childhood heroes was Mary Read, partly because she was a pirate and partly because I could ‘pretend’ she was a relative as we shared the same last name! I remember seeing pictures of her and Anne Bonney in some of the books I read and they were always portrayed in skirts.

Years later I discovered that they actually disguised themselves as men and Mary Read actually boarded her first ship under the name of Martin Read! I think it’s knowing this that makes me like the pirate costumes for ladies that use trousers instead of skirts.

Very Elegant Pirate Costumes for Ladies

I doubt very much that any ‘real’ pirates dressed as elegantly as these lady pirates, but they sure do look great for a pirate costume party!

Amethyst Pirate CostumeElegant Pirate Lady - Burgundy CostumeFrench Revolution Pirate

More Pirate Costumes for Ladies

What is referred to as the golden age of piracy took place in the eighteenth century and these costumes are ones that are often based on outfits of that time worn by tavern wenches with a nod to colors and patterns used in pirate outfits. Add a bandana or pirates hat and you have what is thought of as a lady pirate costume.

Pirate Wench CostumePirate Queen CostumeRuby the Pirate Beauty Costume

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Of course there’s always been something sexy about the idea of a pirate’s life…………even if reality would’ve been a whole different kettle of fish. These sexy pirate costumes put the idea of bodice-ripping pirates of the Caribbean right back into the steamy novels that have been written over the years!

Pink Pirate CostumeSexy Pirate CostumeLacey Pirate CostumeVixen Pirate CostumeForbidden Pirate CostumeSeductive Pirate Costume

More Pirate Costumes

Whether you’re looking for a his pirate costume to match yours or you want to dress up the whole family don’t forget to check out our other pirate pages.

Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes
Pirate costumes have long been a favorite of children everywhere, the pirate life seems like it’s full of adventure when you’re a child so haul up the Jolly…

Ghost Costumes for Women

Spooky Halloween Ghost Costumes for Women

Ghostly Gal CostumeGHOSTLY GALCheck Price

There are some pretty amazing ghost costumes for women available. The Edwardian lady of the manor ghost (as seen here) or the maid ghost are two really interesting ghost costumes.

There are many more, you can even be a ghostly apparition of someone who is no longer on this plane such as Marie Antoinette.

Ghostly Lady CostumeGhostly LadyCheck Price

This adult Ghostly Lady Costume comes complete with a tattered full length gown that’s sure to turn heads all evening.

The costume also includes a tulle petticoat and a coordinated, fashionable hat. Of course, the look isn’t complete without a set of ethereal gloves, and a matching wig. The addition of some grey makeup will ensure that you will be ready to haunt all night long!

There are certainly lots of ghost bride costumes available and these, although great on their own as well, are perfect as a couple outfit with your partner wearing a ghost groom costume.

Of course it’s not just the ladies of the house that haunt it (like the two above), sometimes the maids do too.   In fact I once lived in a house that was said to be haunted by a Victorian maid who had killed herself in the attic.

Let’s check out some more of these spooky costumes –


Ghost Bride Costume for WomanPaper Magic Lady Nightshade The Ghost Bride Costume, Gray/White, SmallCheck PriceWoman's Ghost CostumeInCharacter Costumes, LLC Haunting Beauty, White/Grey, SmallCheck PriceWoman's Ghostly Bride CostumeCalifornia Costumes Women’s Ghostly Bride Adult, Grey, LargeCheck PriceGhost Bride Adult CostumeGhost Bride Adult CostumeCheck PriceBlythe Spirit 8-10Check PriceGhost Maid Costume for WomenPaper Magic Elsa The Ghost Maid Costume, Gray, MediumCheck Price

 Gothic Ghost Costumes

For a more non-traditional take on the ghost costumes I’ve found two alternatives below.   A black rose makes a great accessory for the very Gothic influenced ghost costumes.


Gothic Black Rose Ghost CostumeBlack Rose Ghost CostumeCheck PriceSpider Web Gauze Spooky Ghost CostumeSpider Web Gauze Ghost CostumeCheck Price

A Historical Ghost Costume Idea for Women

Marie Antoinette Costumes

Dressing up as a historical person’s ghost is a cool idea for Halloween or indeed any fancy dress event.   As a woman the most popular historical ghost costume that you can buy ready made is that of Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette was Louis XV1’s queen and was executed just before her 38th birthday.   The most famous quote attributed to to Marie Antoinette was the – let them eat cake – one and is all that most people remember about the one time French Queen.   Here are a couple Marie Antoinette costumes that I think are great –


Marie Antoinette Ghost CostumeMarie Antionette Ghost CostumeCheck PriceSexy Ghost of Marie Antoniette CostumeGhost of Marie Antoniette CostumeCheck Price

 Ghost Wigs for Women

Some of these costumes come with their own wigs which is great, but for others you’ll need a grey or white wig to suit and I just happen to have sourced a few for you, including two Marie Antoinette ones.


White Ghost WigWig Ghost White DollCheck PriceWomen's Ghost Saloon Girl WigWomen’s Ghost Saloon Girl WigCheck PriceGhost Bride WigSpirit Ghost Bride WigCheck PriceLong White WigCheck PriceGhost of Marie Antoinette WigCheck PriceMarie Antoinette WigCheck Price

 Pulling the Ghost Look Together – Finishing Touches for Your Ghost Outfit

Ghostly Make Up

To really pull the outfit together it doesn’t pay to look rosy and healthy as that’s not very ghostlike is it?   Rather that tell you about how to achieve a ghostly pallor here I’m going to send you to another site where there are tips about how to achieve a ‘other worldly’ pallor – Ghost Costumes – Dressing Up As The Perfect Ghost!


Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas

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Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas

Photography of Amy Winehouse by Fionn Kidney via Flickr (border and writing added by author)

If you’re after a great Halloween costume this year then why not embrace your inner diva with some of these Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas?  The late singer is easily recognizable thanks to her trademark beehive wig.

This is a costume that’s easily pulled together with simply buying the wig, a tattoo set and wearing a few clothes that you may already have on hand.

Alternatively you can get a ready to wear Amy Winehouse Halloween costume.

Let’s have a look at putting together your costume…..

Amy Winehouse Wig & Tattoos

Creating Your Own Amy Winehouse Costume

When you purchase a beehive wig and the tattoo kit from a costume shop, or Amazon –


Amy Winehouse Tattoo and Wig SetAmy Winehouse Tattoo and Wig Set



You can then just add a pair of jeans or denim shorts and a singlet and everyone will know that you’re dressing up as Amy Winehouse, it even gives you an excuse to be a little wobbly on your feet if you do happen to imbibe just a little too much! Don’t forget to use gel eye liner for her signature, sultry eye make-up.

The wig and tattoo sets are available separately as well, but when you can get the complete kit why would you order things separately?

As easy as this would be you can dress up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween even easier with a ready made costume idea…

Want More Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas?

You can actually buy ready to wear Amy Winehouse costumes as well, at the moment I can only find one of them for you –


Women's Amy Winehouse Rehab CostumeWomen’s Amy Winehouse Rehab Costume



This costume includes the dress, belt and headpiece, but you still need the tattoos – and I do think they are an important part of any Amy costume.

If you’re having problem achieving her heavy eyeliner I have just found a Women’s Retro Rock Eyeliner Kit.  There are 4 different sets of heavy stick-on eyeliner which look like a lot of fun and one of them just happens to be perfect for Amy’s look.   The other three just look like they’d be fun to wear on a special night out.

So there you have it a few ideas for creating an Amy Winehouse costume for your Halloween celebrations this year……….just don’t try and emulate her on the karaoke please!

Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume

The Flintstones Fancy Dress Costumes

the flintstones costume ideasThe Flintstones fancy dress costumes are a great idea for any fan of Fred Flintstone and his friends and family.   I can’t think of a better crowd than the Flintstones and Rubbles to dress up as for a group costume idea, yabba dabba doo!

One of our friends actually dressed up as Barney Rubble many moons ago and did a really good job of it.   I haven’t actually seen any of our friends dress up as Fred and Wilma yet though so it could be a great idea for hubby and I this Halloween – what do you think?

In a hurry? Shop The Flintstones Halloween Costumes Now!

Enough yapping about the Flintstones, let’s look at their costumes…..

Adult Fred Flintstone Costume

The Flintstones’ patriarch is constantly scheming, although he has a big heart so if this sounds like you then check out the costume below –

Mascot Fred Flintstone CostumeMascot Fred Flintstone Costume


This mascot costume is a deluxe option for an adult Fred Flintstone costume – it includes a tunic with attached arms, pants, oversized feet covers and the best part of this particular costume – a mascot head! There’s absolutely no doubting who you are whether you’re saying yabba dabba doo or not!

There are other options for Fred Flintstones costumes which are the one’s that I’ve actually come across at fancy dress events in the past – I have yet to see the mascot one, although it’s the one I think looks best!

The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume,The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume,The Flintstones Fred Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume


Wilma Flintstone Fancy Dress Costume

Fred’s long suffering wife Wilma is also instantly recognizable to everyone who grew up watching The Flintstones on television and if you’re looking for a great idea for a couples costume then Fred and Wilma Flintstone certainly make a fun costume idea.

There are a couple of costumes available to buy for Wilma as you can see below –

The Flintstones Wilma Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Wilma Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Wilma Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Wilma Flintstone Costume


Pebbles Flintstone Halloween Costume

Fred & Wilma’s only child was a daughter named Pebbles and you can get a fun Pebbles costume below-

Pebbles Flintstone CostumePebbles Flintstone Costume


So before you can say yabba dabba doozie! You can dress up as Pebbles and be part of a Flintstones group costume idea. If you’re after a family costume then there are children costumes available as well.

Barney Rubble Halloween Costume

You can’t really have Fred without his best friend Barney who would always do ‘whatever you say, Fred’ before they both landed up in trouble! I do have to issue a warning on this costume though …….. a friend of ours dressed up as Barney Rubble for a fancy dress party more moons ago than I care to say and he is still being called Barney by everyone. The look was a little too convincing methinks.

He didn’t, however have this awesome mascot costume which looks amazing and would go really well with the Fred Flintstone Mascot Costume above.

Mascot Barney Rubble CostumeMascot Barney Rubble Costume


This mascot Barney Rubble Halloween costume comes with a tunic that has attached arms, it also comes with pants and the fun oversized foot covers that also accompanied the Fred costume above. Add to that the fun looking Barney Rubble mascot head and I don’t know which mascot costume I prefer!

You can find other Barney Rubble costumes as well, but really why would you?

Just in case you don’t like the idea of a mascot head which I must admit can seem a little claustrophobic at times then here’s a few other Barney Rubble costume alternatives –

The Flintstone's Barney Rubble Deluxe CostumeThe Flintstone’s Barney Rubble Deluxe CostumeThe Flintstones Barney Rubble Fancy Dress CostumeThe Flintstones Barney Rubble Fancy Dress Costume


Betty Rubble Halloween Costume

Great friends with Wilma Flintstone, Betty has to put up with Barney being regularly led astray by Fred and she does so while still looking pretty in a stone age way –

Betty Rubble Halloween CostumeBetty Rubble Halloween Costume


This costume even includes the wig so is perfect if you want to dress up as Betty Rubble. I must admit I always preferred Betty’s blue dress to Wilma’s wardrobe. The shoes featured above aren’t included but then I don’t recall seeing her ever wear shoes on the cartoon so I’d go barefoot.

There are a few other options for Flintstone costumes such as Dino the Flintstone’s pet or Bamm Bamm the Rubble’s son, but I think I’ve covered the main Flintstones in this post. Of course you may decide that you don’t want to buy a ready made costume and the Flintstone’s costumes are quite basic which makes then a great idea for a diy costume.


Flintstones Fancy Dress Costumes