Lady Gaga Costume Wigs

Pop megastar Lady Gaga is well known for her outrageous costumes which includes the regular use of wigs. I’ve compiled a number of Lady Gaga costume wigs for you to choose from if you want to copy her Gagalicious look for a night out or even a fancy dress event.

Some of Lady Gaga’s wigs have become quite iconic within pop culture history – who can forget the hair bow or the soda can hair for example? Other Lady Gaga wigs just helped her to create a particular look when worn with her different outfits.

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Lady Gaga’s Long Blonde Wig with Bangs

Lady Gaga Blonde Wigs

Lady Gaga Straight Hair Wig With Bangs,Blonde,One Size

Lady Gaga’s first hit was Just Dance and her costumes for this single’s videos weren’t nearly as outrageous as what were to come……..she had, however, begun wearing a wig.
Lady Gaga’s long, straight blonde hair with bangs was courtesy of a wig like the one on offer here that is part of her official costume range.
She often accompanied this wig with a blue lightning bolt on her face and when she performed the song live she was often seen with a Lady Gaga style hood over the hair.

She also seemed to like wearing her long blonde wig in conjunction with a more famous hair piece of hers……the hair bow!

Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow

Lady Gaga Wig Bow Clip,Blonde,One Size

The next hair variation that Lady Gaga was seen sporting came about around the same time and is the hair bow. Now there are various ways of achieving this – the wig, the bow itself or even creating the look with your own hair (if you have long hair that is).
I think buying the hair bow is the easiest solution and you can then attach it to the long straight blonde wig with bangs that we featured first or with a short blonde bob.
Now most people are aware of Lady Gaga’s hair bow as being part of her long, blonde look as she used it several times (especially in her various origami prom dresses). However she has been photographed in a short blonde bob wig with the hair bow as well.

Did You Know Lady Gaga Sings To Her Wigs?

Lady Gaga’s Purple Wigs

Many of Lady Gaga’s best looks come when she does photo shoots and I loved the image of her as a lilac bunny that appeared on the cover of Spanish magazine Neo2, unfortunately I can’t find a copyright free image to show you here so if you want to see the look she created you’ll have to click on – Lady Gaga’s Lilac Bunny Look.
In the same year (2009) she also treated her British fans to the first peep at her long purple wig.

This was around the same time that she started carrying a china tea cup around with her – gotta love her whimsy!

Deluxe Lilac Purple Sassy WigFame Monster Wig, Purple, One Size

lady gaga wigs hats

Lady Gaga’s Official Wigs

Lady Gaga Soda Can Wig

After the success of her Telephone video Lady Gaga released some official costumes along with some wigs – two of which had already been featured in her Telephone Video like this one here.
How to create the soda can hair do was posted to Youtube in record time after the Telephone video was released!

This is one of the fun things about Lady Gaga’s ‘look’ people are very quick to work out how to emulate the Mother Monster and share their thoughts with other fans.

Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig,Blonde,One Size

This next wig from the Telephone video wasn’t as easy to emulate however.
This two tone wig was worn with her USA outfit and quickly became one of the fastest selling Halloween wigs for that year.

This was probably because people liked the idea that the costume made Lady Gaga seem almost like a superhero – Lady USA, very patriotic.

Lady Gaga Curly Hair Wig With Pink Streak,Blonde,One Size

The next official Lady Gaga wig was based on one that she wore to the VMAs, most memorable for being covered in blood she was sporting this cute wig as well!
I must admit I do like the curls and the pink streak in this wig, it creates a much softer look for the Mother Monster.

Long White & Aqua Wig

Lady Gaga’s 2010 VMA Wig

Do you remember Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress? Well it’s hard to remember how she wore her hair as all the focus was on the meat at the 2010 VMA awards, but she actually introduced a white wig to us at the same time.-

Lady Gaga 2010 Video Music Awards Adult Wig

This is the wig in question, minus the meat headdress that Lady Gaga donned on the night she introduced this style to us.

The patches of aqua (or turquoise blue) on the long white wig gives a whimsical touch to Mother Monster’s hair.

Why does Lady Gaga have so many wigs

More Lady Gaga Costume Wigs

Including Lady Gaga Ponytail Wig

Lady Gaga has certainly donned her share of wigs and we’ve barely scratched the surface so far. She has also played with the two toned wig idea in other ways, sported a side ponytail, a bandana and has even gone green!

I’m including a few more wigs here for you to help complete a gorgeous Lady Gaga costume for yourself whether it’s for one of her concerts, a fancy dress event or Halloween – enjoy!

Lady Gaga Side Ponytail Wig, Multicolored, One SizeLady Gaga Two-Tone Wig, Black/Blonde, One SizeLady Gaga Judas Video Wig and Bandana, Blonde, One SizeLady Gaga Adult Wig, Turquoise, AdultLady Gaga Long Straight Snow White WigLady Gaga Born This Way Steel and Slate Wig

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Official Lady Gaga Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga Costumes for Halloween

If you’re after some Lady Gaga costume ideas this Halloween you’ll be very happy to know it’s possible to buy official Lady Gaga costumes. There are lots of different ideas if you want to wear a Lady Gaga costume this year.

I’m interested in the costumes that Mother Monster herself has released showcasing some of her most memorable outfits to date.

Let’s wander through the page and look at the officially licensed costumes available.

NOTE: The author may receive a commission from purchases made from links in this article – more information below

Whether you’re dressing up as Lady Gaga for a fancy dress event or you just want an outfit that’ll look fantastic while you’re clubbing these official costumes are definitely high Haus of Gaga fashion!


Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress,Black/SilverLady Gaga Black Sequin Dress,Black/Silver



This Lady Gaga Costume contains a black and white sequined dress with a matching mask. The costume is portrayed with a long Lady Gaga wig, but she has been seen in a similar outfit with her shorter bob so either hairstyle would work well. If you’re wearing the mask you can keep your make up to a bare minimum with a barely there look lipstick. Throw on  a pair of fishnet tights and some high heels – shoes or ankle boots would both work well – and you’ll be Gagalicious!

Lady Gaga – VMA 2009 Costume

Lady Gaga Costumes for Halloween

Lady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit,WhiteLady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit,White



Lady Gaga sported more than one look at the VMA 2009 and this white outfit was just one that she wore whilst performing. This official Lady Gaga costume contains the white top complete with attached sleeve, shorts, boot tops, and eye mask.

To complete the look you’ll need her pink/blonde curly wig, some lip gloss, dark eye make-up and a string of pearls.

You can find some great advice on making up your eyes in the smokey, accentuated Gaga style on Lady Gaga Costumes along with more costume ideas for the Lady of style!

Add a pair of high peep toed white ankle boots and a string of pearls to really bring this Lady Gaga costume alive.


Lady Gaga Poker Face Costume

Official Lady Gaga Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga Swimsuit Costume,BlueLady Gaga Swimsuit Costume,Blue



This official Lady Gaga Poker Face costume contains both the swimsuit and the gloves. All you need to add is a long straight blonde wig and some high, black heels and you’re have everyone going Gaga!


Telephone – Ms USA Costume

A Lady Gaga Costume for Halloween

Lady Gaga American Flag Outfit,Red/White/Blue,Standard CostumeLady Gaga American Flag Outfit,Red/White/Blue,Standard Costume



This official outfit is based on a costume she wore in her Telephone video
and includes – wig, headband, gloves, flag shorts and top.

Add a pair of silver, high heeled boots and you’re all set to go Gaga!

To look just like Lady Gaga in her telephone video you should also add a large silver star under your left eye

Offical Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume

Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume, Black, StandardLady Gaga Tuxedo Costume, Black, Standard



This skeleton tuxedo costume from Gaga’s Born This Way music video was worn with a cool side ponytail wig and some awesome face paint.

You can buy the wig or if you have long hair then use your own hair. The wig Lady Gaga used was blonde with streaks of both baby pink and black in it.  The black combined with the skeleton make-up really brings this outfit into it’s own.

There are lots of videos on YouTube which tell you the best way to create the make up.  Unfortunately every time I post one it seems to get taken down!  Do a search on YouTube for ‘born this way skeleton tuxedo make up tutorial’ and see what you find. I believe the most important part of the make up is the black around the eyes.

Watching the video you don’t actually get to see what shoes Lady Gaga wears with this, but I would suggest a pair of black enclosed stiletto pumps would be ideal.

2011 Gold Grammy Lady Gaga Costume

An Offical Lady Gaga Costume Based on a Grammy Outfit

Lady Gaga Gold Grammy CostumeLady Gaga Gold Grammy Costume



This officially licensed outfit is based on the costume Lady Gaga wore when she performed at the 2011 Grammy Awards after emerging from her much talked about ‘egg’.

Her eyes were emphasized and her lips were painted a dark wine color.  Her feet were enclosed in, of course, a pair of high heels. Her heels actually matched the color of her gold costume.

Lady Gaga also has licensed accessories including wigs and her classic headscarf along with a make up kit and more.

Of course you don’t have to stick with the official line of Lady Gaga costumes for Halloween there are lots of other options.

Collection of official Lady Gaga costume ideas for Halloween

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Lady Gaga’s Bodysuit Inspired Costumes

Lady Gaga has certainly made her stamp on pop culture and in particular with her array of amazing costumes.   In her early days she really seemed to re-define the simple bodysuit turning it into a number of different outfits, let’s have a look at how she did this in her unique style.

Black, red and nude are all colors of bodysuit that Lady Gaga has embraced as her own and each one has been worn differently.

The Black Bodysuit

If you purchase a black body suit or you already own one there are two different ways in which you can turn it into a Lady Gaga outfit.

One way is by copying this poster image and combining the bodysuit with a Lady Gaga inspired ‘hood‘, black gloves, a red belt and (of course) a pair of classic wayfarers.

Another look which has been based around a black bodysuit called for it to be teamed with a black jacket, black gloves, a long blonde wig (unless you have long blonde hair yourself – straight not curly).   Complete the look with a pair of wayfarers and a gold multi strand waist chain around (funnily enough) your waist!

The White Bodysuit

The white bodysuit gets a totally different look and this is where you can let your creativity take over as you make some origami diamonds!   Lady Gaga combined her white bodysuit with the same long blonde wig used above, but added origami style diamonds on one shoulder of her bodysuit.   These should also be white in color.

How to Make Origami Diamonds – This link will help show you how to make them, now okay I’ll admit I doubt the Mother Monster uses actual origami herself, but it’s the look that she adopted and for a costume affair I wouldn’t try and replicate the look in fabric myself and would stick to cardstock.

The Red Bodysuit


When it comes to wearing a red bodysuit you need to team it with a black belt, red gloves, a red hood, long blonde wig, large oversized wayfarers and a long gold chain around her neck.

You’re going for the screen siren look so make sure you paint your lips as red as the bodysuit and wear very high black stilettos so that you give that ‘Marilyn wiggle’ when you walk!

As far as make up goes (besides the red lipstick) stick to false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara and an almost nude eyeshadow – you can keep things understated because you’re not going to be taking off those sunglasses day or night!

The Nude Bodysuit

When it comes to pulling off a Lady Gaga costume starting with a nude bodysuit you have three different outfits you can try and emulate.

The first look is one that scandalized Parisians when she first ventured out in it as at first glance it looked like she’d gone out wearing a blazer and nothing else!

You’ll need to team your bodysuit with a beige/taupe blazer style jacket, a string of pearls, a large bag (the YSL downtown bag is the one Lady Gaga actually used, but I would use an imitation myself!), Harry Potter inspired glasses and the infamous Gaga hair bow.

The second look is completely different and requires you to team your bodysuit with a big pair of wayfarers, a leather jacket, fishnet tights (and they can have holes in them if you like) along with a thick leather choker style necklace.

The third look is what I’ve seen referred to as Lady Gaga’s Purple Beehive look.   Team the bodysuit up with a white jacket that has 3/4 length sleeves and large purple framed sunglasses (I think they were Tom Fords).   Combine this with a pair of high heels that have laces tied up and around her legs and then the hair ……. what can I say?   You’ll need a wig and a hair piece for this style I think – basically add a long, straight, blonde wig and assemble a purple beehive on top of this with the hairpiece – I haven’t quite worked out how to do this yet!

Now what if you want a ready made Lady Gaga costume and you like the idea of the classic bodysuit look?   Well I’ve got you covered right here –


Lady Gaga Hooded Bodysuit CostumeLady Gaga Hooded Bodysuit Costume

For more Lady Gaga costume ideas be sure to check out this great page –

Lady Gaga Costumes


Halloween Costume Ideas – Costumes Beginning with L

Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning with L

Have you ever been to an alphabet party? When I was in my early 20s they were all the rage, somehow every single time I was invited to one it was always a P party which meant dressing up as something beginning with the letter P. You can choose any letter of the alphabet however and today I’ve chosen the letter L.

Fancy dress parties or costume parties are so much more fun when they’re themed, but you don’t always want to have an 80s party,a James Bond themed cocktail evening or even a Star Wars themed party. Choosing a letter to base your party around is fun because seeing how people interpret it can be really interesting…..some people really know how to think outside of the box.

Costumes Beginning with L – The List

  • Laa Laa – Instantly recognisable costume, I must admit I do find the Teletubbies a little annoying. I was so relieved when my daughter didn’t seem very taken with them 🙂
  • Lady Bug – I absolutely loved Ladybirds or Lady Bugs (depending on where you’re from) as a child and I still think they make a gorgeous costume idea.
  • Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga called herself the Queen of Reinvention when she first burst on her screens and she’s lived up to that with a range of ‘outrageous’ costumes which makes her a fun person to dress up as. Check out some of her costume ideas on these posts – Lady Gaga Official Costumes & Lady Gaga Bodysuit Inspired Costumes.
  • Lady Godiva – For those of you who don’t know the story Lady Godiva rode into town on a white pony………..wearing absolutely nothing! Basically all you need is a skin colored body suit and a long blonde wig and you have a great costume.
  • Lady Luck – Lady Luck is a fictional character that personifies luck, as she’s not really real you can dress up however you like as long as you include some symbols of luck from shamrocks to a rabbits foot or alternatively incorporate elements of gambling like dice and cards as she’s often called upon in places such as Vegas!
  • Lancelot – Sir Lancelot was one of King Arthur’s most trusted advisors and a Knight of the Round Table. He is portrayed as a romantic figure and features in numerous Medieval romance stories.
  • LAPD motorcycle cop – think Chips or The Village People
  • Lara Croft
  • Latin Dancer
  • LEGO character
  • Legolas

 Lara Croft Costume Legolas – Adult Costume Latin Dancer Costume


  • Leia – Princess Leia from Star Wars is a classic Star Wars costume that you can wear as a costume beginning with L too!
  • Lemon
  • Leonardo (TMNT)
  • Leopard
  • Leprechaun
  • Lifeguard – If you have a Baywatch costume from previous years you can always use this for a Lifeguard costume.
  • Lime Wedge – This is a fun costume, but a word to the wise people seem to get fed up with you constantly asking if anyone has seen your Corona…..and I thought it was funny 
  • Lion
  • Little Mermaid
  • Lobster
  • Lone Ranger
  • Long John Silver – Pirate costumes are fun for all the family, so if you like pirates then Long John Silver is a great idea, check out our Pirate Costume post
  • Luigi – Luigi needs no introduction to anyone born since the mid-80s as both Luigi and Mario have worked their way firmly into our pop culture.
  • Luke Skywalker – Yet another Star Wars inspired costume beginning with L, perhaps if you’re attending a party as a couple you could go as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.