Monster High Costume Wigs

Finish Your Monster High Costume Off With a Monster High Wig

Monster High Costume WigsThere are lots of children every where who would love to dress up as their favorite Monster High character and you can choose to buy or make them the appropriate costume, but when it comes to the hair you really do need to get a Monster High wig. So much of the Monster High characters ‘looks’ comes from their wigs that you really can’t leave it out.

Frankie Stein loves black and white stripes for instance and that really comes out with her hair whereas Lagoona Blue’s hair makes her seem like a mermaid with the interwoven ocean blue color in it. Whether you’re complimenting your own home made Monster High costume of you’re adding to a brought costume let’s finish it off in style with one of these official Monster High wigs.

Go Straight to Your Favorite Monster High Character

Abbey Bominable | Catty NoirClawdeen Wolf | Cleo De Nile | Draculaura | ElissabatFrankie Stein | Ghoulia Yelps | Haunted River Styxx | Honey SwampHowleen Wolf | Jingafire Long | Lagoona Blue | NeferaOperetta | Rochelle GoyleSkelita Calaveras | Twyla | Viperine

Abbey Bominable Wig – An Official Monster High Wig

The Finishing Touch to an Abbey Costume

 Monster High Abbey Bominable Child’s Wig

If you’re dressing up as Abbey Bominable you want to make sure you add lots of fur and the other thing you’re going to need is a wig. This is an official Monster High Abbey Bominable wig which is fashioned on Abbey’s cool hair.

The wig hair is white with streaks of blue, pink and purple in it and an attached white faux fur headband which is far, far from abominable!

Combine this with an outfit that has a lot of faux fur on it and some Abbey Bominable style make up and you’ll have created a costume that everyone will be jealous of.

Creating Abbey’s face means you need a white foundation with a hint of blue combined with pink and purple eyeshadow. Add pink lips with tiny white fangs and lots of glitter to the face – Abbey is an Ice Princess after all! If you want further information on creating a cool Abbey look then check out this video –

How to Apply Abbey Bominable Make Up

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Wig

Complete Your Perfect Clawdeen Wolf Costume in Style!

 Monster High Child’s Clawdeen Costume Wig

Clawdeen Wolf’s wig is long and brown in color with contrasting red streaks in it (quite wolf like in fact!). Her hair is long, wavy and volumous – it’s basically the type of hair that makes girls everywhere jealous. This wig isn’t just about the hair though as it also has Clawdeen’s ears attached to it and those ears are accented with gold hoop ear-rings (gold is her favorite color after all).

With this wig on her head your little princess can walk and act with the confidence that Clawdeen Wolf herself was born with. As a self-confessed ‘fierce fashionista’ you could hardly expect Clawdeen to own only one outfit. With this in mind let your daughter wear something that she thinks Clawdeen would wear, throw on the wig and you have nearly completed your perfect Clawdeen Wolf costume.

Check out how to achieve Clawdeen’s ‘look’ right here –

How to Apply Clawdeen Wolf’s Make Up

Cleo De Nile Wig

An Official Monster High Wig

 Monster High Child’s Cleo de Nile Costume Wig

If your daughter wants to look like this Egyptian princess then you’ll need to get her this Cleopatra inspired wig. The wig is black in a long bob style with a full fringe and metallic gold foil streaks running through it. The wig also has an attached gold headband with blue stones attached.

This wig is the ultimate touch to help your child act arrogant and bossy like her ‘idol’ Cleo De Nile.

This wig really looks best with the official Monster High costume, but provided you add lots of gold you could create your own Cleo outfit and just use this wig to top it off. Next of course you’ll need to know how to achieve the look with some cool make up and I have (of course) a link for you to view a cute YouTube video tutorial –

Cleo De Nile Make Up Tutorial

Monster High Draculaura Wig

Looking Hot in Pink!

 Monster High Child’s Draculaura Costume Wig

If your little girl has decided that she needs to dress up as Draculaura then she’s going to need her freaky fantastic wig.

The nearly 1600 year old daughter of Dracula has black hair with pink streaks through it.   Her hair is straight and worn in pigtails with bangs.

Draculaura loves to add a little pink to black when it comes to her wardrobe so if you’re trying to put together a costume for this Monster High student bear that in mind, add this wig and put together her make up and you’re done.

If you need help achieving the Draculaura look then check out the link I’ve found for you, it has written step by step instructions as well as a video so that you can read or watch whichever you find easier.  –

How to Achieve Draculaura’s ‘Look’ With Cosmetics

Frankie Stein Wig

Another Freaky Awesome Monster High Wig

 Monster High Child’s Frankie Stein Costume Wig

If your child wants to dress up as Frankie Stein then this Monster High wig is an absolute must have accessory. The wig captures Frankie’s long black and white hair do to perfection – I especially like how the stripes in her hair are highlighted by having her bangs tied back like in this wig. Now all you need to do is buy a plaid dress (Frankie loves plaid), pop on some make up and you have the perfect Frankie costume!

Now as far as the make up goes you need to remember that Frankie was created out of body parts by her father Frankenstein so her skin is green!   This doesn’t have to be hard to emulate though and there are a number of tutorials available online to help you out.   I’m including a link below of a cool tutorial (except for putting on the lipstick, but I’m sure you know how to do that!!)

How to Apply Frankie Stein Make Up Tutorial

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Wig

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Child’s Wig

Ghoulia’s hair is certainly one that you notice! This officially licensed Monster High wig has her long blue hair with blue streaks in it made to perfection and also includes her favorite green headband. What could be better for any little fan of Ghoulia Yelps than her very own Ghoulia wig?

Monster High Howleen Wolf Wig

Monster High Howleen Child Wig

Complete any Howleen costume with the cute pink wig that captures the look of Clawdeen’s youngest and extraverted sister.

This is a perfect addition to the official Howleen costume or any ‘were-punk’ style of outfit that you’ve made to emulate this fun little Monster High ghoul.

Official Jinafire Long Wig

Monster High Jinafire Long Wig

A Chinese dragon this fiery Monster High School student is instantly recognizable when you add her wig (and a tail) to any outfit whether it’s her usual attire or not. Her long black and green hair is arranged in an ancient Chinese style called a Fa Ji (basically hair worn in a bun or coil).

This wig would look great with the official costume which depicts Jinafire’s own take on modernizing a traditional Hanfu style dress or with a homemade outfit in her favorite fashion colors of royal red and jade green.

Official Lagoona Blue Wig

A Great Monster High Wig That Also Looks Good as a Mermaid’s Wig

 Monster High Child’s Lagoona Blue Costume Wig

Lagoona Blue’s wig is one that a mermaid would be envious of – long, platinum blonde and curly as though she had been spending her days sunning on a rock by the sea!

Her blonde tresses have streaks of aqua blue through them which look gorgeous and also compliment the blue fins that can be found in her wig.

There’s also a pink floral accent in the wig which off sets the blonde and aqua combination really well. This official Monster High wig is essential to pull off a really cool Lagoona Blue costume.

Once you have Lagoona’s wig you just need to assemble a costume that the ocean princess would approve of (try to add a little ocean blue into it as that’s her favorite color) and then work on her make up.

How to Get A Cool Lagoona Blue Face – The Make-Up Tutorial!

Monster High Operetta Wig

An Officially Licensed Wig

Monster High Operetta Child Wig

This gorgeous wig is the bright red of Operetta’s hair and one of the things that makes her really stand out in a crowd. I love the way her hairstyle evokes the 1940s with the use of victory rolls, when you combine this hair with her sense of style however it brings it right into this millennium.

Skelita Calaveras Child Wig

A Monster High Costume Wig

Girls Monster High Skelita Calaveras Wig

This wig perfectly captures the black and orange (sorry I should say marigold!) colors in Skelita’s hair. No one can doubt who you are if you wear this wig and have skeleton tights and gloves on and sugar skull inspired make up on your face.

Now Skelita’s actual hair is a lot longer than this wig, but I think this wig is still a perfect way to complete the look of this fun loving Monster High student.

Spectra Vondergeist Wig

 Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Child’s Wig

As you can see Spectra’s wig is long straight and very purple – the color of royalty no less! Her dark purple hair has highlights in a lighter purple and this mane of hair really makes Spectra stand out – something she’s very happy about!

When it comes to creating a Spectra Vondergeist costume you have to make sure that it’s made from light material for floating around in, but add some metal as she likes to be able to rattle (she does come from a family of ghosts after all!) around.

If your daughter has a fairy, ballerina or princess costume preferably with a handkerchief hemline then you might be able to turn that into a Spectra costume by adding a few chains and then adding some inexpensive grey plastic shower ring hoops to a black belt to give the illusion of a metal belt.

Now you need to add the make up and instead of buying a Monster High make up set you can use what you’ve got, just check out how to get this ghostly girls ‘face’ on the tutorial video below –

How to Achieve the Spectra Vondergeist ‘Face’ Make-Up Tutorial

Twyla Costume Wig

A Gorgeous Monster High Wig

Monster High Twyla Wig

Twyla’s gorgeous hair is a pale green with blue and purple stripes that cascades down her back and around her shoulders just like this wig does. It’s hard to imagine that someone with hair as beautiful as this can be shy, but luckily Twyla has Howleen Wolf as one of her best friends and she makes sure that Twyla doesn’t miss out on any fun.

This wig would be perfect to finish off the officially licensed Twyla costume or even for you to wear over your own Twyla outfit. Simply don a pair of pale grey/silver or white tights and wear it over a dress in dark blue or black with accents in the pastel green of her hair. Like many of her fellow students at Monster High she really suits a tutu style skirt, but as long as it’s feminine she’ll love it as she does look quite the ‘little lady’ most of the time.

More Monster High Wigs

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Completing the Monster High Costumes

While wigs are an important part of the Monster High costumes, there are also things such as the costumes themselves that are important. Check out some of my Monster High costume links –

Monster High School costume wigs - fun for dress ups and Halloween!

Inflatable Halloween Coolers – A Practical Halloween Decoration

Inflatable Halloween CoolersKeep your drinks cool in spooky style this Halloween with a cool inflatable Halloween cooler. There are lots of great inflatable coolers available which do a great job of keeping drinks cool, but these coolers also double up as Halloween decorations.

Coffins and skeletons are particularly popular Halloween decorations and so I think either of these coffin coolers would be fantastic. Personally I always like to use a cauldron or two at Halloween, usually with punch over dry ice for an eerie effect, but I think a cauldron cooler might be a good idea as well. I particularly like the cauldron cooler with the flame garland – very nice!

 Purple Inflatable Skeleton Cooler Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler Skeleton in Coffin Inflatable Cooler Inflatable Cauldron Coolerwith Flames 3′ Inflatable Witch Cauldron Cooler Inflatable Cauldron Halloween Cooler

You don’t have to use an inflatable cooler of course, but they are very practical and best of all once your Halloween celebrations are over they can be deflated and packed away for another year – a lot easier than some other coolers.

I also like the idea of using an ice bowl inside of a pumpkin (I’ve seen that in lots of places online), but it seems a lot of work and I’m not sure it would actually end up looking quite as cool as some of these coolers.

Now there’s only one question for me to ask myself – which cooler would I like.   What about you, have you found a cool inflatable cooler for your Halloween celebrations yet?

One final word – don’t forget to add a few ‘surprises’ in the ice when you fill up your cooler.  Plastic spiders or eyeballs are always a fun find when you’re grabbing a bottle or can out of the cooler and adds to the ambiance very nicely!


Zombie Costumes for Girls

Zombie costume ideas for girlsGirls Can Be Zombies Too!

Not all girls want to dress up as ladybugs, butterflies or princesses, it appears as though ‘sugar and spice’ doesn’t always apply and some girls would rather be monsters, rock stars or even Batman for Halloween or any other fancy dress event!   This leads to this amazing compilation of cool zombie costumes for girls.

Luckily if they hanker after the gorey side when it comes to costumes there are lots of different zombie outfits that they might enjoy. To be honest I think my daughter loves the idea of dressing as a zombie because of the cool make-up more than the actual outfits!
Zombie Doll Costume, Large
Some girls can alternate between tomboy and ‘girly girl’ and if that’s the case then you could try this featured costume for them – the doll can embrace their inner girly girl while the zombie part can embrace their rock chick, monster loving tomboy side!


Zombie Prom Queen Costume

A Gothic Looking Costume

If your little girl loves the Gothic touch then she might like this prom queen costume, she can choose to have a more glamorous Gothic style make up with dark eyes and black or red lipstick or she can add more of the gore factor by having more zombie features and a few decaying wounds on her face and/or arms.

Celina Girls Zombie Prom Queen Dress (4 Piece)

The costume includes the dress, sash and fingerless lace gloves – the gloves will probably get quite a bit of post costume wearing as well as they never seem to go totally out of fashion!

The wig looks good in this picture, but is un-necessary as you can get temporary hair dye designed to add a zombie effect to your hair. If you do decide to get a wig and it’s a cheap one you can actually get small sections of the hair and put it under a blow dryer – the wig will melt some of the hairs together to give it that clumpy, unkempt look that zombies are known for.


Zombie Ballerina Costume

Not As Graceful as Human Ballerinas!

Zombie Ballerina Girls Costume M M

You could let your daughter wear this costume and still tell everyone at work (or your in-laws) that your daughter’s dressing as a ballerina this year. You’re not lying and they won’t even think that you mean a zombie ballerina, after all has anyone seen a zombie try to dance let alone attempt Swan Lake!

A Zombie from Yesteryear

An Old School Zombie Costume For Girls

Forum Novelties Zombie Girl Costume

This costume harks back to earlier times – a little girl from the Edwardian or Victorian era, was she a maid or one of the daughters of the house and how did she become part of the undead – so many questions!


A Zombie Banana Costume

A Fun Unisex Costume Idea

Zombie Banana Costume

Both girls and boys can dress in this fun costume – just how do bananas become zombies? I don’t think anyone can answer that, but no one can deny it’s not an awesome looking costume. The costume is made of polyfoam and you will have to make sure they wear a skivvy/t-shirt and leggings/trousers under it, but this is definitely a showstopper as far as children’s costumes go!

Cool Zombie Costumes for Girls ideas

80s Costume Ideas for Women

Dress Like an Eighties Girl!

Rubiks Cube CostumeLooking for some 80s costume ideas for women?   You’ve come to the right place if you want to take a trip back in time to the decade that rocked!

If you love the 80s then you might want to throw an eighties party so that you can nostalgically dress in some of the cool 80s fashions, then again you could just go back to the 80s for Halloween this year. Whatever reason you have for wanting to dress up in cool, retro fashion I promise to give you lots of cool costume ideas to choose from.

Create your own 80s outfit, dress like you did way back then or pretend to be an 1980s star – the options are all yours.

Make sure you have plenty of extra strong hold hairspray because we need big hair to go with these outfits – what are you waiting for we’re going back to the 80s man and there’s just no stopping us!

The Big List of 80s Costumes for Women

The Most Bodacious Costume Ideas Ever!

There are lots of great costume ideas for women, you can make your own or buy ready made costumes the choice is yours, but what exactly do you want to dress up as?

I’m going to start with a big list of all of the 80s costume ideas I can think of and then we’ll go into more detail on a few of them further down the page. If you see one that takes you fancy and it’s a link then click on the link to go to that part of the page (or another webpage) for more details.

  • 80s Goth
  • 80s Hip Hop
  • 80s Pop Diva
  • 80s Preppie
  • 80s Rock Chick
  • 80s Soap Star
  • 80s Yuppie
  • Annie Lennox
  • Blondie
  • Cher
  • Christie Hyde
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Flashdance
  • Joan Jett
  • Kim Wilde
  • Lady Diana Spencer
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Madonna
  • Olivia Newton John
  • Pac Man
  • Princess Leia (1983 saw her in her famous ‘slave Leia’ bikini from the movie Return of the Jedi)
  • Rubiks Cube
  • She-Ra
  • ‘Simply Irresistible’ Girl
  • Siouxsie Sioux
  • Supergirl
  • Tina Turner
  • Wonder Woman

Creating an 80s Goth Look

Looking on the Dark Side

The Goth subculture was born in the 80s which is why the Gothic look associated with this decade is often referred to as Traditional Goth (or 80s Goth).   The 80s embraced bands such as The Cure and All About Eve which seemed to embrace the darker side of life.

One of the things that you think about when you think of Goth is black clothing although it was really about irony as well – wearing an old white wedding dress with big Gothic hair was seen (and photographed for Sunday paper excerpts) around cities in the UK etc.

If you’re thinking of creating an 80s Goth costume though I think you should go with the black look that everyone is familiar with.

If you don’t have black hair consider dying it and then back-combing to get a lot of volume, alternatively you could try one of these wigs. This black shag hair do works really well in a Gothic look, it would also work for a punk or rock look too.

The good thing about this particular wig is that it suits for either a male of female costume so if your partner is dressing up in an 80s Goth fashion as well you could get two of them!

If you prefer a longer hair style then you could try the next wig.

Personally I would backcomb this wig a bit to get more volume (I much prefer the one above for a costume idea).

Of course it’s not just about the hair when it comes to creating an 80s Goth costume is it?   You also need to get the make up right, the first thing I think of is the heavy black eyeliner, black eye shadow, pale skin and the choice of bright red or black lipstick (although I’ve seen some costumes where people have worn purple and have pulled it off very well).

Don’t forget the black nail polish.   Back in the 80s it wasn’t as commonly used as it is these days and was really mainly Goths that wore black on their nails.

Next up we have to think of what to wear and a long black skirt is the way to go, you can use a black maxi skirt which would look really good.   What would be even better is if you could find a black 80s petticoat skirt – these skirts had a ragged looking edge to them which was just perfect.

Over the skirt you’ll need to wear an over-sized black t-shirt and to this you can add a studded belt if you like and finish off with a leather jacket if you have one although it’s not really important that you have that, some Goths just wore long black coats, especially in winter.

But what about footwear for a Goth?

Doc Martens are a classic 80s Goth boot – you basically want a pair of boots that say – don’t mess with me – and Doc Martens say that best!

A lady Goth could get away with wearing a Victorian style heeled boot however, although I tended to prefer Doc Marten rip-offs when I was going through my Goth stage, but that was just because I was a broke teen and couldn’t afford genuine DMs.

Dance & Fitness Inspired 80s Costume Ideas

Flashdance, Fame & Fitness Costumes

Two 80s classic dance movies were Flashdance and Fame and between then they introduced legwarmers to the 80s fashion scene!

Flashdance Costume

Not only did we have the two movies mentioned above, but one of them – Fame – spawned a popular television show which meant that dance wear and fashion melded together.

Add the aerobic fitness craze that caught peoples attention during this decade, thanks in part to Jane Fonda’s fitness videos and everyone was ‘Getting Physical’, not just Olivia Newton John!

So how can you pull together a dance or fitness inspired 80s costume?

You first step for this costume is to get a high cut leotard. You wear this leotard over the top of either leggings or bike pants with either a pair of slouch socks or (preferably) leg warmers and some sneakers.

Next you’ll want to wear a thin belt around your waist (you want to be sure everyone notices your waistline, your sweaty aerobics classes aren’t being taken for fun you know!).

An optional idea is to wear an 80s string vest over the top of your leotard, either black if you’re wearing bright colors or if you have fairly muted colors then make sure the vest is a neon color (neon pink is particularly nice over grey or black workout clothes). Alternatively you can wear an off the shoulder t-shirt over your leotard. You can source these shirts in a number of high street shops these days or else you can take a pair of scissors to a t-shirt that you already own.

Here’s a tutorial on transforming one of your existing t-shirts into an off the shoulder cute top – DIY Off the Shoulder Shirt.

Now you need to add sweatband to your wrists and you’re nearly ready.

As far as make up is concerned I would just add clear (or very pale pink) lip gloss, but a little blue mascara is a nice touch if you want to add more than just lip gloss. If you have long hair then the easiest way to wear it is in a simple, high ponytail. If you have shorter hair then try and lift it abit (google 80s hairstyles for ideas), next (and very importantly) you’ll need to add a headband!

Pac Man Costume Ideas

I love Pac Man it really is an iconic 80s video game which makes it perfect as a costume idea. Some of the Pacman costumes are unisex which are cool, but some are made especially for women in the form of tank dresses. I’ve added a selection of both for you to look at here –

 Pac-Man Deluxe Tank Dress Adult Costume Pac-Man Video Game Screen Tank Dress Pac-Man Deluxe Adult Costume (Standard) Pac-Man Blinky Deluxe Adult Costume Pac-Man Blinky Deluxe Tank Dress Adult Costume Pac-Man Pinky Deluxe Adult Costume

Both the power pellet style of costume featured above and the lady’s pinky costume are available in all of the ‘ghosts’ namely Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde as well as the power pellet. You can make a group costume up with your friends including Pacman himself along with all four ‘ghosts’ and if you have a sixth person a power pellet as well.

Rubiks Cube Costume

A Fun 80s Costume Idea

Another fun and iconic 80s game is the rubiks cube, I say game, but for many it was a source of extreme frustration! It is a quickly recognized icon of the eighties however which makes it a great costume idea.

You can buy this costume here or make your very own costume, all you need is a big box, paint and black electrical tape.

Rasta Imposta Rubik’s Cube, Multi, Adult

It’s been a few years since I made a Rubiks Cube costume, but I do remember that I had forgotten I would need to go to the toilet much to my friend’s amusement!

Now how you wear this will depend on the size of the box you get – if you get a big enough one you could have the top resting on your shoulder, otherwise you’ll need to use braces to keep it in place around the middle of your body.

I cut out the bottom of the box so that I could walk properly, I also cut a good size hole in the top so that I could fit it over my head, but not too big so that it could sit on my shoulders – obviously if you’re wearing yours lower you’ll have to see if your shoulders or hips are the smallest and cut a hole to accommodate them.

I also had arm holes cut out of two sides of the box, but if you’re using braces to keep the cube around your middle you won’t need these.

Now paint each side of your box a different color, using the colors of the rubiks cube – red, orange, yellow, blue, white and green. Now you need to use the black electrical tape to transform these solid colored sides into nine smaller squares.

Wear black leggings and a black t-shirt underneath the box.

More Fun 80s Costumes

Ready Made 80s Costumes for Women

There are so many different ideas for costumes I just had to add these fun ideas to the page for you to look at as well.

 Rubie’s Costume 80’S Diva, Black, Standard Costume 80’s Soap Star Adult Costume Women’s New Wave Rocker Costume

Ideas for Creating Your Own 80s Costumes

DIY 80s Outfits for Women


80s Costume Ideas for Women

Zombie Costumes for Men

Cool Adult Zombie Costumes Men Will Love

Zombie Costumes MenI love how much zombies have impacted on pop culture recently and one of the reasons I love this is because of the range of zombie costumes now available. If you want to buy a costume as opposed to making your own the selection only a few years ago was very small, now it’s amazing.

I’ve selected some of the men’s costumes that I think are the best so whether you’re shopping for Halloween, a Zombie Walk or you just want to look like a zombie then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this cool outfits.

Relive your ‘glory days’ with a zombie football player or go back in time to become a zombie gladiator, it’s a case of anything goes when it comes to zombie costumes!

Zombie Gladiator Costume

An Undead Roman Can’t Be Beaten!


Zombie Gladiator Costume

A Roman Gladiator who becomes a zombie, surely that means he really is unstoppable? Not only is he strong, he no longer feels pain and just keeps going. Unfortunately he probably doesn’t even remember who he is or even who he’s supposed to be defeating, all he wants is more brains!!

Zombie Stormtrooper

Star Wars is Now Zombie Wars!

This costume is absolutely perfect for any Star Wars fan who also loves zombies – it really is a perfect cross-over costume that I could see as being a cult hit! Now I wonder if Chewie could ever become a zombie……

Adult Deluxe Death Trooper Costume

This costume includes the jumpsuit with attached armor as well as a two pieced mask and a belt. I think it looks sensational and as a bonus you just need to put this on and you’re done. No need to worry about hair or make up which will save you a lot of time and mean you’re ready to get your zombie on in plenty of time!

Zombie Football Player Costume

A Sporty Zombie?

I think this costume is a really cool concept. The poor guy hasn’t had a chance to finish living his ‘glory days’ before he was infected by a zombie, but at least he won’t have to keep re-living them as the best days of his life!!

Could you imagine a whole team of zombies playing football …… maybe if the football was a brain they’d be more interested, what do you think?

Smiffy’s Men’s High School Horror American Footballer Costume with Top Trousers and Helmet, Multi, Large

This costume consists of three pieces – helmet, shirt and pants. You’ll need to add face paint to make your eyes really dark and decide on what footwear to add to it.

Zombie Monk Costume

This Zombie Has Taken Holy Orders!


Zombie Monk Costume

A monks costume is what my husband always refers to as a very ‘forgiving’ costume which some people will appreciate. This very tatty looking robe comes with a hood which means you don’t have to worry about a wig or doing something zombie like with your hair (always a bonus!). The costume also includes a shoulder stole which has the cool cross details on it. Just stay away from the Holy Water as I’m not sure what it will do to a zombie, I know it burns vampires…..

Zombie Costumes for Men