Inflatable Halloween Coolers – A Practical Halloween Decoration

Inflatable Halloween CoolersKeep your drinks cool in spooky style this Halloween with a cool inflatable Halloween cooler. There are lots of great inflatable coolers available which do a great job of keeping drinks cool, but these coolers also double up as Halloween decorations.

Coffins and skeletons are particularly popular Halloween decorations and so I think either of these coffin coolers would be fantastic.

Personally I always like to use a cauldron or two at Halloween, usually with punch over dry ice for an eerie effect, but I think a cauldron cooler might be a good idea as well. I particularly like the cauldron cooler with the flame garland – very nice!

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 Purple Inflatable Skeleton Cooler Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler Skeleton in Coffin Inflatable Cooler Inflatable Cauldron Coolerwith Flames 3′ Inflatable Witch Cauldron Cooler Inflatable Cauldron Halloween Cooler

You don’t have to use an inflatable cooler of course, but they are very practical and best of all once your Halloween celebrations are over they can be deflated and packed away for another year – a lot easier than some other coolers.

I also like the idea of using an ice bowl inside of a pumpkin (I’ve seen that in lots of places online), but it seems a lot of work and I’m not sure it would actually end up looking quite as cool as some of these coolers.

Now there’s only one question for me to ask myself – which cooler would I like.   What about you, have you found a cool inflatable cooler for your Halloween celebrations yet?

One final word – don’t forget to add a few ‘surprises’ in the ice when you fill up your cooler.  Plastic spiders or eyeballs are always a fun find when you’re grabbing a bottle or can out of the cooler and adds to the ambiance very nicely!

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