Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween PumpkinsWhat ever you did with your Pumpkins this Halloween I’m sure they looked fantastic, I’ve gathered a few images of pumpkins that I’ve come across this Halloween to help give you some inspiration for future years.

I especially think the ‘smoking’ pumpkin looks cool.

Whether you like to carve your pumpkins, decorate them with facial features push ins or stickers or whether you just purchase plastic pumpkins you know when you start to see these guys around it’s Halloween time!

Halloween Pumpkins

I hope you love this selection of Halloween pumpkin images I’ve found for you, but what if you want to create some of the ideas?

Well you don’t have to carve your Halloween pumpkins freestyle as you can get stencils which makes things a lot easier.  These stencils can also be used to paint your pumpkins which can be fun to do with the kids as well.

You can also use stickers to decorate your pumpkins and this can be a fun way of letting younger children decorate their own pumpkins.

Talking of letting the children decorate their own pumpkins I have also seen some fun push in decorations for pumpkins, although not pictured above this look like a LOT of fun!

Wait!  What about that smoking pumpkin?  Well if you carve a pumpkin and then get some dry ice and pop it inside it will create the smoking effect pictured.  Dry ice is a great way to make an impact on Halloween whether it’s with the pumpkins or as part of a made scientist display!