The Flintstones Fancy Dress Costumes

the flintstones costume ideasThe Flintstones fancy dress costumes are a great idea for any fan of Fred Flintstone and his friends and family.   I can’t think of a better crowd than the Flintstones and Rubbles to dress up as for a group costume idea, yabba dabba doo!

One of our friends actually dressed up as Barney Rubble many moons ago and did a really good job of it.   I haven’t actually seen any of our friends dress up as Fred and Wilma yet though so it could be a great idea for hubby and I this Halloween – what do you think?

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Enough yapping about the Flintstones, let’s look at their costumes…..

Adult Fred Flintstone Costume

The Flintstones’ patriarch is constantly scheming, although he has a big heart so if this sounds like you then check out the costume below –

Mascot Fred Flintstone CostumeMascot Fred Flintstone Costume


This mascot costume is a deluxe option for an adult Fred Flintstone costume – it includes a tunic with attached arms, pants, oversized feet covers and the best part of this particular costume – a mascot head! There’s absolutely no doubting who you are whether you’re saying yabba dabba doo or not!

There are other options for Fred Flintstones costumes which are the one’s that I’ve actually come across at fancy dress events in the past – I have yet to see the mascot one, although it’s the one I think looks best!

The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume,The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume,The Flintstones Fred Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume


Wilma Flintstone Fancy Dress Costume

Fred’s long suffering wife Wilma is also instantly recognizable to everyone who grew up watching The Flintstones on television and if you’re looking for a great idea for a couples costume then Fred and Wilma Flintstone certainly make a fun costume idea.

There are a couple of costumes available to buy for Wilma as you can see below –

The Flintstones Wilma Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Wilma Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Wilma Flintstone CostumeThe Flintstones Wilma Flintstone Costume


Pebbles Flintstone Halloween Costume

Fred & Wilma’s only child was a daughter named Pebbles and you can get a fun Pebbles costume below-

Pebbles Flintstone CostumePebbles Flintstone Costume


So before you can say yabba dabba doozie! You can dress up as Pebbles and be part of a Flintstones group costume idea. If you’re after a family costume then there are children costumes available as well.

Barney Rubble Halloween Costume

You can’t really have Fred without his best friend Barney who would always do ‘whatever you say, Fred’ before they both landed up in trouble! I do have to issue a warning on this costume though …….. a friend of ours dressed up as Barney Rubble for a fancy dress party more moons ago than I care to say and he is still being called Barney by everyone. The look was a little too convincing methinks.

He didn’t, however have this awesome mascot costume which looks amazing and would go really well with the Fred Flintstone Mascot Costume above.

Mascot Barney Rubble CostumeMascot Barney Rubble Costume


This mascot Barney Rubble Halloween costume comes with a tunic that has attached arms, it also comes with pants and the fun oversized foot covers that also accompanied the Fred costume above. Add to that the fun looking Barney Rubble mascot head and I don’t know which mascot costume I prefer!

You can find other Barney Rubble costumes as well, but really why would you?

Just in case you don’t like the idea of a mascot head which I must admit can seem a little claustrophobic at times then here’s a few other Barney Rubble costume alternatives –

The Flintstone's Barney Rubble Deluxe CostumeThe Flintstone’s Barney Rubble Deluxe CostumeThe Flintstones Barney Rubble Fancy Dress CostumeThe Flintstones Barney Rubble Fancy Dress Costume


Betty Rubble Halloween Costume

Great friends with Wilma Flintstone, Betty has to put up with Barney being regularly led astray by Fred and she does so while still looking pretty in a stone age way –

Betty Rubble Halloween CostumeBetty Rubble Halloween Costume


This costume even includes the wig so is perfect if you want to dress up as Betty Rubble. I must admit I always preferred Betty’s blue dress to Wilma’s wardrobe. The shoes featured above aren’t included but then I don’t recall seeing her ever wear shoes on the cartoon so I’d go barefoot.

There are a few other options for Flintstone costumes such as Dino the Flintstone’s pet or Bamm Bamm the Rubble’s son, but I think I’ve covered the main Flintstones in this post. Of course you may decide that you don’t want to buy a ready made costume and the Flintstone’s costumes are quite basic which makes then a great idea for a diy costume.


Flintstones Fancy Dress Costumes

Use a Fog Machine for the Ultimate Halloween Atmosphere

There’s just something about a foggy night which says spooky and what night should be spookier than all the others? Halloween of course! Whether you’ve chosen to go with a graveyard theme or a zombie decor or something completely different for Halloween this year I’m betting you can make it even better with a fog machine.

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine

This fog machine is the best selling one on Amazon and seems to do a great job for party use, I like to use it outside as opposed to inside because most fog machines tend to get a little hot when used inside. The key to getting a great effect is to use the right liquid aka fog juice as it’s called.

When you buy this particular fog machine it comes with a bottle of fog juice that you can use, unfortunately this can cause the machine to get a little plugged up.   This can be fixed by running water through the machine after use, but I’d recommend getting a different fog juice.

In the States I’ve been told that Froggy’s Swamp Juice works beautifully in this machine so I’d try that out and see what a difference it makes.   Getting the right ‘juice’ really is the key to making the right fog for you so experiment before the actual day so that it’s perfect if you’re holding a Halloween party.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering about making your own fog juice and you’ve seen that it has to be water based so you’re about to start searching the net in an attempt to save money for your Halloween event – am I right?   Don’t do it!   There are lots of problems with making your own fog juice that far outweigh any of the economic savings that you may make.

One way to ensure that your party is remembered for all of the wrong reasons is by poisoning your guests with formaldehide (a colorless, toxic gas that can be released if you get your chemistry wrong when making up your fog juice).   Save any mad scientist urge for your Halloween decor and not for mixing your own ‘juice’ and you’ll have a great party with plenty of atmosphere!


Lady Gaga’s Bodysuit Inspired Costumes

Lady Gaga has certainly made her stamp on pop culture and in particular with her array of amazing costumes.   In her early days she really seemed to re-define the simple bodysuit turning it into a number of different outfits, let’s have a look at how she did this in her unique style.

Black, red and nude are all colors of bodysuit that Lady Gaga has embraced as her own and each one has been worn differently.

The Black Bodysuit

If you purchase a black body suit or you already own one there are two different ways in which you can turn it into a Lady Gaga outfit.

One way is by copying this poster image and combining the bodysuit with a Lady Gaga inspired ‘hood‘, black gloves, a red belt and (of course) a pair of classic wayfarers.

Another look which has been based around a black bodysuit called for it to be teamed with a black jacket, black gloves, a long blonde wig (unless you have long blonde hair yourself – straight not curly).   Complete the look with a pair of wayfarers and a gold multi strand waist chain around (funnily enough) your waist!

The White Bodysuit

The white bodysuit gets a totally different look and this is where you can let your creativity take over as you make some origami diamonds!   Lady Gaga combined her white bodysuit with the same long blonde wig used above, but added origami style diamonds on one shoulder of her bodysuit.   These should also be white in color.

How to Make Origami Diamonds – This link will help show you how to make them, now okay I’ll admit I doubt the Mother Monster uses actual origami herself, but it’s the look that she adopted and for a costume affair I wouldn’t try and replicate the look in fabric myself and would stick to cardstock.

The Red Bodysuit


When it comes to wearing a red bodysuit you need to team it with a black belt, red gloves, a red hood, long blonde wig, large oversized wayfarers and a long gold chain around her neck.

You’re going for the screen siren look so make sure you paint your lips as red as the bodysuit and wear very high black stilettos so that you give that ‘Marilyn wiggle’ when you walk!

As far as make up goes (besides the red lipstick) stick to false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara and an almost nude eyeshadow – you can keep things understated because you’re not going to be taking off those sunglasses day or night!

The Nude Bodysuit

When it comes to pulling off a Lady Gaga costume starting with a nude bodysuit you have three different outfits you can try and emulate.

The first look is one that scandalized Parisians when she first ventured out in it as at first glance it looked like she’d gone out wearing a blazer and nothing else!

You’ll need to team your bodysuit with a beige/taupe blazer style jacket, a string of pearls, a large bag (the YSL downtown bag is the one Lady Gaga actually used, but I would use an imitation myself!), Harry Potter inspired glasses and the infamous Gaga hair bow.

The second look is completely different and requires you to team your bodysuit with a big pair of wayfarers, a leather jacket, fishnet tights (and they can have holes in them if you like) along with a thick leather choker style necklace.

The third look is what I’ve seen referred to as Lady Gaga’s Purple Beehive look.   Team the bodysuit up with a white jacket that has 3/4 length sleeves and large purple framed sunglasses (I think they were Tom Fords).   Combine this with a pair of high heels that have laces tied up and around her legs and then the hair ……. what can I say?   You’ll need a wig and a hair piece for this style I think – basically add a long, straight, blonde wig and assemble a purple beehive on top of this with the hairpiece – I haven’t quite worked out how to do this yet!

Now what if you want a ready made Lady Gaga costume and you like the idea of the classic bodysuit look?   Well I’ve got you covered right here –


Lady Gaga Hooded Bodysuit CostumeLady Gaga Hooded Bodysuit Costume

For more Lady Gaga costume ideas be sure to check out this great page –

Lady Gaga Costumes