Halloween Candy Bowls

Halloween Candy Bowls

Halloween Candy Bowls

One of the best things about Halloween, besides getting to decorate your house and dress up in some cool costumes, is the candy!

Where do you keep all of your Halloween candy though?   The best place is in a Halloween candy bowl near the door so that it’s easy to hand out to all of the visiting ‘trick or treaters’ that should come calling.

Now you could use a plain bowl, after all the children just want the candy, but I do like to get a special bowl to keep candy in.   It’s also good to use a Halloween candy bowl as part of your overall Halloween decor.   If you’re going to use a plain bowl then try and get an orange or a black bowl to use.

Another alternative if you’re giving out wrapped candy is to chop the top off of a pumpkin, hollow it out and use that as your Halloween bowl. You can choose whether or not you want to add a ‘face’ to your hollowed out pumpkin or not, there are certainly some fun stick on features that can give your pumpkin candy bowl a bit of personality.

Ghost Candy Dishes

Spookily Good Halloween Candy Bowls

Ghosts love Halloween as it’s a great night to venture out without worrying that someone may see you! Let’s face it you can’t have a haunted house without ghosts and with it being All Hallows Eve you just know that there are a lot of ghosts roaming the earth.

Rubies Halloween Decor Candy Holder and Bowl, Ghost

This ghost candy holder is a very cute looking ghost who is drooling over all of your treats. There are other ghost candy dishes available if you don’t fall in love with this cute fella however. Here’s a couple of other ones for you to enjoy –

Grasslands Ghost with Pumpkins Candy Dish Dispenser with LidAwesome Jim Shore Ghosts on Pumpkin Candy Dish

Haunted House Candy Dish

A haunted house is an especially popular theme for Halloween, along with everything that goes along with Haunted Houses like ghosts, skeletons, bats and even a raven or two.

Department 56 M&M’s Lighted Spooky House & Candy Dish

For a more colorful ‘spooky’ haunted house you can’t go past this fun M&M Halloween candy dish. It looks enticing in a spooky way and before you can say – don’t go in there – you just know that children everywhere will be reaching for the candy!

Skull Candy Dishes – More Halloween Candy Bowls

With Halloween being all about the dead walking the earth it makes sense that you may see a few skulls on your travels!

Scary Skull Candy Dish – Perfect for Halloween!The Ultimate Skull Candy Dish/BowlSkull Candy Canister/Jar – Trick or Treat!

Pumpkin Halloween Candy Dishes

If you don’t want to hollow out a pumpkin to create your very own ‘organic’ candy bowl you could try some of the cute pumpkin inspired candy dishes available like these –

Realistic Ceramic Pumpkin Halloween Candy BowlPumpkin Patch Covered Candy DishSmiling Halloween Pumpkin Candy Plastic Bowl

Spider Candy Bowls

Spiders are another symbol of Halloween and I find it amusing as to how many different people are scared of spiders ……. but are they scared enough NOT to reach into one of these bowls for some Halloween candy? I think not!

DII Spooks and Hoots Spider Ceramic Treat BowlSpiderweb Serving Bowl for Halloween CandyHallmarks 2009 Halloween Spider Candy Bowl

Witches, Black Cats & Cauldrons – More Halloween Candy Bowls to Choose From

There are lots and lots of cool Halloween bowls to choose from including animated ones and lots of different themed dishes, but I’ll just finish off with these classic Halloween symbols for you and hope you find the perfect one for your Halloween decor ……. I do like a cauldron or too in my house, but I’m usually stirring up a Halloween cocktail or two in mine and not storing candy!

Witches Trick or Treat Canister/JarJim Shore Halloween Witch With Cauldron Candy DishWitches Brew Halloween Candy BowlBig Mouth Black Cat Trick or Treat BowlAkro-Mils Cauldron Pot, 8.25-Inch, BlackEvil Grinning Cat Halloween Candy Bowl

Cool Halloween Cocktails

Halloween cocktailsThere are some really cool Halloween cocktails to enjoy and I think Halloween is a great excuse to dress up your drinks in Halloween style!  Cocktails are always served at my parties but when it comes to Halloween parties I find mixing the cocktails even more fun!

There are so many Halloween cocktails to choose from including the classic Bloody Brain or Brain Haemorrhage shooters that just look gruesome to the cool looking Halloween Screwdriver and more besides.

NOTE: The author may receive a commission from purchases made from links in this article – more information below

The Halloween Screwdriver is so easy to make as it simply has two ingredients – black vodka and orange juice.   Blavod vodka is a vodka that is black in color because of the use of black catechu that is used in making it, this does change the complexity of the flavor, but the rewards in looks (especially at Halloween) more that make up for this.

The Halloween Screwdriver

3 oz Blavod black vodka

3 oz orange juice

Fill a collins glass with ice and pour in the orange juice, the next step is to slowly float the Blavod onto the top.   The end result is a drink that is orange on the bottom and black on the top – a perfect Halloween cocktail!

I would love to try this, but unfortunately I can’t get hold of Blavod vodka where I live so I have to enjoy seeing other people post their cool Halloween cocktail images instead!

More Cool Halloween Cocktails

There are so many different Halloween cocktails to choose from that sometimes it can be hard cutting it down to just a few, but remembering too many cocktail recipes…………..the solution is to buy some Halloween cocktail recipe cards and keep them on hand when you’re mixing up Halloween drinks that will wow your guests.

Another option is to simply serve cocktails that you know in funky Halloween glassware and re-name them thinks such as the Voltuiri Kiss, Blackbeard’s Revenge, Sweet Murder, Zombie Blood…….you get the idea and feel free to use any of these names if you get stuck thinking up your own 🙂

Bloody Cocktail 2
This cocktail is simply labeled the Bloody Cocktail and although I don’t know what’s in it I can tell you how you can achieve the same look.   Simply mix up a White Russian (kahlua, vodka and cream or half and half).   Use Karo syrup around the edge of a wine glass (you can check out how to do this at the Vampire Cocktails page), next drape a gummy worm over the side of the glass.

There you have it a spooky looking cocktail ideal for Halloween and yet a cocktail recipe that you probably already know and love.

Want more ideas for a Halloween Cocktail or two then be sure to check out my huge Halloween Cocktail post brimming full of recipe ideas.

cool halloween cocktails ideas

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Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas – What Treats Are You Making?

Homemade Treats for Halloween – Yummy & Scary!

Trick or Treat Poster

Do you make your own candy or other treats for Halloween? Some years it can be a lot easier just to buy some in, but if you’ve got time there are so many different treats you can make to fill you Halloween candy bowl or even as snacks and finger food for any Halloween party you’re hosting.

You can actually make snacks, candy and other treats based around different themes like spiders, bats, ghosts and more or you can use a combination of ideas to really impress guests and/or trick and treaters.

One of my favorite ways of making Halloween treats is simply to use some of the myriads of spooky chocolate molds, but that’s probably because I’m a chocoholic! Cupcakes are also a sweet treat that my family like me to make for Halloween, but funnily enough they usually get eaten before any trick or treaters make the rounds!

Let’s have a look at some of the delicious Halloween treat recipes I’ve found and a few cool ideas (severed fingers anyone?) that I’ve shared here…….

On this page I’ve included links to lots of yummy recipes along with things like candy molds to help you create some delicious Halloween recipes.

There’s also some great pictures to help give you some cool ideas for bring the yum factor and the eww factor together!

Ghostly Treats – Perfect for Halloween! – Make Your Own Delicious Snacks

Using molds you can make your own Halloween candy or chocolate to whatever shape you like. These ghost candy molds would be great made with white chocolate.

Chocolate Candy Mold – Spooky Ghost

After making these with white chocolate my dd likes to use some dark chocolate to make little eyes on them.

Simply melt the dark chocolate and place in a zip lock plastic bag, cut a small hole in one corner so that you have your own piping bag (make sure it’s not too big or the ‘eyes’ will look weird!), next simply squeeze a dot out for each eye – it really adds to the look of the chocolates.

For more ghostly ideas for a spooky Halloween treat check out these links.

  • Ghost Toasts
    Super easy these phantoms make a great finger food idea for any Halloween gathering.
  • Banana Ghosts
    Delicious and healthy and let’s not forget it’s also a ghost! Can you get much better with Halloween food than this??!!
  • Ghoulish Ghost Cakes
    These gruesome goodies may send shivers down your spine, but they’ll delight your taste buds!
  • Ghost Sticks
    Pretzels are always a great idea for a party snack food and when you add chocolate to them – yum! Turning them into ghosts give you a Halloween slam dunk when it comes to food that your party guests will enjoy.

Mummy Treats – Treats Worth Busting Out of Bandages For!

Using these candy molds you can create some really delicious Halloween candies or chocolates.

Casket with Mummy Chocolate Candy Mold

These are another type of mold that looks best made with white chocolate, yum doesn’t it make you wish you could celebrate Halloween every day of the year?!!

There are lots more ways to add a mummy treat to Halloween and here’s one of them –

  • Mummy Cookie Pops
    These are essentially cookies on a stick, but they also look so cute that anyone who sees them will totally fall in love with them.

Bony Treats – Skulls That Are Good Enough to Eat!

Bones and skeletons are found in graveyards which makes them staples for Halloween. Again using candy molds are a nice and easy way of creating some fantastic Halloween candy and these skull candy molds are some of the more popular ones sold.

Skull Pop Hard Candy Mold

Candy skulls are also great to serve up for pirate parties.

White chocolate is generally the one to use, but if you drop a little red food coloring into the melted chocolate you can get some hot pink skulls which look cool for a punk princess style of party as well as for a child’s funky Halloween treat.

There are other ways of creating delicious bone treats and here are some of them from salty to sweet.

  • Salty Bones
    These are ideal finger foods for a Halloween party or if you were making a Halloween dinner then these would be ideal to serve up to guests as they were waiting for the first course to arrive.
  • Meringue Cookie Bones
    Meringues are delicious and when they’re shaped like bones they are perfect for Halloween or even a pirates birthday party!
  • Pirate Skull Cookies
    These cookies taste delicious and also look the part for a cool Halloween party or even for a pirates themed party.
Halloween Party Food

Halloween Food by Xoyos.com

Halloween Finger Food – Literally

Here are a couple of Halloween treats which could literally be used in the term finger food! Monster fingers or witches fingers the choice is yours –

  • Monster Fingers
    Delicious cheesy snacks that look just like scary fingers – do you dare to eat someone’s fingers?
  • Witch Finger Cookies
    Yummy cookies shaped like a witch’s fingers, the witch from Hanzel and Gretal might have been planning on fattening them up to eat, but now you can snack on her fingers instead!

Severed Finger Food Accessory

“Would you like some dip on your fingers ma’am?”

Severed Finger Food Props

This Severed Finger Food accessory will have your guests flipping out! Simply prepare a vegetable platter with dip and arrange the five severed fingers on the tray – oohhh it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!!

Edible Eyeball Treats – Food That Really is Watching You!

I’m not sure when eyeballs became part of Halloween, but they can look really yuk …….. and yet taste so delicious! Another way to carry on the ‘eyeball theme’ if you’re holding a party is by making eyeball ice cubes to serve in drinks. If you’re just providing things for trick and treaters then make sure to pop a few toy eyeballs in your candy bowl to give them a little fright as well!

Moving on – here’s some cool recipe links for you –

  • Peanut Butter Eyeballs
    Peanut Butter Eyeballs are a holiday variation of a popular candy called Buckeyes.
  • Eyeball Krispie Treats
    Delicious krispies made into eyeballs, what could be better for a Halloween treat?
  • Eyeball Cupcakes
    These cupcakes literally keep their eye on you as you devour them – spooky and perfect for Halloween.

Corn & Candy Corn – Great Halloween Food

Candy Corn was created in the 1880s and has been a staple of Halloween for as long as I can remember. This confection got it’s name because it mimics the look of North American corn. A very delicious Halloween treat.

Popcorn can also be a great treat at Halloween (or any time – I love my corn!) so here are some candy corn and pop corn inspired Halloween treats for you to enjoy.

  • Candy Corn Balls
    A sprinkling of candy corn makes these popcorn balls an extra-special treat. While boiling the syrup is a job for adults only, shaping the balls is a fun activity for little hands.
  • Halloween Popcorn Treats
    From Giada at Home are these delicious Halloween popcorn treats…
  • Hot ‘n’ Sweet Kettle Corn
    Rachel Ray’s delicious kettle corn treat is great for Halloween.

Pumpkin Inspired Edible Goodies

Pumpkins are a real Halloween tradition from pumpkin as an ingredient to carving out Jack O’ Lanterns. You can make lots of pumpkin inspired treats like pumpkin shaped cakes – big or small. You can even use the cupcake pans to make healthy (or unhealthy!) muffins in the shape of pumpkins. Of course you can’t go past pumpkin shaped candy…..it is supposed to be a Halloween treat after all!

When using candy molds for chocolate pumpkins I use white chocolate with a little orange food dye to make my pumpkin candy look fantastic.

Nordic Ware Pumpkin Patch PanNordic Ware Platinum 3-D Pumpkin PanChocolate Candy Mold – Pumpkin Lolly

Sweet Halloween Delights – Halloween Never Looked so Delicious!

Delicious Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Photo CreditsHalloween Cookies | Dracula Cupcake | Witches Fingers | Brownie Coffin | Halloween Cupcakes | Ghastly Cupcakes | Mummy Cupcakes

Don’t all of these delectable foods make you wish it was Halloween every day? I’d love to try the Brownie Coffin, but I wouldn’t say no to any of the other snacks either.

Bat Halloween Treats – Black & Mysterious But Always Delicious!

Bats are spooky creatures of the night that seen almost synonymous with Halloween so bat inspired treats seems very appropriate and these options are sure to be a bit hit.

  • Bat Chips
    With a cookie cutter and a little elbow grease, you can turn plain tortillas into creatures of the night.
  • Halloween Bat Treats
    From bat kisses to bat droppings and a few recipes inbetween…

For some of the above recipes you’ll need a bat cookie cutter. This are also fun to use to make your children bat shaped sandwiches for their lunch on Halloween to get them thinking of the evening of fun to come.

Old River Road Bat Shape Cookie Cutter, Copper

Spider Halloween Delights – Creepy, but Yummy!

Did you know that more people are scared of spiders than are scared of dying? Is it any wonder then that spiders should be popular at Halloween. With these spider treats you can give a boo! when you give a treat!

  • Crawly Spider Cakes
    I used snack cakes and Pocky to make crawly spider cakes for Halloween.
  • Oreo Spiders
    Spiders and oreos, what more could you want on Halloween?
  • Spider Cupcakes
    Are you looking for instructions to make some great looking spider cupcakes? I have some great spider cupcake recipes for you to choose from.

Spider on Web Chocolate Mold

I must profess to loving plain chocolate spiders and with this mold I can make them any day of the year, not just Halloween. In fact my daughter even requested them for her birthday! I simply melt chocolate and mix with sweetened condensed milk before pouring into the molds…….sometimes I’ve just melted the chocolate and poured it into the molds without mixing it with anything else, but the condensed milk adds a lovely sweetness to it.

Zombie Treats for You – The Undead Actually Taste Pretty Good Here!

Zombies may eat brains themselves, but when it comes to snacks for party goers I think zombie themed cupcakes and cookies are a much better idea!

  • Zombie Cupcakes
    Zombie cupcakes are a perfectly ghoulish treat to serve up at Halloween and here you will get some great ideas on creating your very own zombie cupcakes
  • Zombie Feet Cookies
    These cookies are absolutely awesome – very zombie-ish, including the festering skin of a zombie, perfect Halloween treat.

If you want to continue with the Zombie theme throughout your party or with other recipes you can take on zombie food by thinking of brains. This is especially cool if you’re having some of your children’s friends staying for dinner because meatballs take on a whole new dimension.

Make up meatball mixture as usually and then add some noodles (hokien work really well), make the mixture into balls (bumpy shaped balls work well with lots of noodle in each one) and then cook as normal either in a fry pan (skillet) or in the oven.

Serve the meatballs in a blood sauce tomato sauce and they’ll be eaten up in record speed!

For pudding you can serve up brains jelly by making your jelly in one of these brain ice cube molds.

Then again you can always make some brains cupcakes for the occasion check out this link for Martha Stewart’s take on Brains Cupcakes –

halloween cupcakes

Cupcakes Make A Great Treat – Spooky & Sweet – Halloween Cupcakes!

Cupcakes are great any day of the week and you can make special cupcakes for Halloween or just dress up your usual cupcakes with some of these cupcake decorations. From cupcake wrappers to cake picks there are lots of cool ways of dressing up your cupcakes for a spooky feel.

 Wilton Halloween Baking Cupcake Decorating Kit Wilton Witch Cupcake Combo Pack, # 415-7087 Wilton Skeleton Cupcake Combo Pack, # 415-7081 Wilton Halloween Skeleton Cupcake Wraps Halloween Black Laser Cut Cupcake Wrappers Halloween Cupcake Paper Baking Cups – 100 Count DecoPac Bats DecoPic Cupcake Picks (12 Count) Cupcake/Cake Halloween Sign Picks Halloween Witch’s Hat Cupcake Toppers – 12 ct Jack O Lantern Halloween Cupcake Toppers – 12 ct Meri Meri Something Wicked Cupcake Kit DecoPac Halloween Icons Cupcake Picks (12 Count)

There are some really delicious Halloween cupcake ideas here for you to enjoy.

Halloween Cupcakes
Are you going to serve a Halloween cupcake or two this year? There are some great ways of making and/or decorating your Halloween cupcakes which I’ve tried to pull together here…

Halloween Treat Ideas – Halloween Cupcakes

I love cupcakes and Halloween means that I can experiment with some spooky, kooky or all together ecky Halloween cupcakes!   You can decorate your Halloween cupcakes so that they are also part of the ‘props’ at your Halloween get together.   There are so many different ideas for Halloween cupcakes and a number of them have been compiled in one place which is very conveniently called Halloween Cupcake.

This site lists a number of different types of Halloween cupcakes for you to try from Eyeball Cupcakes to Spider Cupcakes, Ghost Cupcakes to Brain Cupcakes if you can’t find a delicious tasting (although sometimes far from delicious looking!) cupcake to serve on Halloween at this site then there is something seriously wrong!

The site also tells you how you can ‘cheat’ if you don’t feel confident enough with your cake decorating skills so what more could you want?   Personally I don’t even want to wait until Halloween to start making these cupcakes!

Here’s some cool Halloween cupcake ideas from flickr –

Zombie Halloween CupcakesHalloween cupcakes - Moldy Chocolate

Halloween CupcakesMore Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Drinking Glasses

Halloween Drinking GlassesWhen you’re hosting a Halloween party there’s lots of things to consider including what Halloween drinking glasses you have.   Now you can get away with plain glassware and dress it up with different accessories, but there are some awesome Halloween glasses available if you want to go all out.

There are so many cool glasses available from Halloween wine goblets through to plastic tumblers for the children and my favorite – Halloween cocktail glasses.   I love mixing up some great Halloween cocktails which is why it’s important for me to have some good Halloween barware including glasses!

NOTE: The author may receive a commission from purchases made from links in this article – more information below

One of my favorite companies for Halloween stemware has to be Lolita, they have a fantastic selection and the quality is fantastic – all of the glasses are hand painted and they come in a round box that cushions the glass.   My recommendation is to keep the box to put them in for the rest of year and keep them safe.

Let’s have a look at a few of the Lolita wine glasses……

Halloween Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Lolita Stemware for the Witching Season!

 Enesco Lolita Wine Glass Fright Night Wine_Glass Lolita Pumpkin Patch Halloween Wine Glass Lolita Drinking With My Witches Wine Glass Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Halloween Party Lolita Love My Wine Glass, Ghost Party Lolita Halloween 2011, Mummy Wine Glass



Aren’t they cool? I must admit I have a soft spot for Lolita glassware as they do such a fantastic job of coming up with great creations for every season over and over again. If you want to see a cool collection of Halloween drinking glasses from martini glasses to pilsner glasses then you’ll love this link – Halloween Glasses.

Sometimes though it can be nice to just use plain glasses and decorate them yourselves with bloody rims or spooky ice cubes there are lots of different ways to really make your Halloween drinks give everyone a fright!   You can check out some cool ideas on the Halloween Drinks Decor page.

Halloween Drinking Glasses

Hi I’m Louanne from Everything Halloween, welcome to my blog! I just wanted to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the online world this is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is a very common way that bloggers make their money, if you want to find out more then check out this post to find out what is affiliate marketing and how we make money on this site,  If you want to see my full affiliate disclosure and the other ‘legal stuff’ then click here.