Halloween Candy Bowls

Halloween Candy Bowls

Ghostbusters Glow in the Dark Slimer Candy Bowl

One of the best things about Halloween, besides getting to decorate your house and dress up in some cool costumes, is the candy!

Where do you keep all of your Halloween candy though?   The best place is in a Halloween candy bowl near the door so that it’s easy to hand out to all of the visiting ‘trick or treaters’ that should come calling.

Now you could use a plain bowl, after all the children just want the candy, but I do like to get a special bowl to keep candy in.   It’s also good to use a Halloween candy bowl as part of your overall Halloween decor.   If you’re going to use a plain bowl then try and get an orange or a black bowl to use.

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Another alternative if you’re giving out wrapped candy is to chop the top off of a pumpkin, hollow it out and use that as your Halloween bowl. You can choose whether or not you want to add a ‘face’ to your hollowed out pumpkin or not, there are certainly some fun stick on features that can give your pumpkin candy bowl a bit of personality.

Ghost Candy Dishes

Spookily Good Halloween Candy Bowls

Ghosts love Halloween as it’s a great night to venture out without worrying that someone may see you! Let’s face it you can’t have a haunted house without ghosts and with it being All Hallows Eve you just know that there are a lot of ghosts roaming the earth.

Rubies Halloween Decor Candy Holder and Bowl, Ghost

This ghost candy holder is a very cute looking ghost who is drooling over all of your treats. There are other ghost candy dishes available if you don’t fall in love with this cute fella however. Here’s a couple of other ones for you to enjoy –

Grasslands Ghost with Pumpkins Candy Dish Dispenser with LidAwesome Jim Shore Ghosts on Pumpkin Candy Dish

Haunted House Candy Dish

A haunted house is an especially popular theme for Halloween, along with everything that goes along with Haunted Houses like ghosts, skeletons, bats and even a raven or two.

Department 56 M&M’s Lighted Spooky House & Candy Dish

For a more colorful ‘spooky’ haunted house you can’t go past this fun M&M Halloween candy dish. It looks enticing in a spooky way and before you can say – don’t go in there – you just know that children everywhere will be reaching for the candy!

Skull Candy Dishes – More Halloween Candy Bowls

With Halloween being all about the dead walking the earth it makes sense that you may see a few skulls on your travels!

Scary Skull Candy Dish – Perfect for Halloween!The Ultimate Skull Candy Dish/BowlSkull Candy Canister/Jar – Trick or Treat!

Pumpkin Halloween Candy Dishes

If you don’t want to hollow out a pumpkin to create your very own ‘organic’ candy bowl you could try some of the cute pumpkin inspired candy dishes available like these –

Realistic Ceramic Pumpkin Halloween Candy BowlPumpkin Patch Covered Candy DishSmiling Halloween Pumpkin Candy Plastic Bowl

Spider Candy Bowls

Spiders are another symbol of Halloween and I find it amusing as to how many different people are scared of spiders ……. but are they scared enough NOT to reach into one of these bowls for some Halloween candy? I think not!

DII Spooks and Hoots Spider Ceramic Treat BowlSpiderweb Serving Bowl for Halloween CandyHallmarks 2009 Halloween Spider Candy Bowl

Witches, Black Cats & Cauldrons – More Halloween Candy Bowls to Choose From

There are lots and lots of cool Halloween bowls to choose from including animated ones and lots of different themed dishes, but I’ll just finish off with these classic Halloween symbols for you and hope you find the perfect one for your Halloween decor ……. I do like a cauldron or too in my house, but I’m usually stirring up a Halloween cocktail or two in mine and not storing candy!

Witches Trick or Treat Canister/JarJim Shore Halloween Witch With Cauldron Candy DishWitches Brew Halloween Candy BowlBig Mouth Black Cat Trick or Treat BowlAkro-Mils Cauldron Pot, 8.25-Inch, BlackEvil Grinning Cat Halloween Candy Bowl

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