Halloween Treat Ideas – Halloween Cupcakes

I love cupcakes and Halloween means that I can experiment with some spooky, kooky or all together ecky Halloween cupcakes!   You can decorate your Halloween cupcakes so that they are also part of the ‘props’ at your Halloween get together.   There are so many different ideas for Halloween cupcakes and a number of them have been compiled in one place which is very conveniently called Halloween Cupcake.

This site lists a number of different types of Halloween cupcakes for you to try from Eyeball Cupcakes to Spider Cupcakes, Ghost Cupcakes to Brain Cupcakes if you can’t find a delicious tasting (although sometimes far from delicious looking!) cupcake to serve on Halloween at this site then there is something seriously wrong!

The site also tells you how you can ‘cheat’ if you don’t feel confident enough with your cake decorating skills so what more could you want?   Personally I don’t even want to wait until Halloween to start making these cupcakes!

Here’s some cool Halloween cupcake ideas from flickr –

Zombie Halloween CupcakesHalloween cupcakes - Moldy Chocolate

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