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Pirate Hats

pirate hatIf there’s one thing that will really complete a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking we think of black hats with a skull on the front of them, but these are really only derived from the Napoleonic pirates and pirates have reigned over the seas for many different eras. There are black pirate hats and brown pirate hats, there are feathered pirate hats as well as pirate hats in different designs.

Once you’ve picked your main pirate costume design, whether you’ve made it yourself or brought/hired one then you need to select a hat to suit. So ‘ahoy there me hearties and welcome aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Hat Page!’

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Pirate Headgear

What Do Pirates Wear On Their Heads?

Now some pirates just wear a bandana, some wear a bandana and a hat and others wear a headband or combine a headband with a hat. Some pirates just wear a hat, there really is not definitive answer to the question %u2013 what do pirates wear on their head?

Pirate Hats for Children

Pirate costumes are great for children and they will wear their pirate outfits everywhere if allowed! Here is a small selection of hats that children can add to their pirate costumes. Children’s pirate costumes usually come with their own hats or you can buy children’s pirate accessory kits that contain hats.

 Kid’s Pirate Hat Child Pirates of the Caribbean Hat Tattered Pirate Hat – Brown


Not A Pirate Hat, But….

….this headband with it’s own dreadlocks will make your child extremely happy if you add it to their pirate outfit.

 Child Pirate Head Scarf with Dreads

Make Your Own Pirate Hat

You can also make your very own pirate hat with paper, we used to make ours with a page from an old newspaper – this is a great fun activity on a rainy day.

Do You Need A Pirate Costume to Match Your Pirate Hat?

These pirate hats for children go really well when they’re wearing a complete pirate costume as well!

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Pirate Hats for Men

Men’s Pirate Hats

Here are some hats that are more of what we think of as a traditional pirate hat…..

 Jacobson Hat Company Men’s Caribbean Pirate with Braids, Brown, One Size TESOON Sweat Wicking Dew Rag / Skull Cap / Cycling Cap /Beanie /Adjustable Hat/Head Scarf /Chemo Caps / Fits under Helmets Revolutionary War Deluxe Colonial Tricorn Hat / Pirate Hat



More Pirate Hats

 Pirate Hat with Dread Locks Adult Pirate Tricorn Costume Hat


Let’s Not Forget the Rest of the Pirate Costume!

A hat alone doesn’t make a pirate, but some of these costumes will certainly make an impact!

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Pirate Hats for Ladies

There are so many different types of pirate costumes for women that sometimes the basic pirate hats above just aren’t quite enough. Here is a great collection of different types of ladies’ pirate hats so that you can match one to your own pirate costume perfectly.

 Pink Lace Pirate Hat Lady Buccaneer Hat Adult’s Black Lacey Pirate Costume Hat


A Costume for My Pirate Lady?

As much as any lady should own a hat, even the best pirate hat needs a great wardrobe to go with it

Pirate Costumes for Ladies
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Pirate Costumes

A Pirate Hat Alone Does Not A Pirate Make!

Check out these pages for all of your privateering needs…..

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