Halloween Decor

Spooky Halloween Decor from pumpkins to skulls and everything in betweenCreating a spooky decor to celebrate All Hallows Eve can be a lot of fun whether you’re opening up your home or just enjoying celebrating with your close friends and family.

My daughter really wants us to create a graveyard in the back garden this year and I think that might be quite fun too.   My husband would rather just get a fog machine, hang up our Halloween lights and maybe a small Halloween tree!

How to Decorate?

There are lots of different ideas for you to decorate your home and yard for Halloween and here are some of them –

Halloween Lights

There are lots of ways of adding some illumination to your Halloween decor from DIY options  using milk/juice cartons or pumpkins to large lit up ghosts & more.

 Set of 2 Halloween String Lights – Ghost and Pumpkin Icicle String Lights with 35 Halloween Spiders Halloween LED Flashing Skull Heads String Lights

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Halloween Trees

I love the idea of Halloween trees and personally would probably use a black one that I can ‘recycle’ as a dramatic Christmas tree once the haunting season is over!

Check out my selection of Halloween trees, all available to purchase online.

Animated Props

Animated props are a great idea for adding the screams to your Halloween and there are certainly lots of variations to choose from …

 SPELL-SPEAKING WITCH ANIMATED Animated Scary Pumpkin Head Person Prop 12 Ft Angel Of Death Life Size Animated Prop Gaseous Zombie Animated Fog Animated Flying Reaper (Standard) Morbid Enterprises Men’s Spazm, White, One Size

More Halloween Decor

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