Halloween Party Lighting – How to Create Atmosphere

How Will You Set the Mood This Halloween?  Spooky Halloween Party Lighting

Your Halloween party lighting is one of the key things in creating that perfect atmosphere.  My favorite part of Halloween is creating a spooky effect in the home or as part of your party decor and Halloween party lights can help you to achieve this.

Halloween party lighting can be used in several different ways – to light up the path to your house, outside for an outside party or even inside your house for a Halloween party or dinner with friends.

There are lots of different types of Halloween party lights that you can use – spider lights, pumpkin lights, ghost lights and so many more, I hope I’ve managed to give you a really good all round selection on this page – you can even make your own party lights with a few plastic drink containers which is really cool.

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If you have party lights at home that aren’t necessarily Halloween lights then think outside of the box as to ways of incorporating them in your decor to great effect.   If you remember my post on Creating a Bloody Bathroom it was suggested on there that you could use a strobe light behind the shower curtain to add another dimension.

Draping cobwebs over party lights can be another solution.   If you have spooky cups, mugs, glasses etc that you’re not planning on using to serve drinks then you could pop tea lights in them and have them scattered around to add a soft glow around the room.   The ideas are endless, but one thing is for sure adding some thought to how you use light at your Halloween party will add a lot to the atmosphere!

Lighting Up The Path

Halloween Party Lights

First we need to look at how to light up the garden path leading people up to your front door and there are a few different ideas for this.

One idea is to create your own lights which are really easy to do.

The other option is to buy lights designed to be put along the pathway and there are a few different options for these.

Creating You Own Halloween Party Lights

One of the easiest ways to light the path is by reusing your old plastic milk/juice bottles. We usually have the clear heavy plastic 2 lt milk cartons at home so we cut them off near the top and wash them out ready to use as party lights. Place a little sand in the bottom and pop in a tea light, the effect is great, but you can add to it by adding colored cellophane in black, orange and purple for a Halloween feel (we’ve also used green and red for Christmas).

Easy to make, looks great and you’re even recycling those old plastic containers – what’s not to love about this way to light up your path?

One cool idea that my dd wants us to try is this next one –

color changing ghost light

Color Changing Ghost Light

This ghost will light up the pathway and also give your guests a fright at the same time!

More ideas for lighting up the path –

 Grim Reaper Green Solar Lantern Pathway Markers Orange & Black Halloween Path Light, Pack of 24 3 LED Flashing Pathway Creepy Skull Markers

What Halloween Party Lights Would You Like?

There are so many different types of Halloween lights available that you really need to think of what theme you want to embrace – spiders, witches, skulls, pumpkins and more.   Let’s have a look at some of the selection available.

 Halloween Themed String Lights – Ghost and Pumpkin Bendable Copper Wire Lights With 25 Pumpkins Halloween Spider Light Set, Multi-Colored Halloween Ghost Light String Set Set of 3 Lighted Spooky Halloween Stake Ghost Set of 10 Halloween 3D Jack-O-Lantern Lights Spooky Halloween Light-Up Ghostly Witches 12 Flickering LED Witch Design Wax Votives Color Changing Flash LED Skull Light

Halloween party lighting

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