Ghost Costumes for Children

ghost costumes for kidsI think that a ghost costume is a great fancy dress outfit for a child, especially on Halloween.

Let’s face it what child hasn’t wanted to ‘play’ at being a ghost at one time or another – sneaking up on mom or dad with a sheet or towel over themselves and saying ‘boo!’ I can remember using my Nan’s spare sheets on many occasion and pretending to be Casper or some other ghost, my brother and I were always pulling her laundry cupboard apart – if not for use as a costume those sheets also made great forts when draped over chairs inside or between a tree and gooseberry bush outside!

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There are several ways in which you can ‘become a ghost’. You can use a sheet as I’ve mentioned about (see also the Ghost Costumes home page), you can get mom to make you your very own ghost costume, or you can purchase one of the ‘very fancy’ looking ghost costumes for children that I’ve showcased here.

Making a Ghost Costume for a Child

Children’s DIY Costume Ideas

Make your own, or your child’s ghost costume for this Halloween with the help of one of these patterns –

 Childrens/Boys Ghost Costumes McCall’s Sewing Pattern 4141 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2486 Misses, Men and Teen Costumes

Alternatively you can use one of these links to help make your own ghost costume for your child….

Ghost Costume

This ghost costume is very easy to make and includes step by step instructions along with a few tips.

Homemade Sheet Ghost Costumes

Turn some of your old sheets into perfect ghost costumes for your children.

Coolest Homemade Ghost Costumes

There are a few different ideas for making your own homemade ghost costumes here that have been submitted by people who have actually made them!

Cute Ghost Costumes

I have always thought that Casper was a very cute looking ghost and proof that you didn’t have to look terrifying to pull off a ghost costume effectively. These children’s ghost costumes prove that you really can add cute and ghost into the same outfit really well – don’t you just want to go ‘aaaahhhhh’?

If all ghosts looked this cute I’d be signing up as a ghost hunter!

 Kid’s White Ghost Halloween Costume Friendly Ghost (Small)

To achieve a real ghostly pallor you will need to use ghost inspired make-up.   Check out the Ghost Costumes main page for hints on make-up.   Children usually love an excuse to ‘paint’ their faces so this is yet another reason to dress your child up as a ghost this year!

More Ghost Costumes for Children

These Outfits Are A Little Scarier!

Forget the cute factor and go for a ghost costume with more of an edge with this selection …….. don’t let the kids know that they’re just as cute as the other costumes in your eyes though!

These fancy dress outfits are the type of ghost costumes I prefer over the cuter options above, although it’s hard to pick a favorite out of them all – what do you think?

 Ghost – Child Small Costume Cool Ghoul Costume, Large

Want More Ghost Costumes?

You can dress up as a whole family of ghosts if you want to and here’s some handy links –

Ghost Costumes – Home

Ghost Costumes for Men

Ghost Costumes for Women

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