Zombie Couples Costumes

Zombie costumes are hot, hot, hot this Halloween, but what if you’re looking for a couples costume?   Well there are lots of zombie costume ideas for couples including zombie police officers, zombie bride and groom or even zombie pirates.

If you want a cool Halloween couples costume this year then you should considerone of the options here –

Go back to school and become the prom queen and king of the undead with these zombie prom queen and king costumes –


Zombie Prom King CostumeZombie Prom King CostumeZombie Prom Queen CostumeZombie Prom Queen Costume


Another popular zombie couples costume idea is the zombie bride and groom, I actually featured a cool zombie bride and groom couples costume on this earlier post which has been popular and I’ve found another one here for you –


Zombie Groom CostumeZombie Groom CostumeZombie Bride CostumeZombie Bride Costume


Then of course there’s always the law enforcing zombie police officers that you can dress up as, these zombie police costumes are pretty cool –


zombie deputy costume


Another cool option is the zombie pirate couple, let’s face it pirates are always cool costumes to wear so if you combine that with zombies you just have to have a good costume! There are a few different zombie pirate costumes available that you can choose from, but I think these two make a perfect couple –