Halloween Hedge Lights

Spooky Halloween Lights

When it comes to creating a spooky atmosphere never underestimate the power of lighting…….and a fog machine comes in pretty handy as well!   There are lots of different ways to add Halloween lights to your decor, but let’s start with the walkway up to your house and set the scene for what’s ahead <cue>spooky music</cue>

On the Halloween Party Lights post I actually share with you a way to create home made Halloween lights to place along the path leading to your house, but there are lots of other ways in which you can decorate your garden path.

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These Halloween hedge lights however will really add some spookiness to your pathway.

 Haunted Hedge (Standard)


If you have a hedge, bushes or even a few potted plants you can really creep your guests out with the haunted hedges eyes above.   What could be hiding in the plants ready to jump out at them?    It will also fill them with trepidation wondering what else may be lurking around your spooky house.

Another option which is really cool is the spooky eyes  – see them in action below!

Buy the Spooky Eyes here and add some fright into your Halloween!

Other ways of decorating your pathway can be with Halloween string lights in your trees, lighted cauldrons or even light-up animated props on your front lawn.   Check out my Halloween Party Lights site above to get more ideas on how to really light up your Halloween decorating.

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