Halloween Trick or Treat Pails & Bags

Trick or TreatingNow when it comes to Trick or Treating it’s very important to take something with you to collect all of the candy in.   Now to be perfectly honest if I had been able to go trick or treating when I was a child then I’d have been quite happy with a shopping bag as long as it was big enough!

There are lots of cool pails to choose from as well as bags, personally the reusable canvas bags are great for going trick or treating with and as a parent I know they’ll fold away nicely for next year.   Sometimes though the children want a special pail or bucket because it’s licensed with one of their favorite characters or because that’s what their best friends have.

Trick or Treat Pails

There are some really cool trick or treat pails available and my daughter used to like a bucket as opposed to a bag because she found it easier to swing it as she walked (or sort of skipped) between houses!

There are some really cool trick or treat buckets available however from the simple pumpkin decorated plastic bucket below to licensed buckets.  Pumpkin or Jack O Lantern inspired pails are a classic and you can even get glow in the dark ones too –

 Glow-in-the-dark Jack-o-lantern Treat Pails with Carrying Handles Pumpkin Candy Holder 12 Mini Trick-or-treat Halloween Candy Bucket Halloween Orange Jack-o-lantern Treat Pails Ready for Trick-or-treaters


The other option is to get a licensed pail or one that matches whatever costume your child is going to be wearing there really is a trick or treating pail to suit everyone.

A constant favorite every Halloween seems to be Star Wars inspired trick or treating buckets including –

The Darth Vader Trick or Treat Pail

I have never got a Darth Vader bucket, but every year I see at least one Darth Vader Trick or Treat pail on my travels.   There are a few different versions that i have seen available in shops, but the one I see the kids with is the Darth Vader helmet shaped pail so if your child loves Star Wars (and hasn’t already got one of these) then you need to check out this trick or treat bucket –

Rubies Star Wars Darth Vader Trick-or-Treat PailRubies Star Wars Darth Vader Trick-or-Treat Pail


Reusable Trick or Treat Bags

Canvas Trick or Treat Bags

Now if your child is anything like I was as a kid then I didn’t care what I collected the candy in I just wanted the sweet stuff, if that’s the case then I recommend a canvas bag. Now there are lots of cheap plastic trick or treat bags available, but if you want to get something you can reuse over several years then, personally, I think canvas is the way to go.

There are a range of different Halloween bags available from the licensed ones that your child may grow out of to the Halloween themed trick or treat bags I’ve found for you here –

 TRICK OR TREAT TOTE BAG Personalized Trick or Treat Bag Pumpkin Tote Personalized Halloween Candy Bag Trick or Treat Personalized Trick or Treat Witch Bag Haunted House Halloween Trick Or Treat Canvas Bag Cute Vampire Trick or Treat Bag Market Tote Candy Corn Critters Reusable Grocery Bag Pumpkin Headed Ghost Trick or Treat Bag Cute Witch Trick or Treat Tote Bag


Another great thing about these canvas trick or treat bags is that they can be personalized which some kids absolutely love.

Cool Halloween T-Shirts

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Cool Halloween T-ShirtsSometimes people want to wear something that screams Halloween in the lead up to Halloween just in case people don’t realize how much they love the holiday and that’s where these cool Halloween t-shirts come in.   There are some fantastic designs to choose from.

I’ll admit I love wearing t-shirts, they’re comfy and come in a range of styles from plain to funny, cute to sarcastic and lots more.   As I live in a warm climate we get to wear Christmas t-shirts, so when I saw that you could also get some pretty cool Halloween t shirts I was hooked.   The biggest problem?   Deciding which one to get!

Happy Halloween - Spooky Bat ShirtHappy Halloween – Spooky Bat ShirtSeason of the Witch Halloween ShirtSeason of the Witch Halloween ShirtHalloween Trick or Treat T-ShirtHalloween Trick or Treat T-Shirt


Great Halloween Costume or Cool Halloween T-Shirt?

Of course some people like to wear a Halloween shirt for a totally different reason – they just aren’t getting into the spirit of the holiday, check this one out to see what I mean –

My Halloween Costume Ladies Basic T-ShirtMy Halloween Costume Ladies Basic T-Shirt


I’ve got to be honest I prefer wearing a costume to a t-shirt, but I do know a few people who would prefer to just don this tee with a pair of jeans.   There are a few different variations on the above t-shirt so be sure to check them all out on Zazzle.

Do you like to wear a t-shirt in the lead up to Halloween?

Great selection of Halloween T-Shirts