Ready to Wear Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Minion Pet Costume – So Cute!

There are some really cool Halloween costume ideas for your dog, someone has even compiled a fun page called All Hallow’s Doggos which is packed full of cool, ready to wear costume ideas for your dog.

I think it’s so fun when you go to a Halloween parade and see dog owners with their dogs all dressed up and I know my boy loves having everyone showing him lots of attention while he ‘strut’s his stuff’!

So what will you dress your dog up in this year?  There are lots of great costume ideas available from Star Wars costumes to the very popular dog spider and many more….

Dog Costumes

Dog Costumes from Halloween

I think my pick for my dog this year is the Chewbacca costume, what do you think of it?


 Isn’t this Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume cool? I think it even looks like it’ll keep my ‘little man’ warm if he’s wearing it as well! CLICK THE IMAGE TO PURCHASE 🙂

Of course my husband may have other ideas – he keeps pointing out the spider costume, but I think the legs hanging out would probably spook our dog! It is a very cool costume though I must admit.

If you haven’t dressed your dog up for Halloween then why not do so this year, they love being part of the family fun so will probably love it. Having said that my late ‘girl’ would let me dress her up and then promptly try to dismantle anything with her paw or rolling around so I guess it’s not always easy 🙂 There are tips for helping you to put on a pet costume available here – step by step guide to dress your dog in a Halloween costume.

Personally I would leave the head piece to last as that’s the part most of my dogs tend to be less receptive to.  The biggest thing is to start dressing them up when they’re young and food treats help too!

Let me know what costume you’d like to dress your dog up in (and what type of dog you have too so I can really visualize it).

Fun Halloween Costumes for Dogs

click here to purchase these costumes!

Buy the Beetlejuice dog costume here & buy the Where’s Waldo dog costume here, so many choices for your best friend!

Game of Thrones Costumes for Sale

Game of Thrones Costumes for sale

Game of Thrones Costumes for sale

The Game of Thrones costumes are absolutely gorgeous, some people like to make their own GOT fancy dress costumes, but if you’re time poor you can find some awesome ready to wear costume ideas for a GoT fancy dress event, Halloween or just Friday night cosplay at home (no judging here!)

On this page you’ll find Stark Costume Ideas, Daenerys Targaryen costumes, the Night’s Watch costume ideas and many more so if you want to jump ahead feel free otherwise let me take you to a place where everyone seems to want one thing – a seat on the Iron Throne!

Game of Thrones Costume Menu

Stark Costume Ideas | Sansa Stark Costumes | Arya Stark Costumes | Night’s Watch Costume Ideas | Beyond the Wall Costume Ideas | Khaleesi Costume for Sale | Daenerys Targaryen Fancy Dress Costumes |Game of Thrones Costumes for Men | Game of Thrones Costumes for Women | Game of Thrones Couples Costumes | Game of Thrones Group Costumes

Stark Costume ideas

When the Starks are first introduced to us they are from the North and with their home seat called Winterfell you can imagine that fur is a necessity in their outfits.  Here are some great Stark Costume ideas to purchase –

 Ned Stark Game of Thrones Costume Game of Thrones Catelyn Stark Dress Coat Cosplay Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume Game of Thrones Arya Stark Cosplay Game of Thrones Hodor Costume

Click on any of the images above to be taken to the product on Amazon

Sansa Stark Costume for Sale

Although a Stark by birth, Sansa moves to Kings Landing and is brought into the Court.  This meant that her clothing evolved from fur lined capes to more regal outfits.


 Sansa Stark Game of Thrones Cosplay Game of Thrones Sansa Cosplay

Arya Stark Costume for Sale

Arya Stark has always been a tomboy at heart so when she needed to ‘disappear’ she was disguised as a boy and that is how she has spent most of her time.


 Game of Thrones Arya Stark Cosplay Arya Stark Game of Thrones Cosplay

Night’s Watch Costume Ideas

It’s bitterly cold on the wall keeping watch so we need warm heavy clocks and the men of the Night’s Watch are distinguished by the use of raven feathers on their cloaks.


 Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night’s Watch Cloak

Beyond the Wall Costume Ideas

Beyond the Wall is what the Night’s Watch is supposed to be saving the kingdom from, but what exactly is it that they’re defending everyone from?  The wildlings are one thing and the white walkers are another……

 Ygritte, Game of Thrones Costume Tormund, Game of Thrones Costume White Walker Mask


Khaleesi Costume for Sale

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen became Khaleesi early in the Game of Thrones story when she married Khal Drogo.  The Khaleesi is a queen of the Dothraki and you can get a ready made Khaleesi costume below, simply click the link to go to Amazon –


 Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Dothraki Cosplay

Daenerys Targaryen Costume for Sale

The Mother of Dragons has developed an ever changing sense of fashion from the ethereal and naive Daenerys Stormborn to a Dothraki Khaleesi and then the Mother of Dragons and force to be reckoned with.   There are a lot of different styles of costumes to choose from, here’s just a taste……


 Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Dress Costume Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Qarth White Dress Costume Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Blue Qarth Cosplay

Games of Thrones Costumes for Men

There are certainly a lot of options for GoT costumes for men so I’ve only selected a few of the more popular ones here –

 Khal Drogo Dothraki Costume King Joffrey Halloween Costume Adult Dire Wolf Costume GoT Stark Armor Cosplay Tyrion Lannister Cosplay Outfit Jon Snow Night’s Watch Costume

Want to create a cool Sandor Clegane costume? The Hound himself – check out this link for a video and written instructions to take you through every step! 

If the Hound isn’t your style there’s always Jorah Mormont – step by step instructions for this GOT costume idea can be found right here!

Game of Thrones Women’s Costumes

There are so many different Women’s costumes from the Game of Thrones to choose from – Cersei, any of the Stark ladies, Daenerys, Meilasandre, Lady Olyn the list just goes on and on.  Here are a few costumes for you –

 Melisandre, The Red Witch Costume Cersei Lannister Costume Ellaria Sand Costume

Of course you could always choose any medieval costume and say that you’re someone from Westeros, because not all of the characters from GoT are known by name, there’s a LOT of extras!

Game of Thrones Couples Costumes

What couples costumes could you wear for a Game of Thrones theme?  The list is seemingly endless – Daenerys & Khal Drogo are always popular, but others include Ned and Catelyn Stark, Rob and Talisa Stark, Jamie and Cersei Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon or Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, Samwell Tarly and Gilly.  The list is extensive and I certainly can’t name them all here, but some of the more fun ideas could be any of the Stark ‘children’ with their dire wolf; Jamie with Bron, Tyrion with Varys, Daenerys with Missandei.

Game of Thrones Group Costumes

There are so many fun group costume ideas that are GOT themed, you could have different costumes for every occasion for years!

Game of Thrones Costume Ideas

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Court Jester Costume Ideas

Fun Court Jester Costume IdeasLooking for something fun to dress up for this Halloween then check out some Court Jester Costume Ideas?   There are lots of choices from the traditional medieval court jester to the comic book jesters or even an evil jester.

You can also get different court jester costumes for all ages.

The colors and styles available make these costumes a fun & bright choice for Halloween.

Court Jester costume ideas for the whole family

Click image to be taken to a selection of court jester costumes

The Court Jester was extremely popular during Medieval times in the Kings Court and was otherwise known as the Fool.   His job was to entertain and he did so through storytelling and music.   Some Jesters, Fools or Jokers also juggled or did other acrobatic tricks.

Jesters were very popular in the Royal Courts of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and James I which is why they are mentioned in some Shakespearean plays.   After the English restoration period Charles II chose not to reinstate the role of the Jester in his court.

British nobles did, however continue the practice for centuries after that.  A little trivia nugget for you – did you know who the last noble family were to have a jester?  It was the Bowes-Lyons aka the Queen Mother’s family.

Travelling groups of jesters performed on stage and in part were fore-runners to circus clowns.  Their history can also be linked to  the popular seaside Punch & Judy puppet show and is also associated with the tradition of the harlequin as well.

The jester may no longer be found in royal courts, but we see them in other forms.  Examples of the jester’s continuing influence is as the Joker on playing cards.   He is also found  in Tarot cards,pantomimes and even in some of our sayings.   When we talk about someone playing (or acting) the fool or we claim to be saying something in jest we can follow these sayings back to the Court Jester.

Lets check out some Court Jester Halloween Costumes or you can jump straight to the section you want – Kids Jester Halloween Costumes | Men’s Jester Halloween Costumes | Women Jester Halloween Costumes | Evil Jester Costumes

Choose a Kids Jester Halloween Costume

Fun Jester Costumes for Children

If there’s one thing that kids love to do it’s playing the fool!   These costumes can let them play the cheeky joker to their heart content so which is your favorite Kids Jester Halloween costume?


 Lil’ Jester Costume Toddler Junior Jester Costume Girl’s Jester Costume Child Jolly Jester Costume


These bright and colorful costumes are bound to be a big hit with kids and parents alike.

Jester Costume Ideas for Men

There are some great Jester costumes for men, but you could also think outside the box and dress up as a playing card joker or a travelling harlequin.

Let’s look at the more ‘traditional court jester’ costume ideas that are available.


 Medieval Jester Costume Jolly Jester Costume


And just in case you like the idea of the playing card joker I’ve even found a costume idea that you might enjoy –


 Whimsical Playing Card Joker Costume



Women Jester Halloween Costumes

If you search for women’s jester costumes you’ll often come across Harley Quinn costumes.  This is because when the harlequin made it’s way to Britain it’s ‘story’ and the Court Jester’s ‘story’ became a little interwoven.
DC Heroes and Villains Collection - Harley Quinn CostumeDC Heroes and Villains Collection – Harley Quinn Costume

This featured costume is the classic Harley Quinn jester costume.  If you’re looking for this extremely popular DC Comics character then check out more of her costumes at Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes.

If you choose a harlequin or court jester costume in a red and black combination then people are going to think you’re dressed as Harley Quinn.

Luckily (if you’re not a Harley fan) there are other colors available so ilet’s have a look at a few of them.



Luckily there are other Court Jester Halloween costumes for women so let’s take a look at them.


 Jester Adult Costume Mardi Gras JesterCostume Tricksterina Jester Costume Jolly Jester Costume



Evil Jester Costumes

Jesters have often had a mischievous side to them so it’s hardly surprising that the idea of an evil jester would arise. This is especially the case when you think of the inter-woven shared history that clowns and jesters have. After all we’ve all heard of the evil clown so why not an evil jester?

The evil jester is often represented in a black and white costume, although there are other colors used at times. The jester’s face is often a scary mask, although there are exceptions.  There are some cool YouTube videos that show how to create the look of an evil jester using make-up.

It’s hard to describe what makes a jester costume an evil jester costume, but let me just show you a few examples.


 Child’s Evil Jester Costume Kids Evil Jester Costume Adult Dark Jester Costume Adult Evil Jester Costume


I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing these court jester costume ideas and have found the perfect costume for your next fancy dress occasion.

Court Jester Costume Ideas

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Cute Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Cute Dinosaur Costumes for ToddlersThere are some absolutely gorgeous dinosaur Halloween costumes for toddlers available and what toddler doesn’t love dinosaurs?   Let’s have a nice big Raawr! and look at some of the best dinosaur costumes for toddlers.

In a hurry?

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Dinosaur Fossil Costumes

Now as cool as dinosaur costumes are I was bowled over when I saw the dinosaur fossil costumes that have been released this year.   When my daughter was a toddler one of these would have been her choice as it combines dinosaurs and skeletons – can you say love it in Dinosaur?  Raawr!


 Toddler’s T-Rex Fossil Costume Toddler Triceratops Costume


These gorgeous costumes are basically jumpsuits which means that your toddler will be comfortable in them (always a good thing to think about, nothing worse than a toddler who wants to take their costume off 5 mins after putting it on!) The black jumpsuits have feet in them and are screen printed to give them the look of fossils. They also come with a matching hood and mitts to keep them nice and snug while they’re trick or treating.

T-Rex Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

The most popular dinosaur for some reason always seems to be the T-Rex which is why most toddler dinosaur costumes feature this big, tall member of the Jurasic period.

Here are my favorite three T-Rex dinosaur costumes for toddlers, I can’t narrow it down any more than that!


 T-Rex Toddler Costume Dinosaur Toddler Costume Toddler T-Rex Costume


Aren’t they gorgeous? Can you choose just one T-Rex costume as your favorite? I keep going backwards and forwards between these three with a different favorite each time.

Did you know that in Dinosaur the same word means ‘I love you’, ‘I’m hungry’ & ‘I eat you’? That word is Raawr!

I’m not sure why we all love the T-Rex as they were one of the largest meat eating dinosaurs around so if they had co-existed when we were around we would have been avoiding them very quickly because if they said Raawr! to us it would be meaning ‘I eat you’ NOT ‘I love you’!

There are other dinosaur costumes available for your toddler that are pretty awesome too…

More Toddler Dinosaur Costumes

A Pterodactyl Dinosaur Costume for Your Child

If your child prefers the flying reptiles of the Jurassic period then this cute Pterodactyl costume will be perfect.


 Pterodactyl Toddler Costume


I think this ‘flying dinosaur’ costume is really cute and I love the green and purple as I know a number of children who would pick the costume based on the colors alone!

What about other dinosaurs? It’s okay I’m not finished we still have more one to go….

Toddler’s Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume

When I was a child I used to love the Stegosaurus the most, and not just because they ate plants, I just thought they looked cool.

I don’t think they actually looked like this next costume, but it is a very cute ‘interpretation’ for a toddler –


 Toddler Stegosaurus Costume


The big feet are actually shoe covers and I think they really pull the costume together, don’t you?

This next costume is (in my opinion) a much more ‘realistic’ looking Stegosaurus costume for your toddler as I know some may think that the costume above ‘isn’t really a dinosaur mom!’


 Child Stegosaurus Costume


Triceraptops Dinosaur Halloween Costume for Toddlers

Another popular dinosaur was the Triceraptops. This dinosaur was a large one with three horns, hence the ‘tri’ part in it’s name, but one the plus side he was a vegetarian so when he said Raawr! you didn’t have to run away!

If your child likes the look of this giant dino with the scary face then why not get them this costume and a little green face paint as well – because what child doesn’t like some face paint on?


 Toddler Triceraptops Costume


Well that’s all of the dinosaur costumes I’ve found for your toddler, but if you wanted to make your own dinosaur costume for your toddler there are some great tutorials available.

DIY Dinosaur Costume for Toddlers

My favorite diy dinosaur costume for toddlers came from a new blog I’ve just discovered called Rust & Sunshine and I absolutely loved the grey and yellow combination she used to make her son’s costume, here’s the link –

DIY Dinosaur Costume for Toddler

I hope you’ve enjoyed our jaunt to the Jurassic period for our toddler Halloween costume inspiration today.

Great Selection of Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for Toddlers - Raawr!

The Best Outdoor Halloween Ghost Decorations

Best outdoor halloween ghost decorationsCreate the spookiest house on the block with some of these outdoor Halloween ghost decorations and let’s see if your friends, family and neighbors can still say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” after this Halloween at your house!  Sorry I couldn’t resist a Ghostbusters reference!

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There are lots of ways of creating a ghost’s paradise at your home this Halloween, you just have to decide if you want cute ghosts or scary ghosts or even a mixture of ghosts.  I like the idea of not letting people know what to expect before entering your yard, but if you want to give them the chance to bypass ‘ghost town’ then you could have this warning out the front –


Boo Ghost SignBoo Ghost Sign



If people choose to enter your yard after that warning then let their senses go crazy with ghosts galore! Besides deciding if you want your ghosts to look cute or terrifying you also have to decide if they’re going to be gathering on the ground or if you’re going to have hanging ghost decorations. Next it’s a case of buying or making, so what are we waiting for? Let’s look at some of the best outdoor Halloween ghost decorations available for this year.

First up we have a ghost gathering – nothing scary about a gang of ghosts is there?   These are quite cute ghosts too…..

Set of three outdoor ghost halloween decorations

Set of three cute lawn ghost decorations via

Now you could buy a set of 3 or more than one set and they would look great on your lawn, but did you know that they are really easy to make?

How to Make Ghost Halloween Decorations for Your Lawn

To make a version of the ghosts featured above check out – DIY Lawn Ghosts

If you want to make a similar idea, but on a smaller scale (for on your porch, inside or even perched on a tree) you might like to check out this Floating Ghost tutorial 

Another idea (and one I’m eager to try this year) is what they call a Tomato Cage Ghost which as you can imagine uses a tomato cage to create the ghost’s form.   There are lots of different tutorials for these online, but this is the one I liked the best – How to Make a Tomato Cage Ghost


Hanging Ghost Halloween Decorations

There’s something even more spooky about a hanging ghost halloween decoration, I think it’s because the ghost isn’t touching the ground. You always think of ghostly apparitions floating towards you when you think of a haunted building don’t you?
Large Hanging Ghost DecorationLarge Hanging Ghost Decoration

Again when it comes to hanging ghosts there are the cute looking ones like the one to my right as well as some pretty scary looking ones.
The simple hanging ghosts can also be made at home, in fact these cheesecloth small hanging ghosts are said to be a perfect Halloween craft for kids – DIY Hanging Ghosts Tutorial
You can also make your own floating heads hanging ghosts which look a lot more creepy to me than the cute guy to my right – Floating Head Hanging Ghost Tutorial



There are more complicated ways of creating a hanging ghost too, the How to Make a Packing Tape & Trash Bag Ghost Tutorial is much more in depth, but the end result looks worth it…….I’m just not convinced I could pull that one off!

When it comes to buying a hanging ghost decoration for Halloween you can get a number of animated ones like the one in this video –

You can purchase this hanging, rotating and moaning ghost by clicking right here to go straight to it on

It does use 3AA batteries to help it light up, moan and rotate so be sure to stock up for the haunting season as I’d hate for them to run out on you!

Here are a few more animated hanging ghosts to haunt any visitors to your home…


Hanging GhostHanging GhostFlying GhostFlying GhostFaceless SpectreFaceless Spectre


Of course some people don’t see whole forms of a ghost after all the spirits show themselves in some strange ways at times – like faces that appear in the mirror behind you and vanish when you turn around. Then there’s that feeling you get when you feel their presence and yet you don’t see anything.

Create a ghostly atmosphere with the help of a fog machine (they love appearing on foggy nights after all) and add a few concealed fans for the breeze and cold that you sometimes feel as they brush past you.

There are lots of non-ghost props that you can use to enhance the feeling of spirits around you such as a couple of gravestones in the back yard that they can congregate around (not a whole cemetery just one or two).

You could also leave an ouiji board on a table near some ghostly apparitions or a crystal ball for that mystical feel.

I like the idea of the place having an old unused feel around it, almost like the ghosts have taken over – cobwebs in corners with spiders, what looks like a broken window or two and boarded up doors etc.   Of course for a bit of comic relief you could leave some ball and chain on the ground and run around looking for your ghost that got away!

I’m going to round up with a Halloween prop that is not for the faint of heart and has been released this year (so your friends won’t have seen it yet) – the ghostly lightshow –


Outdoor Ghostly LightshowOutdoor Ghostly Lightshow


Of course now the only question is should you dress up as a ghost or a Ghostbuster for a happy haunting Halloween!

Lots of outdoor Halloween ghost decorations to add some 'boo' factor to your Halloween activities