Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas

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Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas

Photography of Amy Winehouse by Fionn Kidney via Flickr (border and writing added by author)

If you’re after a great Halloween costume this year then why not embrace your inner diva with some of these Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas?  The late singer is easily recognizable thanks to her trademark beehive wig.

This is a costume that’s easily pulled together with simply buying the wig, a tattoo set and wearing a few clothes that you may already have on hand.

Alternatively you can get a ready to wear Amy Winehouse Halloween costume.

Let’s have a look at putting together your costume…..

Amy Winehouse Wig & Tattoos

Creating Your Own Amy Winehouse Costume

When you purchase a beehive wig and the tattoo kit from a costume shop, or Amazon –


Amy Winehouse Tattoo and Wig SetAmy Winehouse Tattoo and Wig Set



You can then just add a pair of jeans or denim shorts and a singlet and everyone will know that you’re dressing up as Amy Winehouse, it even gives you an excuse to be a little wobbly on your feet if you do happen to imbibe just a little too much! Don’t forget to use gel eye liner for her signature, sultry eye make-up.

The wig and tattoo sets are available separately as well, but when you can get the complete kit why would you order things separately?

As easy as this would be you can dress up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween even easier with a ready made costume idea…

Want More Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas?

You can actually buy ready to wear Amy Winehouse costumes as well, at the moment I can only find one of them for you –


Women's Amy Winehouse Rehab CostumeWomen’s Amy Winehouse Rehab Costume



This costume includes the dress, belt and headpiece, but you still need the tattoos – and I do think they are an important part of any Amy costume.

If you’re having problem achieving her heavy eyeliner I have just found a Women’s Retro Rock Eyeliner Kit.  There are 4 different sets of heavy stick-on eyeliner which look like a lot of fun and one of them just happens to be perfect for Amy’s look.   The other three just look like they’d be fun to wear on a special night out.

So there you have it a few ideas for creating an Amy Winehouse costume for your Halloween celebrations this year……….just don’t try and emulate her on the karaoke please!

Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume

Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

Ghostbusters Costume IdeasSince the 1984 hit comedy hit the big screen Ghostbusters costume ideas have been very popular around Halloween.   Let’s face it with all the ghosts and ghouls that come out on All Hallows Eve who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!

The Ghostbusters costume has been updated with the new female cast of Ghostbusters in 2016.   It remains easily recognized as it’s an iconic outfit.   So whether you’re dressing up as a solo Ghostbuster or going with friends as a group costume let’s look at the costumes we have for you.

Ghostbuster Halloween Costumes

The Paranormal Investigators & Eliminators in Overalls!

The iconic Ghostbuster Halloween costume is basically a pair of overalls, usually with some form of backpack and attached proton wand to capture all of those ghosts with.


Ghostbusters Deluxe Jumpsuit, Beige, One Size CostumeGhostbusters Deluxe Jumpsuit, Beige, One Size Costume


The costume above was based on the original 1984 Ghostbuster costume.  Fans of the female cast that were vanquishing ghosts in 2016 may prefer this next Ghostbuster Halloween costume.

Female Ghostbusters CostumeFemale Ghostbusters Costume


In the 2016 movie the female ghostbusters had orange stripes on their overalls. Whichever overalls you use though everyone will know who to call when they see any pesky spirits of the paranormal variety.

More Ghostbuster Halloween Costumes

If you are after a group costume and there’s more of you than four you can add a few more favorites from the Ghostbusters movies such as Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and if you don’t have four humans to dress up as Ghostbusters you can even dress your dog up as a paranormal investigator too!

Check out these fun Ghostbuster costume ideas –



Which is your favorite costume idea from here? I like the classic Ghostbuster overalls, although I’d probably go with the 2016 style as I do like the stripes on the overalls!

Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes