Martini Costume Ideas

A Sophisticated Cocktail Costume Idea

martini costume ideas

Dog Martini Costume via Flickr

A martini costume is a fancy dress idea that I’m sure James Bond himself would approve of and it’s certainly a very unique idea.

Let’s look at your options for martini costume ideas if you want to dress up as a martini for a special event – you can buy a ready make martini costume or make one yourself.

You can even dress your dog up as a martini if you like, as you can see from the photo opposite this is a really easy costume to put together, although if you have a dog like mine he (or she) may not appreciate one of these types of collar being put on!

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DIY Martini Costume Ideas

If you like the idea of dressing up as a martini glass there are a couple of different options available for you from buying a ready made costume (see below) to making your own costume.

There are some great ideas for making your own martini costumes at the link below, but one that’s not mentioned is by simply cutting out two giant martini glasses out of cardboard and wearing them as a sandwich board – not the most glamorous version, but handy for a last minute, budget friendly version!

DIY Martini Glass Costume Ideas – A couple of great ideas for making your very own martini costume.

Ready to Wear Martini Costume

Personally I think I’d prefer to buy a ready make costume that I know will look great and it saves me the time to make it. I like the costume I’m featuring below, but in the past I’ve also seen it in a long dress version which I also like.

Martini (Short) Adult Costume Size Standard

Now only could you wear a martini costume to any fancy dress event, but especially a cocktail fancy dress party it can also be great as part of a couples costume – the ‘other half’ being Bond, James Bond! If you’re not a fan of the secret agent then you could simply go as two martinis and wear a sign around both of your necks, one saying gin and one saying vodka.

martini costume ideas

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