Celebrity Zombie Costumes for Women

Cool Zombie Costume Ideas

celebrity zombie costumesCan’t decide whether to dress up as your favorite celebrity or a zombie?  Then why not combine the two for an absolutely awesome costume idea.  Over the last couple of years there have been a few ready to wear celebrity zombie costumes available to purchase, but there doesn’t appear to be as many this year.

This isn’t a problem, however, as you can turn any celebrity costume into a fun zombie version for a zombie walk, Halloween or some other costume event.  It really is a fun process to essentially ‘trash’ a regular costume so that you end up with a unique ‘zombified’ version.

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Check out a couple of the celeb costumes that are still available for ideas or go straight to make your own zombie celebrity costume!

Iconic Zombie Marilyn Monroe Costume

Maybe This Screen Goddess Isn’t Actually Dead, but Undead

Now the world thinks that Marilyn died in 1962, but what if out of all the conspiracy theories that abound the one no one has even put into words is that she’s not actually in her solid bronze casket in a crypt in LA, but is actually a member of the undead. Marilyn Monroe screen goddess to zombie? It may seem a little unthinkable until you take a look at this costume.

Her iconic 7 year itch white dress has become more of a grey color because she’s been in it a long time and there’s a few blood stains, but she is a zombie so what do you expect?

Add some blood splattered shoes and give her more of a grey complexion and you have the perfect undead Marilyn outfit.

 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Zombie Costume

Katy Perry Zombie Costume

Candyland or Zombieland for This Undead Pop Star

Of course you could also look at living celebs and imagine what they would be like as zombies like Katy Perry. Imagine that California girls are zombies and you have this cool Katy Perry inspired zombie costume.

 Zombie Katy Perry Candyland Girl Costume

Character Zombie Costumes

Famous Character Zombie Costumes

Costumes from Halloween Costumes

Make Your Own Zombie Celebrity Costume

Of course you can add a few touches to any costume to make it look like a zombie version so dig out last year’s celebrity costume or buy a new costume and let’s ‘trash it zombie style’! The key to a good zombie costume is to make sure it looks tatty, after all zombies lurch around and get caught on all manner of things because they have really bad co-ordination.

How to zombify a celebrity costumeYou can tear, rip or use scissors to give the outfit a more dishevelled look. Next it should look old, whites are supposed to be greys and bright colors need to be dulled. It’s hard to achieve this, but I think one of the easiest ways is to think about how kids like to play because they really know how to get clothes dirty and stained. This means you need to put on the costume and roll around on the ground to get grass and dirt stains on it.

Next we need to look at blood stains – you can use a brush to flick fake blood onto your outfit or use fake blood in a spray bottle to spray on parts of it. In areas where you have a strategic rip/gash in the outfit you might want to add more blood around it, especially if you want to add a wound there.

When it comes to hair, you also want to make this unkempt and try add bits of white or grey to it as well.

Have fun dressing up as your favorite celebrity from the zombie apocalypse, for more inspiration check out some of my other zombie articles on this site.

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