1920s Style Flapper Costumes

Experience the roaring 20s by dressing up as a flapper this Halloween

1920s Flapper costumesThe 1920’s was an iconic time in America. The introduction of the 1920’s flapper was a turning point in the era of free speech and was a time of true expression for women. These women have been remembered throughout the following decades and we still have a soft place in our hearts for them today. You too can have the feeling of their freedom by becoming one…even if it’s only for one night…Halloween.

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Below you will find some of the most popular and the newest 1920’s flapper Halloween costumes on the market. They are as diverse as the personalities of the women who originally wore them. So take your pick and have a Happy Halloween.

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Flapper Costume Ideas – Pictures of Flappers

Flapper Costume Party Time

Photo Credits ChairWomanMay | vivevans | Chip York Photography

Don’t the people in these photos look like they’re having fun? Whenever I see images of the roaring 20s I always imagine that it would be fun (of course only for people with a little money, but in my imagination that’s me!) – I would love to drive fast in a convertible, drink champagne out of champagne saucers (forget about flutes) and wear some of the gorgeous flapper dresses – with beads of course!

I don’t have a time machine to go back and see if it really is fun, but I do have the resources on this page for us all to dress up as flappers and then the onus of having fun is all on you!

1920s Flapper Costumes in Black

Flappers wore lots of different colors from silver to black, red to white and much more so let’s look at some of the black Flapper costumes that you can buy –

 Women’s Flapper Dress – 1920s Gatsby Full Fringed Cocktail Dress

This is an absolutely gorgeous Gatsby inspired cocktail dress in black with gorgeous gold deco inspired beads, sequins and embroidery.

The fringed bottom of the dress moves exquisitely when you’re dancing.  This black flapper dress + the Charleston = sexy – it’s all about the way the fringe emphasizes your legs as you move to the music!

I would definitely invest in a black boa to wear with this dress and a long cigarette holder would look great as you’re sipping on Champagne cocktails between dancing the night away!

If that costume didn’t take your fancy then check out these other black Flapper dresses

Roaring 20’s Flapper Costume

This flapper dress is not only black, but it’s sequined which means that the dress will actually appear to shimmer as you dance and the tasseled skirt of the dress will flare out beautifully – definitely a flattering look.

If this isn’t the flapper dress for you then we have an even more sophisticated black flapper dress to choose from below.

Glamour Flapper Costume – X-Small – Dress Size 0-2

This black flapper dress seems even more sophisticated than many of the other dresses available.

It makes me think that the person who wore it would be a high society gal who was rebelling against her family and trying to be a ‘ragtime girl’, hanging out with all of the wrong people – smoking way too much and sipping Champagne cocktails like they were going out of fashion!

This costume has the look of someone on a mission and I think the look of it makes quite a statement with the long, diagonal skirt of the dress hinting at gorgeous legs as opposed to some of the shorter styles available.

flapper girls

Flappers were the name given to young ladies during the 20s who decided to buck their parent’s ideas of tradition and bob their hair, wear shorter skirts and basically have what they would have referred to as a ‘gay old time’. In other words they partied – they drank and smoked and generally lived life as carefree as they could be.

They also flouted the social norms of the time regarding sex which is probably why flapper costumes are often seen as a sexy Halloween costume to wear 🙂

Silver Flapper Dress Costumes

These sizzling silver flapper dresses are awesome and I think silver goes really well with the Champagne cocktails and topless sports cars that we think of when we think of the roaring 20s.

These flappers certainly do look like they know how to enjoy themselves and I think it would be very easy to dance the night away in these outfits whether you’ve learned to do the Charleston to really look the part or whether it’s just ‘regular’ dancing.

These silver flapper costumes will shimmer away as you move to the beat and you’ll find yourself the center of attention!

 Adult Dazzling Flapper Costume 1920s Sequin & Tassel Gatsby Dress Silver Sequin Flapper Adult Costume

Racy Red 20s Flapper Costumes

You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd wearing a red flapper dress and there is a large selection of red 1920s flapper costumes available to purchase. Here’s just a few that I’ve selected for you to enjoy.

 Women’s Broadway Flapper Costume 1920s Dazzling Flapper Costume Lindy and Lace Costume, Red 1920S Glam Party Dress in Red Roaring 20s Four Tier Flapper Dress 1920s Beaded Fringe Floral Flapper Costume

20s Costumes Can Also Be Worn as a Couples Outfit

1920 couples costumes, gangsters and flappers

A flapper and a 20s gangster is a great idea for a couple’s costume. The photo on the top right of the image of a lovely Jazz Age couple is brought to you by Jax House

Flapper Hair Styles

Bobs & Finger Waves

Flappers were known to kick tradition and cut their hair into what were considered to be boyish hair styles such as the bob and Eton crop. There were differences in the bob styles though from the sleek, graduated bob to a curly bob. The finger wave was also a popular way of styling your hair.

If you want to style your hair in a 1920s manner there are lots of videos on YouTube which show how to do a finger wave or else you could buy a 1920s wig. There are lots of different styles of wigs available and I think they really complete the costume.

Flapper Style 1920 Wigs

These wigs are available in different hair colors as well as the ones featured, but I’ve selected three styles which look really great and I’ve chosen a different hair color for each style.

 Jazz Baby Flapper Wig in Blonde Rubie’s Costume Flapper Wig, Brunette Women’s Flapper Wig, Black

Flapper Costume Accessories Check List

Do you have all of the accessories to complete your gorgeous flapper costume? Let’s have a quick look.

  1. Cigarette Holder – flappers were seen as girls who wore excessive makeup, partied too hard and smoked, but who wants to stain their fingers by holding a cigarette when you can use a cigarette holder? There are some gorgeous cigarette holders available and holding one really adds to your costume and helps transform us right back to the roaring 20s in style!
  2. Headband – feathered, jeweled or sequined headbands (or all of these things on one hair piece!) are a very important part of the flapper costume. A number of the dresses actually do come with a headband, but if yours doesn’t you really should consider adding one. There is an exception and that’s if you have a hat instead, preferably a cloche style.
  3. String of Beads or a Boa – whenever I think of flappers I always think of a long sting of beads, although a feather boa would work fine as well. I’m not sure what it is about these accessories, but the outfit never seems complete without them!

How to dress up as a glamorous 1920s flapper

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Sucker Punch Halloween Costumes

Sweet Pea Sucker Punch Costume

Sweet Pea Costume – Buy Here!

When I saw the movie Sucker Punch I remember thinking what cool costumes some of the characters wore in the main character’s fantasy world.

It didn’t surprise me in the least when I saw Baby Face, Sweet Pea, Amber, Rocket and Blondie’s costumes available to purchase. I felt that they had an anime look to them – not sure if fans of anime would agree with me though!

The actual movie itself isn’t one I’d watch again as it just didn’t grab me, but the costumes….. well that’s a whole different story.

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Let’s have a look at some of the main characters and their costumes.

Baby Doll Costume

Sucker Punch’s Lead Character in Costume

The costumes that stand out for me with all of the characters are their fantasy fighting outfits and for Baby Doll that’s a navy blue costume with a Lolita style sailor boy top and short skirt with over the knee black stockings.

Baby Doll’s costume also needs a weapon to complete it and her weapon of choice is a sword which she’s very adept at using.

Womens Sucker Punch Babydoll Costume

This officially licensed costume includes the top with it’s attached belt, skirt, headpiece and thigh high stockings. What’s not included is the wig or the weapon.

The blonde wig is a great way of getting Baby Dolls hair if you don’t have long blonde hair yourself. If you do then all you need to do is to put it into two pony tails and add the headpiece – perfect!

Baby Doll is the lead character in the movie and it’s her fantasy world that the girls all become fighters in, well actually they first become sex slaves in a brothel, but for the sake of these costumes we’re going to the second fantasy of them as strong fighters.

She befriends four other girls – Sweet Pea and her sister Rocket, Amber and Blondie.

Amber’s Costume

Sucker Punch’s Nod to the Army!

Amber obviously loves a soldier in uniform as she has taken on the Army’s green uniform and added a very sexy touch to them. Add black combat boots, black hot pants and fishnet stockings and a nod to the 1940s with a mini 1940s army hat perched on one side of her head and you have a show stopping costume to wear.

Check it out below –

Sucker Punch Amber Costume

The costume includes the jacket with attached top, shorts, chaps, choker and headpiece. What isn’t included is the the weapon (Amber’s weapon of choice is a dagger), wig and boots.

Amber manages to steal one of the essential items needed for their escape plan to work, unfortunately she is shot before their plan can be put into action.

Blondie’s Costume

The first thing you have to know about Blondie is that she isn’t blonde! I’m not sure where the name came from, but Sucker Punch’s Blondie is definitely a brunette!

Unfortunately Blondie can’t keep a secret very well and ends up spilling their escape plan and getting shot in the process. In the fantasy world, however, Blondie had a very ‘kick ass’ costume and wielding an axe in style!

Womens Sucker Punch Blondie Costume

This officially licensed Sucker Punch costume includes Blondie’s bodysuit, hardcore glovettes, belt and thigh high stockings.

Not included is the wig, boots or her weapon of choice.

Where I see a real Lolita touch in Baby Doll’s costume, with Blondie’s outfit the look is a lot more ‘don’t mess with me’ and I must say I think it’s even cooler because of that!

Rocket’s Costume

Sweet Pea’s Sister’s Fighting Costume

Rocket is the spunky sister of Sweet Pea, a bit of a rebellious girl who ran away from home before ending up in the asylum. It is because of her that Sweet Pea is there too because she came looking for her.

Rocket loves her sister and appreciates that she’d do anything for her which I believe is why she sacrificed herself for Sweet Pea so that she could escape and live a life on the outside.

Womens Sucker Punch Rocket Costume

I’m not really sure what I think of Rocket’s fighting costume, it was one of the ones that didn’t really stay with me after the movie, although as I look at this officially licensed one it certainly has something about it – almost like a rebellious punk version of a classic flight attendant’s dress!

The costume includes the dress with attached garters, headpiece, glovettes and belt.

To complete the look you’d need a wig (unless you have short hair that you can style like Rockets), black fishnet stockings and thigh high black boots.

If you want to to be a daring fighter like Rocket you’ll also need to get a knife to wield!

Sweet Pea Costume

Another Sucker Punch Costume

Sweet Pea is a little dubious about the escape plan at first, probably because she’s the more cautious and responsible of the group. As far as fighting costumes go I think her’s is the best and the way she uses her Katana – well I wouldn’t stand in her way!

Sweet Pea certainly seems to have a meatier role that the other three of Baby Dolls friends and she manages to acquire two of the items needed for the escape plan and SPOILER ALERT ends up being the only one to actually escape the asylum.

Sucker Punch Sweet Pea Adult Costume

This costume includes a hooded jacket (personally I think it’s the hooded jacket which gives the outfit the something extra that makes it my favorite), brief shorts, glovettes and thigh high stockings.

Not included are Sweet Pea’s weapon and wig.

A Great Group Costume Idea

Although all of these costumes are great by themselves, they are also a really cool group costume idea, if there are more than five of you then you can add other characters from the movie such as Blue and Dr Gorski.

Sucker Punch Costume Ideas, Cosplay costumes

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80s Costume Ideas for Women

Dress Like an Eighties Girl!

Rubiks Cube CostumeLooking for some 80s costume ideas for women?   You’ve come to the right place if you want to take a trip back in time to the decade that rocked!

If you love the 80s then you might want to throw an eighties party so that you can nostalgically dress in some of the cool 80s fashions, then again you could just go back to the 80s for Halloween this year. Whatever reason you have for wanting to dress up in cool, retro fashion I promise to give you lots of cool costume ideas to choose from.

Create your own 80s outfit, dress like you did way back then or pretend to be an 1980s star – the options are all yours.

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Make sure you have plenty of extra strong hold hairspray because we need big hair to go with these outfits – what are you waiting for we’re going back to the 80s man and there’s just no stopping us!

The Big List of 80s Costumes for Women

The Most Bodacious Costume Ideas Ever!

There are lots of great costume ideas for women, you can make your own or buy ready made costumes the choice is yours, but what exactly do you want to dress up as?

I’m going to start with a big list of all of the 80s costume ideas I can think of and then we’ll go into more detail on a few of them further down the page. If you see one that takes you fancy and it’s a link then click on the link to go to that part of the page (or another webpage) for more details.

  • 80s Goth
  • 80s Hip Hop
  • 80s Pop Diva
  • 80s Preppie
  • 80s Rock Chick
  • 80s Soap Star
  • 80s Yuppie
  • Annie Lennox
  • Blondie
  • Cher
  • Christie Hyde
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Flashdance
  • Joan Jett
  • Kim Wilde
  • Lady Diana Spencer
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Madonna
  • Olivia Newton John
  • Pac Man
  • Princess Leia (1983 saw her in her famous ‘slave Leia’ bikini from the movie Return of the Jedi)
  • Rubiks Cube
  • She-Ra
  • ‘Simply Irresistible’ Girl
  • Siouxsie Sioux
  • Supergirl
  • Tina Turner
  • Wonder Woman

Creating an 80s Goth Look

Looking on the Dark Side

The Goth subculture was born in the 80s which is why the Gothic look associated with thisHow to create a Goth costume for women decade is often referred to as Traditional Goth (or 80s Goth).   The 80s embraced bands such as The Cure and All About Eve which seemed to embrace the darker side of life.

One of the things that you think about when you think of Goth is black clothing although it was really about irony as well – wearing an old white wedding dress with big Gothic hair was seen (and photographed for Sunday paper excerpts) around cities in the UK etc.

If you’re thinking of creating an 80s Goth costume though I think you should go with the black look that everyone is familiar with.

If you don’t have black hair consider dying it and then back-combing to get a lot of volume, alternatively you could try one of these wigs. This black shag hair do works really well in a Gothic look, it would also work for a punk or rock look too.

The good thing about this particular wig is that it suits for either a male or a female costume so if your partner is dressing up in an 80s Goth fashion as well you could get two of them!

If you prefer a longer hair style then you could try the next wig.

Personally, I would backcomb this wig a bit to get more volume (I much prefer the one above for a costume idea).

Of course, it’s not just about the hair when it comes to creating an 80s Goth costume is it?   You also need to get the make-up right, the first thing I think of is heavy black eyeliner, black eye shadow, pale skin and the choice of bright red or black lipstick (although I’ve seen some costumes where people have worn purple and have pulled it off very well).

Don’t forget the black nail polish.   Back in the 80s it wasn’t as commonly used as it is these days and was really mainly Goths that wore black on their nails.

Next up we have to think of what to wear and a long black skirt is the way to go, you can use a black maxi skirt which would look really good.   What would be even better is if you could find a black 80s petticoat skirt – these skirts had a ragged-looking edge to them which was just perfect.

Over the skirt, you’ll need to wear an over-sized black t-shirt and to this you can add a studded belt if you like and finish off with a leather jacket if you have one although it’s not really important that you have that, some Goths just wore long black coats, especially in winter.

But what about footwear for a Goth?

Doc Martens are a classic 80s Goth boot – you basically want a pair of boots that say – don’t mess with me – and Doc Martens say that best!

A lady Goth could get away with wearing a Victorian-style heeled boot however, although I tended to prefer Doc Marten rip-offs when I was going through my Goth stage, but that was just because I was a broke teen and couldn’t afford genuine DMs.

Dance & Fitness Inspired 80s Costume Ideas

Flashdance, Fame & Fitness Costumes

Two 80s classic dance movies were Flashdance and Fame and between then they introduced legwarmers to the 80s fashion scene!

Not only did we have the two movies mentioned above, but one of them – Fame – spawned a popular television show which meant that dance wear and fashion melded together.

Add the aerobic fitness craze that caught peoples attention during this decade, thanks in part to Jane Fonda’s fitness videos and everyone was ‘Getting Physical’, not just Olivia Newton John!

So how can you pull together a dance or fitness inspired 80s costume?

You first step for this costume is to get a high cut leotard. You wear this leotard over the top of either leggings or bike pants with either a pair of slouch socks or (preferably) leg warmers and some sneakers.

Next you’ll want to wear a thin belt around your waist (you want to be sure everyone notices your waistline, your sweaty aerobics classes aren’t being taken for fun you know!).

An optional idea is to wear an 80s string vest over the top of your leotard, either black if you’re wearing bright colors or if you have fairly muted colors then make sure the vest is a neon color (neon pink is particularly nice over grey or black workout clothes). Alternatively you can wear an off the shoulder t-shirt over your leotard. You can source these shirts in a number of high street shops these days or else you can take a pair of scissors to a t-shirt that you already own.

Here’s a tutorial on transforming one of your existing t-shirts into an off the shoulder cute top – DIY Off the Shoulder Shirt.

Now you need to add sweatband to your wrists and you’re nearly ready.

As far as make up is concerned I would just add clear (or very pale pink) lip gloss, but a little blue mascara is a nice touch if you want to add more than just lip gloss. If you have long hair then the easiest way to wear it is in a simple, high ponytail. If you have shorter hair then try and lift it abit (google 80s hairstyles for ideas), next (and very importantly) you’ll need to add a headband!

Pac Man Costume Ideas

I love Pac Man it really is an iconic 80s video game which makes it perfect as a costume idea. Some of the Pacman costumes are unisex which are cool, but some are made especially for women in the form of tank dresses. I’ve added a selection of both for you to look at here –

 Pac-Man Deluxe Tank Dress Adult Costume Pac-Man Video Game Screen Tank Dress Pac-Man Deluxe Adult Costume (Standard) Pac-Man Blinky Deluxe Adult Costume Pac-Man Blinky Deluxe Tank Dress Adult Costume Pac-Man Pinky Deluxe Adult Costume

Both the power pellet style of costume featured above and the lady’s pinky costume are available in all of the ‘ghosts’ namely Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde as well as the power pellet. You can make a group costume up with your friends including Pacman himself along with all four ‘ghosts’ and if you have a sixth person a power pellet as well.

Rubiks Cube Costume

A Fun 80s Costume Idea

Another fun and iconic 80s game is the rubiks cube, I say game, but for many it was a source of extreme frustration! It is a quickly recognized icon of the eighties however which makes it a great costume idea.

You can buy this costume here or make your very own costume, all you need is a big box, paint and black electrical tape.

Rasta Imposta Rubik’s Cube, Multi, Adult

It’s been a few years since I made a Rubiks Cube costume, but I do remember that I had forgotten I would need to go to the toilet much to my friend’s amusement!

Now how you wear this will depend on the size of the box you get – if you get a big enough one you could have the top resting on your shoulder, otherwise you’ll need to use braces to keep it in place around the middle of your body.

I cut out the bottom of the box so that I could walk properly, I also cut a good size hole in the top so that I could fit it over my head, but not too big so that it could sit on my shoulders – obviously if you’re wearing yours lower you’ll have to see if your shoulders or hips are the smallest and cut a hole to accommodate them.

I also had arm holes cut out of two sides of the box, but if you’re using braces to keep the cube around your middle you won’t need these.

Now paint each side of your box a different color, using the colors of the rubiks cube – red, orange, yellow, blue, white and green. Now you need to use the black electrical tape to transform these solid colored sides into nine smaller squares.

Wear black leggings and a black t-shirt underneath the box.

More Fun 80s Costumes

Ready Made 80s Costumes for Women

There are so many different ideas for costumes I just had to add these fun ideas to the page for you to look at as well.

 Rubie’s Costume 80’S Diva, Black, Standard Costume 80’s Soap Star Adult Costume Women’s New Wave Rocker Costume

Ideas for Creating Your Own 80s Costumes

DIY 80s Outfits for Women



80s costume ideas for women

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Cool Zombie Costume Ideas for Women

Great Zombie Costume Ideas for Ladies

Cool zombie costume ideas for women

Zombie Costumes for Women

One of the great things about dressing up as a zombie is that you can easily make your own costume up with some of your old clothes, but I must admit sometimes it’s nice to get a costume that’s already made for you.  On this post I’ve compiled a collection of ready made zombie costume ideas for women for you to enjoy.

I’ve selected a few zombie costumes which I think are great and they leave you to concentrate on things like how you’re going to do your make up – grey complexion or green complexion, just face paint or liquid latex special effects? There’s so many different decisions to make why worry about also having to make your own costume!

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – more information below

Although the most common options for women to dress up as zombies there are no zombie nurse costumes or zombie bride costumes on this page, not that they aren’t cool costume ideas, but just that I wanted to show you a little more of the variety available.

Zombie Dorothy Costume

The Wizard of Oz Just Got Zombified!

Just what happens when you follow the yellow brick road and instead of leading you to the magical Oz it leads you right into an ambush by zombies, will Dorothy ever make it home ………. does she even remember where home is now that she’s a zombie?

This Dorothy costume includes the dress and apron with a latex chest piece which is what really adds the ‘horror’ to this costume. The thigh high blood stained stockings are available separately and I do think they add a certain something although if you have other stockings or leggings to wear instead that’s fine.

You can have a lot of fun with your hair using a lot of backcombing, hairspray and some grey temporary hair color or you can choose a wig.

If you’re going with a partner I have seen some evil looking zombie scarecrow masks which you could combine with a scarecrow costume for a cool couples outfit.

Zombies Housewife Costume

Retro Zombie Costume Idea

If you love the 50s or just the polka dot dresses of the era then this could be a cool costume idea for you – 50s housewife meets zombie, it’s a movie waiting to be made!

Zombie Housewife Adult Costume

The costume includes the dress and crinolene underneath which I think really adds to the style as well as the belt. You could pair this with just some plain black shoes or get some white blood stained high heels either would look great.

I do love how the model has paired 50s styled cats eyes glasses with the outfit and I think that really sets it off so I would definitely look at getting a pair as well.

Zombie Alice Costume

Wonderland Just Became Zombieland!

Just what was the Mad Hatter serving at his tea party is what I would like to know. Quicker than the Queen of Hearts could say ‘Off with their heads’ the guests were morphing into zombies. Yes, despite infections only being caused by zombie bites on some movies or television shows there are other ways that you can spread a zombie infection and hidden inside a ‘specially brewed’ tea is one of them as Alice can attest.

Zombie Alice in Wonderland CostumeLooking Glass Zombie Alice Costumezombie alice costume

This costume includes Alice’s bloodstained dress, her must have hair bow and the arm bands. I think if you can get an old tea pot and tea cup to carry around it will definitely add to the costume however.

If you’re going as part of a couple then I think getting a Mad Hatter costume could work really well if you add zombie face paint to it!

Zombie Nun Costume

Oh Father Who Art In Heaven…….

Women’s Zombie Nun Costume

If you thought nun costumes were too passe then you haven’t see this nun costume! I think that God has forsaken this particular bride of his as she’s become infected with the zombie virus and not even holy water can help.

The costume includes the nun’s habit complete with a latex wound, a rope belt and the head dress. You can buy the bloodstained thigh high stockings separately, but personally I don’t think it needs them – let’s be honest just because her habit has ripped as she lurches around and is now much shorter than it should be doesn’t mean she’d be wearing stockings!

Cool zombie costumes for women

Hi I’m Louanne from Everything Halloween, welcome to my blog! I just wanted to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the online world this is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is a very common way that bloggers make their money, if you want to find out more then check out this post to find out what is affiliate marketing and how we make money on this site,  If you want to see my full affiliate disclosure and the other ‘legal stuff’ then click here.

Maid Marion Costumes

A Romantic Renaissance Costume Idea

Maid Marion Costume Ideas

The first image of Maid Marion that pops into my head when I think of Robin Hood’s love is of a regal woman in green. What I have read since childhood, however, would indicate that Maid Marion would probably have worn purple.

I think the reason for vision in my head of Maid Marion in green is that in the book I had as a child (which told a very romantic version of this tale) Maid Marion wore green. Considering Robin Hood and his band of men all wore green it seemed an appropriate color for her to be dressed in as well.

The actual color that the fair Maid Marion preferred or even the style of clothing she wore is anyone’s guess as we’re not even sure exactly when during the Medieval period of history she was alive. We’re also not sure who exactly she was, although there have been a lot of theories espoused.

As far as Maid Marion costumes go this is great because it means you really do have a lot of different Renaissance gowns to choose from ……. or even no gown! I do remember one tale of a spunky Maid Marion who dressed as a man so a medieval tunic rather like Robin Hoods could be another alternative for a Maid Marion costume idea.

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Blue Maid Marion Outfit

This blue Maid Marion costume is quite an appropriate color for her as one of the original tales of Maid Marion seems to have hailed from May Day celebrations where she was seen as a personification of the Virgin Mary. As we all know Mother Mary is often seen wearing blue.

Maid Marion Costume in Blue/Burgundy/Grey

The dress also has the appearance of velvet about it and this is interesting because during the Medieval times, there were Sumptuary Laws that governed what people could and could not wear.

Velvet was one of the materials that could only be worn by those in the upper classes which the stories have often alluded Maid Marion to be.

The burgundy which appears to be the color of the costume’s ‘kirtle’ as well as the color of her sash was reserved for the highest nobility as in dukes, marquises and earls.

The strands of gold around the neckline was also reserved for the nobility.

Although the reviewers haven’t been kind about the quality of the costume I do think the look is perfect for a Maid Marion outfit and it certainly pays a nod to several of the different folklores surrounding this romantic Medieval character.

Maid Marion in Disguise Fancy Dress Costume

I do remember one of the different tales had Maid Marion dressed up as a man who happened to come across Robin Hood and was challenged by him before they recognized each other.

If you like this idea for a costume then you could simply wear a Robin Hood costume or purchase the cool costume below –

Women’s Forest Princess Adult Costume

This gorgeous costume features a shirt, cape, pants with boot tops, belt, headpiece and gauntlets.

The whole costume looks great, but personally, I wouldn’t bother wearing the headpiece as although I think it’s very in keeping with the times if I was dressing up as a man it certainly wouldn’t feature in my outfit!

I would also be carrying a bow and arrow, because why should Robin Hood have all the fun?

Now if you’ve decided you like the idea of dressing up as Maid Marion in disguise you may be up for making your own outfit. This one will certainly be easier to make than if you want to dress up in a gown!

When my daughter was in primary school she came home with the announcement that they had to dress up in Medieval costume the next day (she had forgotten to give me the notes about it!), it was in the evening so all of the shops were closed. Luckily I had some material that (although not ideal) could be used to fashion a tunic.

There are lots of tutorials for Medieval clothing online and I basically used a pattern for a basic T-Tunic like the first one in this tutorial – How to make a quick and easy Tabard or T-Tunic

I then cut a thin wedge out of the middle of the front of the top and added some holes on either side which we threaded some garden twine through and laced up (a shoelace could easily have been used instead).

This was worn over a long skirt and long-sleeved skivvy by my daughter, but for your DIY Maid Marion outfit I think it needs to be worn over a pair of straight-legged trousers or leggings instead of a skirt.

The length of the tunic is up to you and I’d probably go just above the knee for Maid Marion dressing as a man – then simply use some rope as a loose belt.

More Maid Marion Costumes

Maid Marion Costume in Burgundy with Dress and HeadpiecI must admit that I’ve seen a lot of Maid Marion costumes that are burgundy or deep red in color like the one to the side and I think this is because it further promotes the stories of her being from noble birth.

One story in particular says that she was of noble blood, but orphaned and was actually a ward of the King.

I do like the costume below, however as it combines the burgundy with green and I just do like the idea of Maid Marion wearing green and not just to match Robin Hood either!

California Costumes Maid Marian Dress, Red/Olive

This really does have everything you want in a medieval dress, the low neckline, the lace-up bodice and the sleeves …… the sleeves are probably one of my favorite things about Renaissance fashion!

If you would rather make your own Maid Marion costume then there are certainly a lot of sites that will help you, but I think Rosalie’s Medieval Women is a great one to start with.

Maid Marion Halloween Costume Ideas

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