Amazing Halloween Eyes – Make-Up The Easy Way!

halloween costume eye mask stickersI’m sure you’ve browsed YouTube a few times looking at the make-up tutorials available for creating some amazing forms of Halloween make up, but then to create it on your own it doesn’t always turn out the same does it?

I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself with one ‘perfect’ eye and one that I’ve messed up!   This Halloween, however, there’s a solution, one that means your eyes will actually be the same – and they’ll look awesome!

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They go by various names such as eye decals, stick on eye masks and eye stickers and this is what it looks a little like this –

Bloodlust Glitter Eyes Vampire Costume Makeup

Now this particular kit includes the glittery, blood dripping eye make up as well as rhinestone eyelashes to really stand out.   I think this will allow you to outshine any other vampires this Halloween.   It’s certainly an easier option than adding vampire inspired contact lenses which, if you’re not used to them, can feel like you’ve got a piece of grit in your eye all night!

Black Widow Eye Make-Up

I love the look of this one as I do like spiders.   I’m constantly amazed at how many people are actually scared of spiders which is why I’d love to freak them out by having spider webs on my eyes!

I’d probably pair this make up with a long black dress (like a Victorian/Edwardian mourning dress) and spider jewelry, a spider purse or a plain black purse with some plastic spiders attached to it along with some spider webbing as a shawl.

Xotic Eyes – Widow Mask

This is a little different to the previous two as it’s not glittery instead it’s a couple of velvet eye appliques which look very Gothic in appearance. This could be used on a range of different costumes and is quite a stunning effect perfect for Halloween.

Simply click on the image you like to find out more about these products including how to apply them etc, they really are a cool option for any occasion.   These eye decals for want of a better terminology also come in some more non-Halloween inspired forms as well as more specific ones that would work for certain costume ideas.

An example is that if you’re going as one of the big cats you may want to check out the animal print eyes that are available – purrrfect!

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