Ready to Wear Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Minion Pet Costume – So Cute!

There are some really cool Halloween costumes for your dog, someone has even compiled a fun page called All Hallow’s Doggos which is packed full of cool, ready to wear costume ideas for your dog.

I think it’s so fun when you go to a Halloween parade and see dog owners with their dogs all dressed up and I know my boy loves having everyone showing him lots of attention while he ‘strut’s his stuff’!

So what will you dress your dog up in this year?  There are lots of great costume ideas available from Star Wars costumes to the very popular dog spider and many more….

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Halloween costumes for your dog and all his friends

Dog Costumes from Halloween

I think my pick for my dog this year is the Chewbacca costume, what do you think of it?

 Isn’t this Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume cool? I think it even looks like it’ll keep my ‘little man’ warm if he’s wearing it as well! CLICK THE IMAGE TO PURCHASE 🙂

Of course my husband may have other ideas – he keeps pointing out the spider costume, but I think the legs hanging out would probably spook our dog! It is a very cool costume though I must admit.

If you haven’t dressed your dog up for Halloween then why not do so this year, they love being part of the family fun so will probably love it. Having said that my late ‘girl’ would let me dress her up and then promptly try to dismantle anything with her paw or rolling around so I guess it’s not always easy 🙂 There are tips for helping you to put on a pet costume available here – step by step guide to dress your dog in a Halloween costume.

Personally I would leave the head piece to last as that’s the part most of my dogs tend to be less receptive to.  The biggest thing is to start dressing them up when they’re young and food treats help too!

Let me know what costume you’d like to dress your dog up in (and what type of dog you have too so I can really visualize it).

Fun Halloween Costumes for  your dog

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Buy the Beetlejuice dog costume here & buy the Where’s Waldo dog costume here, so many choices for your best friend!

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