Halloween Costume Ideas – The Addams Family Costumes

Addams Family Costume Ideas

Who doesn’t instantly recognize the Addams Family?   These costumes are creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky in fact they’re all together ooky!

The Addams Family are so recognizable they are perfect for individuals, couples, groups or even families to dress up as.

Let’s have a look at some of the costumes available …

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Which Addams Family member to dress up as? Let’s look at the five most recognizable members of the cast.

Morticia Addams Costume

The sexiest of the Addams Family costumes has to belong to the mum Morticia who has long been a costume favorite with her figure hugging black dress –

Morticia Adams Costume

The Addams Family Morticia Adult

Unless you have Morticia’s long black hair you’ll also want to buy a wig to complete the costume and you can get the one pictured right here – The Addams Family Morticia Addams Wig Adult.

If you want a couples costume you can’t go past Morticia and husband Gomez.   Here’s the Gomez costume for you –

Gomez Addams Costume Idea

Gomez Addams Costume

Mens Grand Heritage the Addams Family Gomez Costume

Of course this costume does need the right hair do to complete it and let’s not forget Gomez’ moustache.   You can actually buy a kit with both of them together which makes for a very easy way of creating the perfect Gomez Addams costume – Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit.

The ability to speak French is also good, especially if you are combining this into a group costume or a couples costume.

Uncle Fester Costume

After the couple the most beloved of the Addams Family just has to be Uncle Fester, don’t you agree?   You can dress up as the familys ‘strange’ uncle with this cool Uncle Fester costume –

Uncle Fester

The Addams Family Uncle Fester Adult

Of course then there’s the children Wednesday and Pugsley. If you’re planning on a family or a group costume then you can’t forget these two!

Wednesday Addams Costume Ideas

There are a couple of different types of Wednesday costumes that you can choose from – the one that actually resembles Wednesday from the television series and a sexy costume version that is still unmistakable Wednesday but with a lot more sass!

Wednesday Addams Costume
Sexy Wednesday Addams Costume

Of course a big part of what makes the costume is Wednesday’s hair and if you have long air then braids are a must, if not you could try a wig and I just happen to have one here that you can purchase! – Deluxe the Addams Family Wednesday Wig Adult.

Pugsley Addams DIY Costume

When it comes to Wednesday’s younger victim, I mean brother – Pugsley you can’t seem to get a ready made costume to purchase instead you’ll just have to buy the individual components –

  • A white t-shirt with black horizontal stripes on it.
  • Black shorts
  • White Socks
  • Black tennis shoes

All of these things should be pretty easy to pull together and just make sure you have really short hair and you’ll be good to go!

Bonus Fun Addams Family Costume

You can get Cousin Itt costumes now which are AWESOME and to me would be one of the most fun Addams Family outfits to wear – not sure who Cousin Itt is? Think hair, know who I mean now? Let’s show you a picture of the costume and you can let me know if you think it’s as fun as I do.

Cousin Itt Costume

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