Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Ladies Also Like To Dress Up As Pirates!

lady pirate costumePirate Costumes are also available for women, although you could use one of the men’s pirate costumes as many women pirates ‘pretended’ to be men in order to serve on the pirate ship. Famous woman pirate Mary Read actually boarded her first ship as Martin Read.

You can wear a woman’s pirate costume that consists of trousers or you could go for jagged edge longish skirt. There are also a range of sexy woman pirate costumes involving skin tight trousers or barely there skirts!

Which ever of these pirate costumes you choose to wear, you’re sure to make a statement at your party or event…..or perhaps you like to dress up for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ on September 19th.

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A Pirate Blouse

An Essential Part of Any Pirate Costume

If you have a great pirate blouse then you’re over half way to creating your own fantastic pirate costume! A blouse like the ones below in black or white can be combined with black trousers and a bandana for a great looking pirate outfit.

 South Seas Pirates Blouse – Black South Sea Pirate Blouse – White


You can also add a pair of pirate boots if you wish, although despite the pictures of pirates in boots the majority of them were thought to have been bare footed so pirate boots is optional. If you don’t feel like wearing a bandana all night you can also buy or make a great pirate’s hat to complete your fabulous pirate costume.

Pirate Costume Hats
If there’s one thing that really completes a pirate costume it’s the perfect pirate hat. Generally speaking we think of black hats with a skull on the front….

Pirate Boots
Wearing the right kind of boots can really help pull a pirate costume together, but you can also wear pirate boots to make a statement with any outfit. When….

A Pirate Jacket Me Lady?

Pirate Vixen JacketSultry Pirate Jacket - PurpleSultry Pirate Jacket - Black

If you already have a frilly white blouse (damn the 80s!) and a pair of black trousers then you may want to just buy a pirate’s jacket to complete your pirate costume – these pirate jackets above would work wonderfully – I personally like the longer black one (the pirate vixen one), but any of them would definitely say “I’m a pirate.”

Rustic Lady’s Pirate Costume

Rustic Pirate Lady Costume
Rustic Pirate Lady Costume

I love this pirate costume! As I mentioned earlier the rare women pirates that we know about actually boarded pirate ships disguised as men so they wouldn’t have been wearing skirts as is sometimes portrayed in fictional books and in pictures I remember from childhood. One of my childhood heroes was Mary Read, partly because she was a pirate and partly because I could ‘pretend’ she was a relative as we shared the same last name! I remember seeing pictures of her and Anne Bonney in some of the books I read and they were always portrayed in skirts.

Years later I discovered that they actually disguised themselves as men and Mary Read actually boarded her first ship under the name of Martin Read! I think it’s knowing this that makes me like the pirate costumes for ladies that use trousers instead of skirts.

Very Elegant Pirate Costumes for Ladies

I doubt very much that any ‘real’ pirates dressed as elegantly as these lady pirates, but they sure do look great for a pirate costume party!

Amethyst Pirate CostumeElegant Pirate Lady - Burgundy CostumeFrench Revolution Pirate

More Pirate Costumes for Ladies

What is referred to as the golden age of piracy took place in the eighteenth century and these costumes are ones that are often based on outfits of that time worn by tavern wenches with a nod to colors and patterns used in pirate outfits. Add a bandana or pirates hat and you have what is thought of as a lady pirate costume.

Pirate Wench CostumePirate Queen CostumeRuby the Pirate Beauty Costume

Sexy Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Ladies

Of course there’s always been something sexy about the idea of a pirate’s life…………even if reality would’ve been a whole different kettle of fish. These sexy pirate costumes put the idea of bodice-ripping pirates of the Caribbean right back into the steamy novels that have been written over the years!

Pink Pirate CostumeSexy Pirate CostumeLacey Pirate CostumeVixen Pirate CostumeForbidden Pirate CostumeSeductive Pirate Costume

More Pirate Costumes

Whether you’re looking for a his pirate costume to match yours or you want to dress up the whole family don’t forget to check out our other pirate pages.

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