Costumes Beginning with X

Costumes starting with the letter XIf you’re looking for costume ideas that start with the letter X then you’ve come to the right place. X is a tricky letter to think of costumes for, but we’re found a few ideas for you which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

I compiled this page along with a number of others as resource pages for anyone who’s been invited to an alphabet party. I used to get invited to a lot of alphabet parties when I was in my 20s and I think it’s high time they caught on again! In a nutshell you have to dress up as something beginning with a particular letter and if you’re on this webpage then the letter chosen is the letter X! I have other webpages available that cover the rest of the letters of the alphabet, but let’s look at costumes beginning with X right now.

Fancy Dress Ideas Starting with X

  • X marks the spot – A great idea for a diy costume idea, use cardboard and make it look like an old treasure map with a big red X to mark the spot.   Stick this cardboard on your front for an original handmade costume idea.
  • Xavier – Professor Xavier from X-Men
  • X-box console
  • Xena Warrior Princess

Xena Warrior Princess CostumeXena Warrior Princess CostumeX-Ray Skeleton CostumeX-Ray Skeleton Costume


  • Xerxes – A Persian King who lived 519 BC until 465 BC.   Dress in a loincloth with lots of chains around his neck, arms, legs etc as well as bangles and a robe.
  • Xion – A character from the RPG Kingdom Hearts, Xion is the Rank XIV member of the Original Organization XIII
  • X-Men – Dress up as your favorite X-Men character from Wolverine to Storm and any character in between.
  • X-Ray

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