Marilyn Monroe Costume Ideas – Evening Dresses

Marilyn Monroe certainly wore a number of iconic dresses made famous from movie scenes such as the white dress from The Seven Year Itch and the pink dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.   There were lots of other costumes which were pure Marilyn though and I’m going to look at how you can create a gorgeous, Marilynesque costume around a few evening gowns that she made famous.

Let’s start with what I call Marilyn’s Platinum Dress and then move on to her Lady in Red number before finishing with her Iconic Gold Dress.   I’m not including how to get the Marilyn hair and make up look on this post, but if you need some help on that front be sure to check out this Marilyn Costume Site.

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Marilyn Monroe Platinum Evening Gown Costume

When you look at images of Marilyn in evening wear over the years you’ll notice that she didn’t wear a lot of jewelry with her gowns except for ear rings.

Women's Platinum Marilyn CostumeWomen’s Platinum Marilyn Costume









This licensed Platinum Marilyn TM Costume is sure to elicit a lot of oohs and aahs. This glamorous outfit has star written all over it! It includes a long, sequin dress with lining and a shoulder wrap.

Earrings such as these would be ideal to complete this Marilyn costume –

Oval White CZ Sandblast Prong Wire Hook EarringOval White CZ Sandblast Prong Wire Hook Earring

Dangling Heart Earrings in Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZDangling Heart Earrings in Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ








The first drop ear-rings look very much like a style of ear-ring that Marilyn would wear out in the evening and compliment this dress perfectly. Marilyn Monroe also had a romantic side and I have seen a number of pictures of her wearing a couple of different heart pendants which is why I included the drop heart style of ear-rings as I think they would work as well.

The next important aspect of a Marilyn Monroe outfit is the shoes… is extremely important to wear heels as this will help to accentuate Marilyn’s walk and was designed to show off her figure to it’s best advantage.

Pleaser Women's Monroe-36 Sandal

Pleaser Women’s Monroe-36 Sandal



These silver heels would be ideal to wear with the Marilyn Platinum dress.

Marilyn Monroe – a Lady in Red – Costume Idea

This costume is based on a Marilyn Monroe dress that was a red halter neck with a rhinestone reindeer on the front instead of the rhinestone pin that is featured on this one.


Satin Halter Dress Crystal Pin Prom Holiday GownSatin Halter Dress Crystal Pin Prom Holiday Gown

Add the signature Marilyn hair and make up and a pair of high heels, no jewelry (not even earrings) and you have a fantastic Marilyn costume that is sure to make everyone go, “ooohhh!”



Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Gold Dress Costume

If you want to emulate Marilyn Monroe in her gold dress then make sure that you do not wear a necklace. Marilyn’s gold dress was cut low to accentuate her breasts and she didn’t detract from them with a necklace instead she wore only earrings with this outfit.

Gold Marilyn Monroe CostumeGold Marilyn Monroe Costume

Shawna's Thin CZ Gold Vermeil Drop EarringsShawna’s Thin CZ Gold Vermeil Drop Earrings

Chinese Laundry Women's Willy Dress SandalChinese Laundry Women’s Willy Dress Sandal

These earrings are probably the closest to the ones that Marilyn wore that I can find online – they appear just a little smaller than Marilyn’s ones, but they are really elegant and will be easy to wear on other occasions besides just when you’re dressing up as Marilyn 🙂

To be perfectly honest I haven’t seen any images of Marilyn’s shoes when she’s wearing this dress, but the sandals above are really dreamy and seem very in keeping with the Monroe persona.

So there you have it some fantastic Marilyn Monroe costume ideas that are sure to make you look and feel like a star, if these aren’t the Marilyn costumes that make you want to dress like the iconic sex symbol that was Marilyn Monroe then perhaps you’d prefer one of the costumes at – Marilyn Monroe Costumes.

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