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Men Love To Dress As Pirates Too! – Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes For Men

A great selection of pirate costumes for menAre you looking for a pirate costume for yourself or your partner? Whether you want to dress up as a historical swashbuckler or a notorious pirate like Blackbeard or even a more contemporary big screen pirate like Jack Sparrow then we have the pirate costumes for you.

There are a number of different pirate costumes for men which gives you plenty to choose from and with a sprinkling of pirate phrases your costume will be complete.

Let’s walk the plank of decision making and see what costume takes your fancy…….

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The Treasure Island Pirate Jacket

Part of a Pirate Costume

If you’re looking for a fantastic pirate jacket then this one will serve you well, you just need to add the rest of the outfit in order to pull off your pirate costume, but what a romantic looking pirate you’ll be!

Men's Treasure Island Pirate Jacket, BlackMen’s Treasure Island Pirate Jacket, Black


The way this grey and black coat hangs and swings as you walk combined with the brass buttons that don both the front and the cuffs really make you think of the romantic notion of the pirates of old. It definitely has the look of the classic pirate costume that has been romanticized over the years and should bring any single man a fair bit of attention from the ladies!

Aaarrrr! Me hearties!

It’s a pirates life for me!

Regal Pirate Captain Costume

Regal Pirate Captain CostumeRegal Pirate Captain Costume


This regal looking Pirate Captain costume has a look of a classic Captain Hook about it, doesn’t it.    The costume includes the red velvet jacket featured with false pockets, lce cuffs and a silver braid trim.   It also comes with the faux leather vest that has the white jabot, silver braid trim and red sash.   The costume also includes the cropped pants which have elastic at the waist and cuffs.   All you need to add is hat, boots and weapon of choice.

If you’re going to dress as the captain though you’d better be prepared to be harsh yet fair or they’ll be rebelling against you!

Blackbeard Pirate Costume

Blackbeard Pirate CostumeBlackbeard Pirate Costume


One of the most infamous of all pirates Blackbeard ruled the high seas on board his ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. This costume ensemble includes the coat, hat, jabot and belt it doesn’t include the beard (which is an absolute must with this costume), pants, shirt, boots or weapon.

More Pirate Costumes

Click on the individual costume that you like for more information on what’s included in the costume or just to see a bigger picture. These really are some awesome pirate costumes for men and I find it really hard to select a favorite myself – what about you?



Pirate Boots and Hats

Some of these costumes include all the accessories that you need to be a fantastic looking pirate for the day, but sometimes you need a little extra like the perfect pirate boots or hats and I’ve got you covered on these pages –

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Pirate Hats
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Shiver me timbers!
It’s Captain Jack.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

One of the more popular pirate costumes being worn over recent times is that of Captain Jack Sparrow from the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean movies.



Brought alive by Johnny Depp on the big screen the success of this movie franchise has clearly put pirates well and truly back on the fancy dress list, not that I personally believe they ever fell off!

Jack Sparrow Pirate Gear

You can really complete the look with Captain Jack’s rings, temporary tattoos, beads and more –

People in Pirate Costumes

It’s Time To Dress Up As Pirates!

pirate costume collage

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More Pirate Costumes

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Selection of great pirate costume ideas for men

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