Halloween Trees

What Are Halloween Trees?

2 Foot Black Artificial Pine Tree

Halloween trees are a great way to decorate your house for Halloween. Have you ever been in a wood or forest at night? It can be a pretty spooky place, some trees look really scary at night and it’s easy to think of them harboring evil spirits.

It’s because of this that people started to use gnarly looking trees as decor for their Halloween parties and before you knew it a new industry had been developed – the Halloween tree industry!

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There are so many different types of Halloween trees to choose from including black trees (which can double up as a Christmas tree), small tabletop trees, large trees, very sparse looking trees …… I’ve even heard of people getting funky looking branches from nearby wooded areas and popping them in a pot and decorating them.

There are two types of Halloween tree – the table top type that just comes out at Halloween to add some Halloween decor to the room and the full size ones. The full size ones double as a Halloween tree and also as a gothic or anti-Christmas tree in December. I have a selection of both types of Halloween trees here for you to look at and I hope you find one that you like.

Table Top Halloween Trees

Spooky Halloween Decor

Try putting on of these spooky trees on your table to set the mood for Halloween………can you feel that? It’s the temperature falling at just the thought of one of these Halloween trees being in the room!

 Tabletop Halloween Tree Tabletop Tree w/Led Lights (Standard) Spooky Spider Trees, Set of 2 Halloween Orange Twinkle Bright Tree Department 56 Lit Halloween Trees Halloween Copper Glitter Bare Branch Tree

HALLOWEEN SKULL and Black Goose Feather Ornament Tree 20″

This gorgeous Gothic looking tabletop tree is new for this Halloween and looks great with a skull for a base – add some ornaments and you have a perfect little Halloween tree or, alternatively, a Gothic themed Christmas tree!

More Halloween Tabletop Trees

There’s more great trees here including some that come with their very own ornaments!

 Halloween Pumpkin Tree with Ornaments – Decorative Accessories Accessory, Decorative Metal Halloween Tree w/Ornaments Hallmark Direct Imports 2014 DIR6140 Halloween Broom Ornament Tree 42 Patch Magic 7-Feet Christmas Tree, 41 by 41 by 84-Inch, Black Kurt Adler Black Spooky Halloween Tree [OE21 HW0522]

 Pictures of Halloween Trees

halloween trees picture

Photo Credits
From top right in a clockwise direction – Halloween Tree | Skull and Tree-bones | Pumpkin Tree | Gathering at the Halloween Tree

Larger Halloween Trees

Spooky Halloween Decor

We’re now getting into the realm of my kind of Halloween tree which can also double as a gothic Christmas tree…….something my tween daughter thinks would be really cool to have!

These are great as they are, but also look good decorated with Halloween lights and Halloween ornaments….

 4.5′ Pre-Lit Flocked Black Artificial Halloween Tree – Orange G25 LED Lights 7′ Red and Black Glitter Metallic Artificial Halloween Display Tree

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