Do You Have a Spooky Halloween Tree?

Halloween TreesMost people put up a Christmas tree at Christmas, but what about having a Halloween tree at Halloween?

There are some really cool Halloween trees available and if you’ve ever been in a wooded area at night you know just how spooky trees can seem (especially when they have no leaves left on them!), which is what makes them ideal for your Halloween decor.

You can drape spiderwebs over the Halloween tree or even get some Halloween tree ornaments, but sometimes it can just be cool to leave them like they are for that desolate tree look!

If you don’t know what sort of Halloween tree you’d like to have why don’t you check out some of the alternatives that are available and work out how to fit a Halloween tree into your Halloween decor – you will not be disappointed.   Here’s a link for you – Halloween Trees.   This has a range of really cool Halloween trees for you to browse and decide on the type that will suit you best.

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Let me know if you already use a Halloween tree and if you do is it a big Halloween tree or a table top one.

My Favorite Halloween Tree…… the moment anyways!

I like the look of the Halloween tree featured below, it’s a bigger one (table top trees aren’t my favorite, I like a taller one) and it’s sound activated emitting wailing and an evil laugh, it also moves. I think it sounds fantastic, although my poor dog would probably NOT appreciate it!

 5 Ft Tall Animated Spooky Halloween Tree with Evil Laugh & Wailing Sounds


These next few show you a small selection of the Halloween trees available –

Spooky & Creepy Halloween Trees for Your Home

Kurt Adler Twig Tree, 32-Inch, BlackDepartment 56 Halloween TreeDepartment 56 Spooky Spider Trees, Set of 2

Decorating Your Halloween Tree

The other fun thing about having a Halloween tree is the decorating of it.   Now some of them are fine just as they are, but other trees are fun to decorate and there are lots of different ways to do this.

Add some cobweb style netting over your tree, hang a few plastic spiders as well for a lovely Halloween inspired touch.

You can even get Halloween string lights which work like Christmas fairy lights on your tree from pumpkins to spiders, mummies to skeletons there are lots of choose from.   I also like the idea of getting a large Halloween tree or a black Christmas tree which will do double duty at both Halloween & Christmas.   With a larger tree you can add some Halloween Tree ornaments and there are lots of these to choose from.

Spooky Halloween Trees

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