Halloween Costumes Inspired by Games – Angry Birds, Mario Bros, Halo…..

What Halloween costume are you planning on wearing this year?   A costume which looks like becoming extremely popular this year is one of the Angry Bird range of costumes.   Angry Birds is a hugely popular game featuring, yes you’ve guessed it, Angry Birds!   There are a number of awesome Angry Bird costumes to choose from and you can check them all out at the appropriately named site – Angry Birds Costumes!

Angry Birds are one of the most popular games available as a downloadable ap to your iphone, but it’s far from the first game that has become a popular Halloween costume.

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Pac Man costumes are also popular at Halloween and also 80s themed parties and not only can you get Pac Man your can also get all of the ghosts as costumes.   In fact I’ve even managed to find a set of six Pacman costumes that you could use as a group costume idea – how awesome would that be?   Yes, you’ve guessed it I’m a child of the 80s so I love Pac Man, but check out these and see if you don’t agree they are great costumes –

Pac-Man Deluxe Group Costume
Set Of 6

Not only does this set contain the four ghosts – Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde – along with Pac Man it also has a power pellet costume too!

The game inspired Halloween Costumes don’t stop with Angry Bird Costumes and Pac Man costumes either there are lots of different examples, from Tomb Raider who was not only a game, but a movie franchise as well as a Halloween costume through to Halo 3.

I think two of the most popular of the other game inspired Halloween costumes would have to be the Mario Brothers range of costumes and the Halo range of costumes, so I’ve decided to add links here for your to check them out for yourself.

For a range of Super Mario Brothers costumes check out the selection of Super Mario Bros Costumes available here.   The costumes include your choice of Mario or Luigi as well as a gorgeous Princess Peach costume.

The Halo costumes are also very popular and include this deluxe Halo Supreme edition costume –

Halo Supreme Edition Costume

So there we have it a great collection of game inspired Halloween costumes ideas. My daughter thinks the Angry Birds Costumes are definitely the best ones mentioned here, while I’m stick stuck at Pac Man……it’s just trying to decide which one of the collection I prefer! Let me know which games inspired costume you prefer.

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