Halloween Costume Ideas – Costumes Beginning with H

Costumes Starting with H

Hippie costumes a cool costume beginning with hIf you’re looking for some awesome costume ideas that start with the letter H then you’ve come to the right place. There are Humpty Dumpty costumes available alongside Halo costumes and more besides.

I love fancy dress parties/events, but I love them even more when they’re themed and one of my favorite type of themes is the alphabet party theme. You take a letter of the alphabet (in this case H) and everyone has to dress as something beginning with that letter. If you’re thinking of hosting an H party or you’ve been invited to one then this is a great webpage for inspiration………or to buy your costume if you fall in love with one.

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Costume Ideas That Begin With the Letter H

  • Halo Master – Created by Microsoft this X-Box game series has taken the gaming world by storm so it’s hardly surprising that you can now get Halo costumes.
  • Hamlet – From the Shakespeare play, this is an opportunity to wear a Tudor themed costume (Elizabethan is the ‘look’ that Hamlet usually boasts).
  • Hangman – Simply don a long black robe with a full face hood for this creepy look. Just remember the hangman was always anonymous so make sure you stay covered up or their may be a lynch mob after you!
  • Hannibal Lector – From Silence of the Lambs this fictional serial killer needs no introduction.
  • Hans Solo – There’s always a Star Wars fan somewhere so I’m glad I’ve got a costume that begins with H just for them!

 Halo Master Chief Costume Harajuku Girl Adult Costume

  • Harajuku Girl – This is a really fun and funky costume idea that I can imagine would be very popular. There are actually four Harajuku Girls that perform with Gwen Stefani which means that this could also be a great idea for a group costume.
  • Harem Girl – Wear a belly dancer outfit and make sure your eyes look smouldering.
  • Hari Krishna – This costume can be worn by one person or by a group of people, just add a tamborine to the long orange robes so that you can chant and dance in style.
  • Harley Quinn – For all Batman fans here’s one of the villains for you to dress up as.   You can choose from the classic Harley Quinn costume to the 2016 reinvention of the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn.
  • Harpo Marx – One of the famous Marx brothers comedy act of the 1930s. Wear a long, light-coloured coat, reddish-pink hair, and a top hat.
  • Harry Potter – The wizard of Hogwarts fame, this is a very popular costume idea for the letter H

 Deluxe Haunted Tree Costume Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

  • Haunted Tree – You can see this costume above and I have to say I think it’s a highly original costume idea that brings a whole new meaning to the words Halloween Tree!
  • Hawkeye – From The Avengers, need I say more?
  • He Man – From cartoon fame comes this hero with bulging muscles/
  • Headless Horseman – I fell in love with this costume the first time I saw it (a number of years ago) and I still love it!
  • Helen of Troy – In Greek literature she is said to be the most beautiful woman in the world – a big title to hold! Wear Grecian robes and a smile
  • Hello Kitty

 Men’s Headless Horseman Costume Highway Patrol Costume

  • Henry VIII – One of the most famous of the Tudor Kings.
  • Hercules – Hercules was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, but he’s best remembered in mythology for the Labors of Hercules – 12 tasks he was sent on by the Oracle of Delphi.
  • Herman Munster – From the famous 1960s television show, The Munsters, this costume is instantly recognizable as the show has a cult following.
  • Hermoine Granger – A Muggle born student from Hogwarts and one of Harry Potter’s best friends.
  • Highway Man – I grew up on tales of highway men like Dick Turpin and then along came the ‘camp’ version from Adam and the Ant’s music video Stand and Deliver!
  • Highway Patrol – This costume always makes me think of the old television show CHiPs with Ponch and John.
  • Hippie – This is a fun costume idea and can be worn by men or females alike as there are lots of different hippie costumes.

 Hippie Costume, Rainbow, Holly Golightly Costume

  • Holly Golightly – Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic character from the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys.
  • Homer Simpson – The patriarch of television’s The Simpsons, make sure you can say ‘Doh!’ before dressing up as Homer!
  • Hot Dog – You can get a fun hot dog costume, if you want to go as a couple one of you can dress up as a hot dog and one of you can dress up as a hot dog vendor.
  • Hulk – The Incredible Hulk – green, big angry….need I say anymore?
  • Humpty Dumpty – I have found some great Humpty Dumpty costumes available over the years and it’s certainly a cool costume idea.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame – My hubby dressed up as the Hunchback a number of years ago and he had great fun ‘lurching’ about, but a word of warning his back was quite sore the next day!

I hope you have fun dressing up in something beginning with H and hopefully we’ve helped you come up with an awesome costume idea.

Costume ideas that begin with the letter H from Hippies to Harry Potter and more.

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