Ghost Costumes for Men

If you’re looking for some cool ghost costumes for men then you’ll love this selection I’ve compiled for you. Let’s face it some ghost costumes are designed to be worn by men…… the ghost groom, ghost chauffeur, ghost pirate etc. Some of these ghosts are pretty scary costumes designed to run shivers down your spine!

While you may not be a man who generally wears make up it is advisable to add a touch of pallor to really offset these fancy dress outfits to perfection. For all your make up requirements and some hints on how to achieve the best ghost look I’d advise you check out – Getting Your Ghost Make Up Just Right.


 Men’s Edwardian Ghost Costume Hemlock the Ghost Chauffeur Costume Jeeves The Headless Butler Adult Ghost Groom Costume


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Pirate Ghost Costumes for Men

Pirates always seem to come back as ghosts, probably because they don’t want anyone to steal their treasure!   This does mean that you have a few different costume ideas if you choose a pirate ghost theme.

I’ve found some ready made pirate ghost costumes below, but you could also just use a pirate costume from a previous year and add some webbing, a little dust.   Next add a white, silver or grey wig along with making sure your complexion is very ghost-like and you have your costume.


 Smiffy’s Men’s Ghost Pirate Shipmate Costume Ghost Pirate (Standard) Smiffy’s Ghost Swashbuckler Costume Ghost Pirate Adult Costume Men’s Ghost Pirate Costume Mens Ghost Captain Pirate Costume



Ghost Wigs for Men

An Important Part of a Ghost Costume

Some of these costumes come complete with their own wigs, but for some of them you’ll have to find your own and there are a few cool ones available as you can see here –


 Ghost Gentleman Wig Smiffy’s Men’s Ghost Town Indian Wig In Display Box, White, One Size Short Black and White Hair Wig Men


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