Costumes Beginning with U

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Undead costume ideasIf you’re looking for costumes beginning with U then you’ve come to the right place. Star Trek fans will automatically think of Lieutenant Uhura.  There are plenty of other ‘U’ costumes out there, however from kooky Uncle Fester to an umpire and more.

This page was compiled as a resource page for anyone who’s been invited to an alphabet party. If you haven’t heard of an alphabet party it’s basically a themed party around one particular letter.  In a nutshell you have to dress up as something beginning with a particular letter and if you’re on this webpage then the letter chosen is the letter U! I have other webpages available that cover the rest of the letters of the alphabet, but let’s look at costumes beginning with U right now.

Fancy Dress Costumes Beginning with U – The List

  • Ugly Betty
  • Uhura – Lieutenant Uhura was the Communications Officer on the original Star Trek series and is a very popular idea for a ‘U’ costume.
  • Umpire
  • Uncle Fester – The strange uncle from the iconic kooky television series, The Addams Family, you can check out costumes for the whole Addams Family on this post.
  • Uncle Sam

 Women’s Umpire Costume Uncle Sam Costume 2 Piece Unicorn Costume


  • Undead – aka a zombie! Simply dress up as any type of zombie and just say you’re the undead or undead doctor, undead bride, undead groom, even undead Marilyn.
  • Unicorn
  • Union Jack – you could just wrap yourself up in the Union Jack or where a Union Jack dress like the one Ginger Spice made famous when she was with the Spice Girls.
  • Union Officer
  • Union Soldier
  • University graduate

Collection of costumes beginning with U